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  1. My last 7 draft I started Barkley, M Thomas, Ertz. If you want to start Nuk, Thomas, Ertz then you just need to hammer RB after than. The nice thing about best ball is that it gives you more options because you don’t have to guess which of your group of RB2s to start.
  2. Hahahahaha. Do you have flip phone or something? Just kidding. I wouldn’t joking around with you if it was more than a dollar league. I’ve only drafted from my phone and have never had this issue. Was it just saying the initials in the picks bar at the top?
  3. Just finished a Draft from the 12 spot. I really like the team. I’m starting to get to the point where I feel it’s better to have a balanced team rather than the RB Heavy I was going after before. Really you just need 1 stud. For me I went with Cook then got a couple guys in Miller and Crowell that I think can provide a decent enough floor. After that I 3 stacked receiving backs in Riddick, Thompson and Gio. Team...
  4. Sounds interesting. Cool format. Unfortunately, I have a stupid wedding to go to. Will you guys be posting in here during the auction?
  5. The makers of 'Fallout' and 'Skyrim' just issued an ultimatum to Sony over the PS4, and it could have a huge impact on the future of gaming Sony is dropping the ball on this one. Fortnite was the first to break this egg open. Others will pile on now. Microsoft torpedo’d an entire console generation with a bad E3 conference. This could be a turning point for Sony if they don’t get with the times.
  6. Played Mafia 3 for a good while on the weekend. It’s decent. I was expecting it to be a lot worse though. Definitely an R-rated game based on language and violence. Excellent sound track. Average+ story. Gameplay is average. Solid game for a rainy weekend that might draw you in past that. But worth checking out for free on PS4 this month.
  7. I’m not on Xbox so I can’t try it for myself. Did they put the battle royale mode in the beta?
  8. I was all in prior to the that but it’s definitely been reinforced. No more videos though for me. I don’t want to ruin it with too high of expectations. More Red Dead would’ve been enough for me.
  9. Yes. Draft leagues I’m guessing you are referring too are best ball leagues with no roster management. There were also called “MFL10’s” for awhile. Here’s the Shark Pool thread... Link There is another thread floating around too that’s supposed to be just for Draft Championship tournament. Scroll through the pages in the SP and you will find it.
  10. It’s superflex. Take a QB.
  11. A lot of teams will start rookies at the bottom of the depth chart because they want them to “earn it”. Guice will be the starter and get the bulk of the carries. Thompson likely limits his total upside because Thompson is very good in the pass game.
  12. I believe in Vegas doctors were prescribing it years ago. I’m not sure where things are at with it now though. You would be surprised at what a doctor will say though. Especially, if you talk to them and ask them questions about stuff you are taking without the prescription. I would recommend this approach first. Maybe find out from your buddy what it is. Most will have a brand name. Also, find out if it’s the cream or not.
  13. I haven’t but a bunch of guys I work with have. They all like it but it’s very expensive. Are you able to get it from a doctor?
  14. So the numbers stated above by @NewlyRetired don’t include this. Correct? So the minimum is $13,500 per fight.
  15. Why would you use a random list? Fantasy Pros Combined Rankings Use the average of a bunch of different places. Or use the PPR ADP at a place like Draft Calculator. Coopers average rank is 37 and his ADP is 3.12. If you are using Cooper as your cut off it seems that 12 would be the better spot. Especially, if even 1 or 2 guys can slip. Then you’d end up with 4 of your top guys.
  16. In round 2 I’m not reaching. There’s too much that good stuff. You get a combination of Fournette, Cook, Hunt, Julio. That’s a fantastic start to a draft. I find that when my picks are evenly spaces from the center it’s harder to reach for guys because there’s a higher chance that I will be able to gamble and wait. Which more often than not ends up in me missing my guy. I get what you’re saying though. You’d think that by picking say 5.06 and 6.07 that I would be able to the “falling” guy before he falls and then be able to take the “reach” at less of reach. I get what you’re saying. How
  17. You mean you’ve done this for 29 years, not that you do 29 drafts in one day. Correct?
  18. It can but in the middle parts of the draft I’m not as willing to reach for a guy. And when I do it’s not usually as much of a reach or as noticeable. That’s partially why I said the part before.
  19. In order: 1, 2, 12, 11, 3, 4, 10, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 I like to be at the turn. You get one player that is falling because people over think things and the other one you don’t feel bad about reaching because you know he won’t last 2 more rounds. The other thing is that it I feel like I can spark runs on players. Or with that second pick when people see you going outside of typical ADP with your second pick, they will start reaching for their guys because they’re spooked that you’ll jump ADP and take them.
  20. Dispersal. Even if the teams ended up exactly the same, it’s more fun.
  21. @Faust It always makes me nervous when I see your icon because lessen known guy. “Please don’t be an injury. Please don’t be an injury.” Thank you and keep up the excellent work.
  22. There is no one on a lawn in about a 10 miles radius of this thread. Hahahaha. This thread needs to lighten up. The NFL and the refs use the preseason for the same reasons as the teams. The same sky was falling when they introduced the other helmet rule. They are tweaking, adjusting and learning the new rules too. I think I read somewhere that preseason games have 20% more calls than the regular season games. And isn’t even standard preseason yet. In the words of a once great moustache... “Relax”. NFL players are back on the field. Be happy and have a disgusting Guiness.
  23. I like the team. I might have passed on Enunwa for an RB though. I like Enunwa but you’re WRs are really strong and those RBs are risky. However, at the point that Enunwa is going you’re grasping at straws with the RBs. Are you a Cleveland guy? Edit: I read Anthony Miller and thought Antonio Callaway. Sorry.
  24. Who’s driving this hype train??? Only 2 posts since June 18th. Let’s get it together. Uptick in work with 1st team.
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