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  1. What timeline does the shift from Saul to Cinnebon Gene look like?
  2. Rude Lab steals birthday treats from his Pug friends.
  3. We're on a Pug rescue list and got the call that there is one available. She is a 3 year-old female available and she was in a backyard breeding situation. She's healthy and recovering from a few treatments at a vet. She visited our lil pug yesterday and will join our PUG NATION next Thursday. Rosie the pug
  4. Lil' guy playing with a dog on the other side of the fence
  5. Sweet Baby Jeebus, this is an awesome show. On ep8.
  6. Seemingly on the edge of adding an Apple campus in the Raleigh area (+/- 10K jobs), hang on.
  7. Maude Lebowski: Good lord. You can imagine where it goes from here. The Dude: He fixes the cable?
  8. "Alexa, play Tennessee Whiskey"---> Dog singing his heart out to Chris Singleton
  9. Zillow ranks Raleigh 2nd hottest market in 2018. My house has increased 22% since Sep 14 and it's the same to other cities, shortage of properties, huge influx of new residents, good job opportunities. Yaddayadda, if there is a patch of dirt, they are developing.
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