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  1. Simple trade, which side you prefer? I think Nick Bosa & Chase Young is a push, so it's basically 1.12 for Devin Bush. For reference Simmons went 2.01 last year, so 1.12 is around the point where the first IDP often goes.
  2. Was out of the running in one of my contract dynasty leagues so have started a rebuild. In the last few weeks have pulled off the following: Gave: Nelson (1yr) Got: 2017 1st Gave: Edelman (1yr), Jerrell Freeman (2yr) and Tahir Whitehead Got: Josh Gordon (1yr), Paul Perkins (Taxi), 2017 2nd (x2) Gave: Matt Ryan (1yr) Got: Andy Dalton (4yrs), Dante Fowler (4yrs) & 2017 2nd. So I now have 2 firsts next year, both looking like they'll be top 5 and 4 second rounders. My plan is to hold the picks and then look at what they can get me closer to the draft.
  3. $1000 salary cap, 2QB league. I gave: Kirk Cousins ($5/1yr) and Ameer Abdullah ($20/3yr) I got: Donte Moncrief ($7/4yr) I have Luck, Ryan and Teddy so am fine at QB and I was going to lose Cousins for nothing at the end of the year when his contract was up. I'm a big believer in Moncrief so having him cheap on a long term salary could work out great. I like Abdullah, but I've already got Lacy, Lewis, CJA, Rawls & Gio.
  4. I give: 1.03 I get: Ted Ginn When I rejected and said it wasn't even close, he replied saying he was 'just checking'. Checking I'm not a total idiot, presumably
  5. $1000 2QB contract league I gave: Kirk Cousins ($5/1yr) & Ameer Abdullah ($20/3yr) I got: Donte Moncrief ($7/4yr) QBs: Luck, Ryan, Teddy, Geno RBs: Lacy, Rawls, Anderson, Lewis, Gio and West WRs: Nelson, Edelman, J Brown, Moncrief, Diggs, Crowder Ryan, Nelson, Cousins and Edelman all would have needed extending after this year and the maximum I can do is 3 players so I had to trade one or lose them for free, so Cousins was a bit of a sell-low in a 2QB league. But I am very high on Moncrief and locking him down for 4yrs at $7 could be amazing value if he becomes a top 1
  6. Hillman is not built to be a bell cow. He has done well as a change of pace but you can't give him 20 touches a game.
  7. Per Mike Clay, CJ's yards before contact last year was 2.2. In two games this year, it's 0.8.
  8. And if Peyton gets to run his offense a bit more, he'll get to audible into run plays at the line and run the game from the shotgun. Peyton running Kubiak's system is brutal to watch. He's so slow getting out from under center that the D can sell out to stop the run and still have time to re-adjust if it's actually a pass.
  9. I think last night will force that change. He looked fine when working from the shotgun but absolutely horrible from under center, If they want to win games with him at QB, they have to play him from the gun.
  10. The other weird thing about yesterday was the lack of passing game action for the RBs. In the first game at least CJ padded his stats with 4 catches on 8 targets. Yesterday he had 1 target and that was on the Bronco's final drive. He was running plenty of routes and often was open, but it just seemed like Manning wasn't looking his way. Hillman was only targeted once as well, so it wasn't like it was an individual thing.
  11. The two times the line actually opened holes he went for 14 yards and 10 yards. I lost count of the number of times that CJ and Hillman had to dodge defenders in the backfield. There was one play where the defender could have collected the handoff from Peyton and tripped CJ up 4 yards behind the LOS. He stumbled back to the line, but I'd challenge anyone to operate well behind that line. For as 'good' as Hillman looked, he averaged 3.7 YPC and got half his yards on one run. I won't be starting him until they get it sorted out because the line is just killing the entire running game, but I thi
  12. CJ played 45 snaps on passing downs. Hillman played 5. He's still the 3rd down guy. He'll still get GL carries. I expect he will still get more carries than Hillman on a game to game basis. He'll be fine.
  13. My issues with the coaching staff aren't just about TRich. It's the commitment to a power running game when our o-line sucks. It's the fact that Coby Fleener continues to be consistently involved in the game plan at the expense of players who have shown themselves to be far more effective. It's the desire to play like Seattle when we have a D that more closely resembles Dallas and have an elite QB who we only decide to get involved when we're in a hole. The reason we've won 11 games the last two seasons can be summed up in two words: Andrew. Luck. Which, to get a little off topic, is why I get
  14. The entire Colts game plan is terrible (and I say that as a Colts fan) We want to establish the run with TRich (who I thought looked ok early against Denver) but we don't have the D to allow any back to get the 15-20 touches that TRich needs, so he disappears from the game plan as soon as we fall 14-0 behind, which we will consistently do. Then we ask Luck to throw 50 passes to try and get us back into games, which inevitably leads to INTs and broken plays because he's constantly under pressure to make something happen. Even his 40yd TD to Allen was nearly an INT, and if it wasn't 3rd & 2
  15. Will probably start him in my 3rd flex slot. Already starting Calvin, Jordy, Garcon & Wheaton at WR, so it's basically Hurns vs Pierce vs Dwayne Allen for the slot.
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