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  1. An absolute monster week 5 (top score of the season) due to Brady and Lamar Jackson with stacking has put me at #5 in total points in SFB11. It is probably downhill from here, so enjoying the view while it lasts. https://twitter.com/ScottFish24/status/1447908784802832396?s=20
  2. Rookie consensus update 8/3/2021 (average and SD where minimum and maximum are excluded) Player PosRnk count Avg SD 1 Najee Harris RB08 21 17.84 4.55 2 Ja'Marr Chase WR10 21 24.89 8.18 3 Travis Etienne RB17 21 36.47 8.42 4 Kyle Pitts TE04 21 41.00 14.12 5 Jav. Williams RB19 21 46.84 8.75 6 Devonta Smith WR23 21 53.21 10.00 7 Jaylen Waddle WR27 21 58.11 11.92 8 Trey Sermon RB24 21 71.95 11.70 9 Rashod Bateman WR35 21 76.00 13.19 10 Trevor Lawrence QB09 21 80.47 13.77 11 Elijah Moore WR38 21 81.32 13.96 12 Michael Carter RB27 21 85.32 12.89 13 Rondale Moore WR45 21 96.42 25.53 14 Ter. Marshall WR46 21 97.00 25.86 15 Trey Lance QB12 21 106.68 21.84 16 Justin Fields QB13 21 111.53 19.74 17 Kadarius Toney WR57 21 127.58 24.70 18 Zach Wilson QB19 21 137.79 18.82 19 A-R St. Brown WR61 21 144.37 21.00 20 Kenny Gainwell RB47 20 152.42 31.55 21 Chuba Hubbard RB48 21 152.63 19.16 22 Amari Rodgers WR64 21 162.84 33.72 23 Dyami Brown WR66 18 163.53 40.67 24 Pat Freiermuth TE20 21 172.95 26.66 25 D' Eskridge WR70 20 173.79 32.25 26 Mac Jones QB26 16 176.84 37.02 27 Nico Collins WR73 19 179.84 35.27 28 R. Stevenson RB53 20 181.50 16.67 29 Josh Palmer WR77 17 185.94 32.91 30 Tylan Wallace WR85 14 206.89 28.31 31 Tutu Atwell WR86 12 206.95 35.10 32 Javian Hawkins RB61 12 209.59 27.35 33 Kylin Hill RB67 10 216.82 26.07 34 A. Schwartz WR88 12 219.42 30.19 35 Elijah Mitchell RB68 13 219.61 20.73 36 L. Rountree III RB75 9 228.12 19.20 37 Jer. Jefferson RB76 8 229.41 18.88 38 Chris Evans RB77 11 229.65 14.64 39 J. Darden 8 231.53 20.55 40 K. Herbert 7 241.00 17.52
  3. Rd 21: Akins, Pringle, Lutz, (skipped), E. Mitchell, Doyle, D. Robinson, T. Bass, Kelley, Ollison, Eskridge, Vaughn, A. Miller Rd 22: Doaks, C. Evans, K. Ballage, Cobb, Brissett, (skipped), Collins, DeSean Jackson, Heinicke, Graham, M. Callaway QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon, L. Murray, Mattison, Darrel Williams, Booker WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown, Hardman, T. Smith, Tyrell Williams, Cobb TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee, Arnold K: Bass Comments and suggestions welcomed! Here are my thoughts. QB: Lamar and TB12. I hope that MCL surgery went well for TB12, nice bit of news after the draft! Basically living and dying with these two. Panic QB research: who is Brady's backup (Gabbert), best available QBs not drafted (Mariota, Mond, Trubisky). Meh. RB: Mixon heading this crew is a risk, Gibson's foot concerns me as well. Hopefully one of the RB handcuffs hits. My favorite value is Mattison - ADP drop relative to last year yet actually a better handcuff situation with Boone gone. WR: My weakest position, if I can play RB in the flex, I will. The stacking either fixes the weakness or I go down in flames. Mecole and Tre'Quan have some upside, and Tyrell / Cobb are garbage time volume bets. I will not lose sleep sending any of them to the waiver wire if needed. TE: Functional. I did not have a good opportunity to pick a top four TE as I committed to two QB up front. All gone by my round three pick. Andrews a nice consolation prize in round 5 to stack with Lamar. K: Kickers will be good floor plays in this format. I need something reliable in weeks 8-9. Having kickers available means plenty of floor players readily available. so get rid of low ceiling players.
  4. According to the SFB11 app, the slowest division is Bob Marley at 14.05 in the Main Event. My division is round 21 so on the slower side but overall it has moved along steadily. The commissioners work very hard to make sure that the draft starts off with active owners. Overall it is a great experience. Rd 19: Malcolm Brown, Koo, Lazard, Knox, Uzomah, Tucker, Hawkins, Booker, V. Jefferson, Ty Johnson, Blankenship, Butker Rd 20: O.J. Howard, Justin Jackson, McKinnon, Collins, Arnold, B. Scott, Amari Rodgers, Gallman, Herndon, Hurst, S. Perine, Ahmed QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon, L. Murray, Mattison, Darrel Williams, Booker WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown, Hardman, T. Smith, Tyrell Williams TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee, Arnold
  5. Rd 17: G. Bernard, S. Shepard, B. Edwards, C. Hubbard, J. Sanders, A. Dalton, Ty. Williams, Alie-Cox, Gainwell, Schultz, S. Michel Rd 18: Mims, Perriman, D. Evans, Love, Darrel Willliams, Mack, T. Taylor, Coleman, E. Sanders, Penny, A. St.-Brown, Damien Williams Tyrell Williams, Jared Goff has to throw to somebody. Darrel is the KC handcuff and may get some volume. Kickers are starting to leak out. In this format, I think a kicker is a decent bye week fill in. Field goal volume is hard to predict. One could pick a high scoring game and pick one that way. This part of the draft in baseball terms, swing hard. Most likely, you strike out but if you hit something make sure it is worth it. QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon, L. Murray, Mattison, Darrel Williams WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown, Hardman, T. Smith, Tyrell Williams TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee
  6. Rd 15: Reagor, Agholor, Singletary, Crowder, Mac Jones, Freiermuth, Zuerlein, Mattison, G. Davis, Ebron, L. Perine, Bridgewater Rd 16: J. Wilson, Slayton, Cohen, Watkins, T. Smith, A. Green, K. Toney, C. Kirk, R. Stevenson, Meyers, T. Marshall, J. White Really happy with getting Mattison, a target handcuff for me. Tre'Quan is a depth chart play and basically is a Michael Thomas handcuff. One can hope. Meanwhile the search for basura time (see harrisfootball.com for context) players begins now. QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon, L. Murray, Mattison WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown, Hardman, T. Smith TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee
  7. Rd 13: Henderson, J. Cook, Ja. Williams, Firkser, Parker, McKissic, Gronkowski, L. Murray, Everett, G. Edwards, Ertz, H. Henry Rd 14: Lock, Hilton, Bateman, J. Brown, Hardman, E. Moore, Hooper, Campbell, Kmet, Jarwin, Hines, R. Moore Lots of TEs in Rd 13, glad I already had picked them over prior. I had my eye on both Henderson and Jamaal Williams so seeing them go was disappointing, but settled for Murray. NO may run more with Winston / Hill, some faith in Payton to create some decent offensive production. KC really did not do much at WR off season and I think they diversify a bit from Hill / Kelce. Campbell I like as well, if he can stay on the field. E. Moore is one of those players that may have much better production later in the year. At the end I went with the WR that has the better QB. QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon, L. Murray WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown, Hardman TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee
  8. Rd 11: Landry, Fournette, T. Hill, Conner, A. Brown, Ruggs, R. Jones, Dillon, Winston, M. Williams, Drake, Pollard Rd 12: Engram, Beasley, Pittman, Mooney, Marq. Brown, Garoppollo, M. Jones, C. Newton, A. Trautman, C. Davis, R. Gage, Jonnu Smith I got Dillon mainly as a GB handcuff, hopefully OK to use in flex. I could not resist another stack with Marquise Brown. Weeks 8 and 9 look a bit brutal though. Sad to see Trautman go - like the potential. But I still need to shore up RB and WR. I am one of only three teams without a third QB. Chances are I do not draft another QB as I already fully committed to stacking. My team implodes if a QB gets hurt, calculated risk. QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson, Dillon WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool, M. Brown TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee
  9. Rd 9: Boyd, Wilson, Anderson, Goff, Chark, Waddle, Smith-Schuster, L. Thomas, Fuller, Cooks, Irv Smith Jr., Gesicki Rd 10: Mostert, Darnold, Moss, Gordon, Higbee, C. Samuel, Devonta Smith, D. Harris, Shenault, D. Samuel, Tonyan, Gallup I would have taken JuJu but got sniped. So I loaded up (a bit overkill) at TE with Thomas and Higbee. I need to pound RBs/WRs for a while. My team: QB: Jackson, Brady RB: Mixon, Gibson WR: Evans, J. Chase, Claypool TE: Andrews, Thomas, Higbee
  10. I will give this a crack, will of course be totally wrong on some. Rd 1: D. Adams - the chance that his QB is not Rodgers is not worth the risk at this price. WR is not a position I am willing to take a risk when there are so many good options Rd 2: A.Ekeler - 16 feels like a ceiling price to me. Rd 3: Kittle - love the player, but I do not think he gets the volume to justify the ranking. Also his all out playing style invites injury. Rd 4: Montgomery - I think his volume decreases. This is a ceiling price to me. Rd 5: Lockett - when he dinged up, he plays but is not productive at all. DK is ascending. 60 is pricey for me. Rd 6: Rodgers - very stubborn dude. High risk at this price. Rd 7: Chark - may be the WR 3 on the team, behind Shenault and Jones. Rd 8: Gordon - He may be on the bench at the back end of the year. Teams do not lie when they draft. Rd: 9: Jones - I think Bernard is on the field, a lot. Rd 10: Tonyan - he may not have Rodgers throwing to him. TD regression more probable than not.
  11. Rd 6: A. Robinson, Roethlisberger, McLaurin, Etienne, Evans, J. Williams, Woods, Cooper, Godwin, Davis, Hunt, Fields Rd 7: Kupp, D.J. Moore, Fitzpatrick, J. Jones, Lockett, Edmonds, Watson, Chase, Golladay, Thielen, Wentz, Diontae Johnson Rd 8: Daniel Jones, Beckham Jr., Higgins, Aiyuk, Claypool, Carter, Jeudy, Fant, Sermon, David Johnson, J. Robinson, Sutton My team: Jackson, Brady, Mixon, Gibson, Andrews, Evans, Chase, Claypool Evans to stack with Brady, so I have two viable stacks. No risk it, no biscuit. I went with Ja'Marr Chase and Claypool on upside potential. The WRs just looked good to me rounds 6-8. I have my core starters in place, so I can target any position for a while. At the back end of the draft, I am going to hammer RBs. Hard to predict, so throw a lot of darts and maybe hit on someone like James Robinson, Myles Gaskin, Mike Davis.
  12. Well that would change my strategy quite a bit if the QB scoring is the same - would hammer QBs even harder.
  13. SFB11 is not best ball. Set your lineup and watch mediocre QB play cost dearly. It is TE premium because the TE gets an extra 0.5 per reception and extra 0.5 per first down. SFB11 Rules
  14. Rd 5: Mayfield, Allan, Thomas, Lamb. Dobbins, Tagovailoa, Montgomery, Andrews, Goedart, Carr, Carson, Jacobs I do not play a whole lot of DFS other than free stuff but if Evan Silva says do a stack, then I am listening. Andrews was available at 5.08 so I pulled the trigger. My team: Jackson, Brady, Mixon, Gibson, Andrews
  15. Rd 4: Harris, Sanders, Ridley, Edwards-Helaire, Gibson, Cousins, Gaskins, Swift, Metcalf, Hockenson, Jefferson, Brown I still do not have a WR or TE. Hope Andrews falls to me at 5.05 for a stack. If not I am OK with waiting longer at TE.
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