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  1. Someone picked Herbert before me, so made my decision easier. I got Tua. If both were there I would have picked Tua more than likely.
  2. For bye weeks we can pick up a FA QB for that week, then we would have to drop them the following week (there would be a cap penalty for the drop). Tua fell to me at pick #31 so I took him. Herbert was drafted before my pick. If Tua is appointed the starter during season, which I anticipate, I get to keep both Brady & Tua on my roster with no penalty since he wasn’t a starter from day 1. It’s a weird set of QB rules, but makes sense since there are 24 teams.
  3. Always appreciate your advice!
  4. Sorry for the QB confusion. We are only allowed to have 1 starting on our roster. So if Tua and Herbert ride the bench this year I would be able to keep both on the roster while using Brady as my starting QB. If they were to start mid season I would be able to keep both for that season, then drop one next year. Hope that clears things up
  5. Looking for some QB advice. I’m in a 24 team dynasty league. We are only allowed 1 QB on our roster. My current QB is Tom Brady at $3/2yr. We are currently in our rookie draft heading into the 2nd rd with Tua Tagovailoa & Justin Herbert available. Should I draft one of them if they are available or ride with Brady for 2 more years and search for a QB when that time comes? I can sign rookies for 5 years and they would cost $2. Thanks for your input!
  6. I am in 24 team full IDP dynasty’s start up league with salary/years. I need some opinions/advice with a current trade offer. I currently own 7th overall pick. I give 1.07 9.07 I get 1.18 1.20 Am I over thinking this? Is it better to have to have 1 stud or have 2 solid players in a league of this size? I’m on the fence for some reason. Here are links to scoring and roster set up. Thanks for your help! Scoring: https://leatherheads.proboards.com/thread/3/scoring Roster: https://leatherheads.proboards.com/thread/5/seattle-seahawks
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