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  1. 2 hours ago, bigmarc27 said:

    Just for conversations sake, how are we going to handle spoilers in here...  not “should we have spoilers” but how do we preface what’s in the spoiler tags so we all don’t click on something we don’t want to see?

    My initial thought is denoting whether they’re main quest, side question, or open world and maybe work our way down from there?


     I’m going to grab this day one, but I’m sure we’ll all move at different paces. 

    If it’s anything like the last one, I’m going to get side tracked hunting things for about 50 hours. 

    As for spoilers, I think you laid out a pretty good plan. Something like this...

    Main Story Spoiler 

    There is lots of cowboys and gun fights.

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  2. A bit of talk coming from GSP and his camp about Khabib being a good match up. I actually would like to see that. GSP has elite wrestling (liking not at Khabibs level though), he’s the bigger guy and probably has better striking. But Khabib has a significant age advantage. GSP is likely still a decent PPV draw too. 

    However, Tony deserves his shot at the title. So, Khabib liking serves at least a 6 month suspension then needs time for camp and a recovery for a fight with Tony. So, it’s likely two years before a GSP/Khabib fight. Which would put GSP at 39 years old. I’m not sure how excited anyone would be about that. Unless GSP dominates a fight a top lightweight prior to that.

  3. 7 hours ago, STEADYMOBBIN 22 said:

    This game is what will push me to buy a 4kTV too. 

    I also need to buy the Xbox 4K version so all told I’m going to drop over a grand for this game. 

     I started to go down this route and had a $3000 Amazon cart. That was a bit excessive so I didn’t pull the trigger but I’m glad I’m not the only one going over the top for a $60 game. :D 

  4. 5 hours ago, EYLive said:

    They're handing out meaningless titles like candy. I think those things go for $600 or something on ufcshop.com.

    Schedule a fight at HW for DC then two cards later strip him of the LHW so Jones can fight for a title. Garbage. It feels like Dana White is just trying to maximize immediate returns at the expense of the long strength of the sport/league. I wouldn’t be surprised if he cashes out just before the wheels fall off. Feels like that’s what he’s setting up.

  5. 3 hours ago, Leeroy Jenkins said:

    Red Dead Redemption is probably my favorite game of all time. 

    Should I get a ps4 or xbox one?  Is there a cheap version of either?  I basically will use it only to play this game and become my primary streaming device. 

    Since you’re going the “cheap” route, you can probably go with a used version of either. 

  6. 26 minutes ago, modogg said:

    UFC should be ashamed. Lewis already saying he doesn't really want to fight at 230:


    He said that multiple times after the fight that he wasn’t ready for a title shot. He said it once with Rogan then again on the FS1 panel. The main thing he brought up was his cardio. 

  7. On 2018-10-07 at 0:49 AM, ConnSKINS26 said:

    So far I'm really digging the bounty missions. Splitting time between doing missions for McFarlane farm and the Armadillo Sheriff, and of course just whatever random encounters I have in the desert. Figured out the Deadeye mechanic accidentally--Rockstar really lets you figure it all out on your own, huh? 

    Kinda want to start a bar fight and get into some shenanigans when I lose yet another $25 in poker every night, but don't know how it will negatively effect my game. I'm running it pretty straight and narrow in terms of the Honor thing but could do with a little more outlaw stuff...will the law be after me all the time if I backslide into a life of crime once in a while? 

    It's interesting bc from the trailer for RDR2 it seems they're pushing you to be "bad" much more than what I've experienced so far in the first one. Kinda looking forward to being a straight outlaw rather than a reformed outlaw turned family man. 

    I did whatever I wanted. I think you just have to go pay a fine (at the train station perhaps?) and they don’t bother you. I think. It’s been awhile since I played. I don’t even remember an honour system to tell you the truth. 

  8. What a card!!! Of the 12 fights 8 finishes (7 KO/TKO). Amazing come from behind last seconds finish by Lewis. Then he follows that with an amazing post fight interview. Ferguson looked awesome and Pettis almost got the come back win. Ferguson screaming about Conor was fantastic excitement before the main event.

    The main event was intense. Conor has a solid chin he took some shots. I was surprised to see him tap to a neck crank. If it was a closer fight maybe he wouldn’t have tapped? I don’t know. Khabib is ridiculously strong and I’m sure was actually trying to rip his head off. I’ve never been in a neck crank much less one from Khabib so I don’t want to sound like I’m trying to judge McGregors “toughness”. I’ve just watched fights where Rogan has said that a neck crank will just hurt a whole lot but not actually put a guy out. Khabib might have actually tried to break his neck though.

  9. I can’t believe McGregor is the dog in this fight. Don’t get me wrong, Khabib dominates the most important aspect of MMA but every fight starts standing. Mendes is a great wrestler and never got close. Khabib has shown some glaring holes in his striking.

    Maybe I’m just too excited and over thinking it. If Khabib was the betting underdog, I’d probably argue the other way. :D 

  10. 1 hour ago, modogg said:

    im surprised there isn't more talk in this thread for this card. I think Khabib wins it, but man Conner has proevd me wrong before. i just don't see how Khabib can't y take him down and keep him down. But really thought the exact same thing with Eddie.

    I am intrigued to see the fight though. Conner has had 3-4 years now to improve his wrestling and grappling. i think we have seen slight improvements in it, but it really hasn't been tested. if he has enough grappling to hold of Khabib, he has to be at least introduced into the best pound-for-pound at this point, no? i am far from a Conner nut hugger, and am craving seeing him against El Cucouy, but the guy will have earned his way if he can handle Khabib if Khabib is on his game

    Agreed. I thought this thread would be buzzing. I’m planning a whole day around the fights. Can’t wait. Love both of these fighters. Plus, Ferguson vs Pettis. Even Volkov/Lewis. Should be awesome.

  11. 1 hour ago, modogg said:

    Volkov and Lewis got into it worse. Link Volkov even tried to throw a kick. Plus, there’s been A LOT of dust ups like the Conor/Khabib and many that are much worse. I think you might be being a bit over critical on this one.

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  12. 12 hours ago, Clayton Gray said:

    So tomorrow's Bellator card has two good fights and one more worth watching. And it's only available through DAZN. Is it wrong to hope this effort flops? I have zero interest in getting another subscription service.


    7 hours ago, Craig_MiamiFL said:

    I'll probably subscribe and try it out. First month is free it says.

    $9.99/mo is too pricey for minor league package and will unquestionably fail barring a major sport/league addition. I think one of these days these streaming services combining sports/leagues will get the idea to make it a la carte. Far too much competition and history with alternatives to last long term at their current price point.

    I’m in Canada and DAZN also carries Sunday Ticket and Redzone. It was a less than ideal quality last year when I did the 1 month free thing (the NFL made a deal that it was the only option for Sunday Ticket last year) but I’ve heard it’s improved. For me, it’s definitely worth it if I get every NFL game and Bellator fights.

    I hope it does well, at least in Canada.

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  13. 34 minutes ago, AhrnCityPahnder said:

    Ben Saunders is one of my favorite UFC journeymen guys.   He doesn't always win but his fights are almost never boring either way.  

    Alvey/Nogueira should be fun.  I had to double take when I saw Alvey has 12 more pro fights than lilNog

    I'm mostly in the same boat.  I don't know a lot of the names here.



    I know more guys on the under card. Hector Lombard, Evan Dunham, Ben Saunders, Charles Oliveira.

    Whenever I’m not excited for a card is usually when the fights good. Hoping that trend continues.

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