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  1. Fixed but point taken. I won't beat the dead horse on this, I think most of us realize the genie is out the bottle by now but increased testing will only help curb the spread.
  2. Yes, I think OH is issuing something that says "so & so is considered essential personal" that you carry with you in case you have to get through check points or get stopped. Thought I heard that on Cleveland radio this morning.
  3. Mecklenburg County with 80 confirmed cases, that’s Charlotte, NC y’all https://www.charlotteobserver.com/news/coronavirus/article241416386.html
  4. Everyone is waiting for someone else to be the first. Seems stupid but I’d be willing to bet there will be a bunch that follow immediately after the first.
  5. It's not scary, it's criminal. When this dies down I hope people remember this and dig into the "why" of the delay. Whatever comes of this virus, I'm confident that deaths could have been prevented had we attacked this as South Korea did and tested everything that moved.
  6. One of the cool things I've noticed is the amount of people out running/walking now. I used to run a lot so I notice the regulars you see out. This is a whole new crop of people. Glad to see it, hope it keeps up after this blows over
  7. Not bagging on you at all but 3 weeks ago, you weren't exactly on board with all the stuff being said in this thread. Most all of it has proven out. I don't think it's extreme given the nature of the virus and how it spreads. Is it different than our normal? Absolutely! But our new normal for the foreseeable future is something none of us (other than ham & icon) would have imagined 2 months ago. Stopped by our local Harris Teeter in Fort Mill, SC last night for banana's & sour cream. Store was picked cleaned. I grabbed the last little container of sour cream they had, no banana
  8. Ah gotcha, bummer dude. Thought you might have been taking a joyride just to see what it’s like. Hate that your introduction to Charlotte is in the middle of this mess, really cool city. I live right over the border in Fort Mill, SC. There is a thread here about Charlotte, look it up. Plenty of posters on the board from the area. Welcome!
  9. Why? By the time you get to NC, it will be on lock down. Pretty close to that now. I’d be hard pressed to think of a worst time for a cross country trip.
  10. Went yesterday before they shut them down, Charlotte, NC. It was interesting. Only me, 2 customers, 2 cutters. Then about 5 people came in, one couple sat as far from as they could. Other couple got signed in and said they would be back when it was their time. Couple that stayed, the woman had a mask on.
  11. Forsythia? If he is truly serious he would have just started doing it. It's not like the world doesn't need them. Waiting until there is a shortage is too late because whether we know it or not, there is a shortage right now. We just don't know it because we haven't tested enough to run the world numbers and understand just how far behind the curve we are.
  12. Pretty much my routine as well. No way to keep up with thread. Hate that there is probably some really good info in there but don't have the time.
  13. I have a very bad feeling that NY is going to turn into a #### show very soon. The city of Wuhan is 11 million, they've been on lock down for 8 weeks under one of the most authoritarian regime in the world. NYC is 8 million and can't decided what to shut down or when. I hope I'm wrong but without something short of Marshall Law I don't see how NYC gets ahead of this. This is where we will fail. Spring breakers doing their thing, churches hosting their entire congregation to pray it away, we just can't stay away. For every person in this thread that is follow social distancing guideline
  14. This is the second case of “I do what I want” I’ve seen come out of LA. Don’t understand it and for those in attendance, good luck, hope you got what you needed out of that service. Now stay away from everyone for the next two weeks. We literally have a case study of how this works out ala South Korea. They can almost with 100% accuracy trace their outbreak back to the cult who kept meeting after members where showing signs of sickness. Our church, like all the others around here has gone virtual for minimum of 2 weeks. If yours hasn’t, I’d seriously ask your leadership why not?
  15. Sorry, use this https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-indonesia-event/thousands-of-muslim-pilgrims-ignore-virus-risk-to-gather-in-indonesia-idUSKBN2151RI
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