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  1. He looks like the real deal. I never thought he'd transition this well into the pros.
  2. He has a legit chance to finish the year as a top 24 PPR WR.
  3. You'd think a "great offensive mind" like Sean Payton would find more creative ways to get him in space or get him easier matchups, especially in games they've lost.
  4. Have to laugh at those who thought Melvin Gordon is even in the same class as this beast.
  5. It might as well be. D/ST's are gold against Winston and this O-Line.
  6. Gotta say, I really like what I've seen from him so far. If he can keep this up, he'll definitely be viewed as a potential franchise QB.
  7. Gonna hold until bye weeks or injuries force me to drop him. Most talented WR on the team and a desperate coaching staff still gives me hope.
  8. Watching both of their first 2 games, so far Mariota definitely looks more NFL-ready to me and the scary part is that he could probably benefit from using his legs more. The Titans lucked out imo
  9. I was able to get him for Joseph Randle and Sammy Watkins in a keep 4 league. I'll be able to keep him for a 3rd round pick next year if I so desire. Also, a guy in my redraft league has been shopping him so there definitely are people looking to move him from my perspective. Yeah, I've been able to trade for him in a couple of redrafts this week. ASJ injury means more targets and the Bucs will be down by 7+ by halftime in a lot of games.
  10. Another guy who was drafted/auctioned too high but is now worth throwing out an offer for if the price is reasonable. It may be possible that SEA is a WR/TE wasteland but I'll still bet on Graham producing top 3 TE numbers from here on out assuming he stays healthy.
  11. Yeah, he's tough to start this week even if he's active. Bad QB, good defense, and I doubt Jeffery will be operating close to 100%.
  12. Wasn't a huge fan of his price tag during the pre-season but he makes for a good buy low target now.
  13. I really like what I've seen from him, honestly he's impressed me just as much as Landry has. Worth a pickup if you have enough bench room. Especially if you own Parker since everyone seems to keep projecting that he'll be the reason why Matthews ends up fading.
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