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  1. They were losing with Hoyer. He was terrible... awful... and getting worse. It was mentioned on one of the sportstalk shows (morning show out of DC) that his QB rating had dropped below that of Geno Smith. Once they lost to Indy they were cooked. Play-off teams typically starting winning to close the season. I said it before, does it really matter if they lose 30-0 with Manziel, or 30-10 (assuming a defensive score) with Hoyer? It definitely does matter. Especially if Manziel looked this awful in practice. The players and coaches know if a guy is ready or not. This move clearly came from th
  2. Manziel is bad, but Whatever Hoge says isn't "news". He just caters to Steelers fans who hate the Browns. Just me, but I'm thinking that the Browns are down on the list of teams that a Steeler fan would hate.
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