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  1. PFF article PICK NO. 26 – BRESHAD PERRIMAN, WR, BALTIMORE RAVENS 2017 overall grade: 39.1 (116th) In addition to sustaining significant injuries, former UCF wide receiver Breshad Perriman has struggled to work his way up the Baltimore Ravens’ depth chart and put forth high-end production when healthy, giving the team’s front office little reason to exercise his fifth-year option. After missing his entire rookie season with a torn PCL, Perriman stumbled out of the gate during his second year, earning a 56.4 overall grade across 486 offensive snaps. And rather than improving
  2. 12 Team PPR 1,2,3,1 with 2 flex Team A gave: 1.07 Team B gave: 2.03, 2.05, 2.08
  3. I like some of what I’ve seen but can’t find much for cut ups or videos. Highlights *not that great of a video for critiques Cut Up vs Bama Draft Profile He looks good to me but there’s so little video on him it’s hard to say. I will post any more cut ups I come across.
  4. We know we're getting old when decades are blending together.
  5. Correct. Davis, LF, CMC, Mixon, Williams, Cook (Cook was my pick again).
  6. I don't know if you guys mean it this way but thanks for the support. WRs are difficult to come by in this league so they are overvalued and difficult to acquire. That said... He sent me the offer while the pick was OTC and I just happened to see the offer pop up in my email. I took less than a 30 seconds between me seeing the offer, accepting and drafting Fournette. I'm pretty happy.
  7. With 1.02 on the clock... I traded Baldwin and my 2018 1st for the pick and took Fournette. It was an over pay by me but I wasn't getting anything for Baldwin other than low ball offers and my 2018 should be on the back end.
  8. I offered 1.07 and 3.03 to the guys picking at 5th and 6th and both said the tier drop off was to much. I take this as meaning that they wouldn't have taken a Ross/Howard/Hunt/Kamara there. So, I didn't think there wasn't much chance of a top 6 player slipping to me.
  9. 12 team PPR 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/1Flex I gave up 1.07 and 2.07 for 1.05, FAs included in the draft but the WW is depleted.
  10. Karlos Williams seems pretty high for a guy that has no team.
  11. Carlos Hyde and pick 4.04 for 2018 1st and 2018 2nd Edit: I am not either of these teams.
  12. "The fact that he won't run a 40..." Seems the unnamed executive doesn't believe Davis actually has an injury. While I don't think it's that important for some prospects to do the combine/pro day, when a guy is coming from a small school it is nice to be able to confirm that he doesn't just look fast/big/whatever against weaker opponents. Plus, if Davis is faking an injury that's not a good thing either. I am NOT saying that he is but if this is what this executive believes then I think his comments make a little bit more sense.
  13. Agreed. Yeah it wasn't meant to come across as me saying "this was a stupid post". Sorry @steelers1080 if it came across that way. Building off of his post with another option and my opinion of Mahomes.
  14. That seems too early for Mahomes. I think it's more likely that they could trade down and take Ross in the first then take Kizer in the second. Same effect (deep ball WR with a big arm QB) but it works a bit better for draft capital.
  15. Chris (Christopher) Carson HT: 6'0" WT: 218LBS. POSITION: RB SCHOOL: Oklahoma St. ARM LENGTH: 33 1/4" HANDS: 9 5/8" NFL.com Combine Profile ProDay Interview and Some Video of Workout Draft Breakdown "RB Christopher Carson (5-11 7/8, 215) jumped 39 inches in the vertical, had a 4.29-second short shuttle and a 7.50 three-cone time. He looked good in position drills, especially catching the ball." - Gil Brandt on Carson's Pro Day ***Note: Be careful when watching highlights and game tapes because he switched his style. The 201
  16. Wayne Gallman - RB - Clemson 6'0" 215lbs DraftBreakdown vs 2016 Florida St. Combine Profile 40: 4.60 BP: 19. Vert: 29.5 Broad: 120 3Cone: 7.17 20Shuttle: 4.28 Plays fast with high effort and a good burst. Feet are always driving. Strong enough to use a solid stiff arm and shifty enough to make defenders miss with hop cuts. Can catch out of the backfield and shows a willingness to block. Might need more patience. Runs a bit too high doesn't have the extra gear for the long runs. Needs to build strength for pass pro and clean up blocking tech. I really lik
  17. JJ Watt randomly shows up to pick up basketball games. Zero fantasy or even football news but it's cool to see the good things players do.
  18. Lost the first one. Won the second one. Watkins = AR15, 2017 1st + 4.08 + 5.07 is WAY better than Washington Martin = Charles, pair of 2017 1st > DT
  19. Matt has more experience, talent and film than I do. I would say to go with his opinion/analysis over mine. I took another look and he does get tripped up a couple times but I thought he was already coming out of or fall into contact for the most part. If he said it was leg/thigh tackles I would probably agree.
  20. As stupid as it is, I do try my very best with those evaluations. But it also means I spend a bunch of time watching and rewatching plays. Especially on DB because there's only one angle and you only get a couple games. I will try to get Booker tonight though. As a thanks for you finally using an avatar. I will take another look at Bookers tackles, specifically. Maybe this rookie class just has a high number of guys that went down due to basically trips and made me notice Booker kicking out more often. Or maybe I just saw a small portion that happened to highlight these.
  21. I think CJ is a good enough back that the best case for Booker is a time share. CJ is only a year older and has shown he is a capable back. So, it seems Booker wouldn't liking be a workhorse. I do think the Broncos could run enough for Booker to get quality reps early but I think his main purpose is to back up CJ. Booker seems like he could be that type of nasty runner defenses hate. He seems like he has a decent amount of hate in his game. And shows some good burst. I also really like how he will kick/trample through low leg and foot tackles. I like him. My big concern with him is
  22. Was not my trade or league. I wasn't even the one that posted it. Just said I liked the Maclin side. *Side note: which rookie WR do they have at the 1.06? Guessing it's Shepard or Thomas?* Edit: It's Shepard. This is where value and production don't split. Could this person have gotten more for 1.06 and Moncreif as far as a trade? Maybe but what? Maclin was WR9 and WR15 the last two years. If we just go with the average that WRs slow decline, then we have 5 years of Maclin as mid WR2. That's a reasonable expectation. But that's production and we are talking about perceived value or
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