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  1. Ronald Jones ll. I don’t believe in Peyton Barber or Quiz or Sims. I don’t think he is a superstar but I think he will be good enough at everything to be a full time back. And we know volume = FF points. He went high enough in the draft that TB should be giving him opportunities to win the job rather than him having to force his way to the top.

  2. Other:

    Ryan Grant. Ourlands has him as the starter opposite of Hilton. If Luck is bad and healthy, I don’t see how it’s possible to have a better late round flyer. He was brought in this offseason so it’s not like he’s just some shlub that’s been hanging around on the roster. He’s not even showing up on the Draft Calc ADP.

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  3. CoD: Black Ops 4 Multiplayer Trailer (Beta)

    Call of Duty is my shameful joy. I hate it so much. The community is trash, the game feels soulless and the company is borderline evil. But man does is feel good to land four bullets in someone then turn and get another kill. Don’t get me wrong, 2 kills in a row is rare for me but when it does happen ...

  4. 52 minutes ago, NewlyRetired said:

    OK I am going to try No Man's Sky tomorrow.

    Any tips for a complete newbie to this game (and to space simulators in general)?

    Play normal. Follow the “missions” to start. It’s basically just text instructions.

    At the start, don't worry about collecting everything or anything other than what you need. There will be lots of time for that later. 

    You’ll get a Terrian Modifier very early. Once you have that, if you get stuck in the heat or cold just blast a hole/cave into the planet for shelter.

    Oxygen is used to refill you health meter by putting it into your Life Support. I missed this tip early on.

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  5. On 2018-07-31 at 2:34 PM, Insein said:

    Sigh. I hate that trend. Cheap to make, gameplay is simple but addictive filled with microtransactions. It won't go away as long as it makes money but mobile games are just the least memorable, time wasting things in the industry.

    I started playing Star Wars: Heroes about a month ago. As far as mobile games go, it’s not bad. I’ve put an excessive amount of hours into it and haven’t hit the pay wall yet. I can see it coming but usually with these types of games you basically get 1 free day.

  6. 46 minutes ago, Keith1 said:

    Some Zeke stats:  (a) he went 16 of 18 last year when the Cowboys needed 1 yard to either score or keep a drive alive. By comparison, Gurley was 13 for 25 (4th worst in the league; (b) Someone said earlier that Zeke is not a good receiver, but he has averaged 25 yards receiving per game for his career. Given the state of the Cowboys' receiving crew, that HAS to go up; (c) he averaged 98 yards rushing per game last year (with all that suspension drama and the Cowboys' banged up O-line); (d) in 25 career games, he has rushed for over 80 yards in 23 of 25, and he has 25 touchdowns scored in 25 games; and (e) last but not least, he has NEVER shown up on an injury report, either for the Cowboys or Ohio State.


    I soooo want to take Zeke with the # 1 pick, but I feel like I might be over-thinking it. I KNOW that the rest of the guys in my league will be stunned if I pass on Gurley. 

    Take Zeke. Always, always take your guy if it’s close. It’s not like you’re taking Derrick Henry at #1 overall either. Taking the, at worst, 4th overall guy 3 spots early isn’t crazy. I have Zeke at 3 but if someone told me I had to take him at 1, I wouldn’t be that upset. The whole point of FF is to pick a team you like. Not just follow a ADP list. Draft the blue star 21 with your party hat on. 

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  7. Gurleys year 2 shouldn’t be held against that much. McVay is excellent and light years ahead of what Fisher wanted to do. Cooks is better at stretching the field than Watkins. Gurley didn’t play in something like 8 fourth quarters last year. So, a slight regression with this offence could lead to more touches.

    Zeke is going to be the focal point of every defensive scheme (like Gurley) but I don’t think the rest of the Dallas offense is good enough to force them to adjust in game.

    Bell had 402 touches (I think) last year. It would be pretty crazy to see anymore work with the weapons they have. 

    *** This is splitting hairs. I have these 3 at 1,2,3 for the best players in FF. ***

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  8. I’m waiting until as late as possible to put in some entries. If it’s a normal league everyone is on level footing with injuries, changes, etc. But in this tournament the teams that get drafted closest to the deadline have a significant advantage. 

    However, the temptation to jump in now before ADP starts to get settled and a few of my “sneaky” picks start to go earlier and earlier. I’ve already seen a couple of my late guys going in higher in drafts. Like Vernon Davis and Ryan Grant. Yeah I will probably end up putting in a team this weekend. 

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  9. 2 hours ago, Steeler said:

    I've drafted 3 times from the 7th slot and once from the 6th (these are just $5 entries so keep that in mind :)).  In those 4 drafts I have gone AB (2) / Hopkins (2) in the first and K. Allen (3) / D. Freeman (1) in the second.  So I started WR/WR in three of the drafts which really put me behind at RB.  In all three drafts, K. Allen was the last WR in his tier so I grabbed him but I don't really like any of those teams all that much... because RBs come off the board so fast I always felt like I was reaching for RB.  For example, these are my top 2 RBs in those leagues :X:

    K. Drake + T. Cohen

    K. Drake + D. Lewis

    M. Ingram + R. Jones

    This is the team I drafted out of the 6th slot (AB + D. Freeman) - much better balance and I didn't feel like I needed to reach for RBs - I really like these WRs.

    Big Ben, J. Winston

    D. Freeman, D. Guise, Kerryon Johnson, D. Johnson, L. Murray, B. Powell

    AB, A. Thielen, M. Jones, M. Crabtree, E. Sanders, R. Mathews, M. Bryant

    C. Brate, J. Butt, L. Willson


    I know what you’re saying with “starters” but I’ve gotten away from looking at these teams like that. Cohen is one of my favourites. I really like him because you can pair him with Crowell. Cohen is my hopeful big game half and Crowell is “floor” half on a week to week basis.

    I’m one of those RB crazy people. I take all 6 of mine in the first 10 rounds.

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  10. 1 hour ago, nirad3 said:

    Anyone wanna help me out here... how the heck do you set up for an auto-draft pick?  I see where you can add to your queue, but it says it only picks from there if the timer runs out on you.  How do you set it up to pick a certain player once your turn hits?

    There should be a little “button slider thingy” in the top right that has AUTO written beside it. Just tap that. That will put you on auto draft, which goes off your Queue until you run out of players. Then your DraftList then ADP.

  11. Everyone needs to get into Draft now. The normal people are playing. Currently in a draft Collins went 2.6 and Rodgers 2.7. I got Hunt at 1.8 and Julio at 2.5! Let’s make money folks.

    Update: Another guy took Watson at 5.3, Wilson at 7.3 and Wentz at 8.10. 

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  12. 17 minutes ago, pbandy1 said:

    been trying out some of Draft's best ball championship, wanted to share this team. Went for a combination of upside/injury risk/history of production, and also some red-zone upside.

    QB: Stafford, Winston, Bortles

    RB: Fournette, Guice, Lewis, Chubb, Dixon

    WR: Michael Thomas, Josh Gordon, Watkins, Woods, Mike Williams, Moncrief, Enunwa, John Brown

    TE: Rudolph, Reed

    Favorite picks were probably Reed which was I think in the 9th, and Bortles who can be a top 5 QB in rushing yards. Like the TD potential with Williams/Moncrief

    For discussion, not critiquing...

    Did you draft different because of the way the contest works vs a normal BB league? Is there a reason you went 3/5/8/2? Was there any picks that you feel you made a mistake with? Either taking too early or too late and missed.

  13. “By continuing to follow the plan set up by our medical director and his team and taking this time before this season starts,”

    I don’t see what the problem is or where all this talk about him supposedly messing up again is coming from. This seems to be him following and embracing the recovery/rehabilitation/whatever. This seems good. So is the worry just he will be missing practice time? 

  14. 2 hours ago, tkrull said:

    Has anyone done a study on beat-writer accuracy?  I'd like to know which of these clowns I can ignore.


    1 hour ago, Chaka said:

    Yup. The same people who did a study of fantasy expert and message board poster accuracy.

    I believe those studies were published by Trusted Coach Speak University in partnership with the Draft Week Rumours Foundation.

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  15. Here’s my draft list. It’s mostly my rankings but there’s lots of clusters. This just helps me keep track during the draft. It doesn’t mean I will take these players ahead of the players ranked lower. Also, you’ll see there’s lots of guys I’m too high on or too low on but anyone that is in the general area isn’t worth discussing. For example; I have Hunt ahead of Barkley but I do enough of these (over 60 now) so I have picked Barkley ahead of Hunt because they’re close and I don’t want to end up with the same team over and over again. But I’m very open to moving players around. Anyways...

    1 Gurley

    2 Bell

    3 DJ

    4 Zeke

    5 AB

    6 Kamara

    7 Hunt

    8 Nuk

    9 OBJ

    10 Julio

    11 Barkley

    12 Cook

    13 Thomas

    14 Allen

    15 Gordon

    16 Fournette

    17 Freeman

    18 Gronk

    19 Kelce

    20 Ertz

    21 Hill

    22 McKinnion

    23 AJ Green

    24 CMC

    25 Howard

    26 Guice

    27 Ronald Jones

    28 Fitz

    29 Evans

    30 Alshon

    31 Diggs

    32 Cooks

    33 Thelien

    34 Fuller

    35 Adams

    36 Marvin Jones

    37 Baldwin

    38 JuJu

    39 Allen Robinson

    40 Gordon

    41 Mixon

    42 Penny

    43 Sony

    44 Lamar Miller

    45 Collins

    46 Ingram

    47 Cooper

    48 Hilton

    49 Tate

    50 Rodgers


    51 Wilson

    52 Watson

    53 Newton

    54 Brady

    56 Olsen

    56 Coleman

    57 Drake

    58 Cohen

    59 McCoy

    60 Ajayi

    61 Henry

    62 Lewis

    63 Crowder

    64 Crabtree

    65 Landry

    66 Agholor

    67 Edelman

    68 DT

    69 Crowell

    70 Chris Thompson

    71 Garçon

    72 Jimmy Graham

    73 Delanie Walker

    74 Evan Engram

    75 Kyle Rudolph

    76 Jordy Nelson

    77 Woods

    78 Gio

    79 Chris Carson

    80 Hyde

    81 Duke

    82 Parker

    83 Sanders

    84 Meredith

    85 Funchess 

    86 Robby Anderson

    87 Watkins

    88 Kupp

    89 Brees

    90 Wentz

    91 Corey Davis

    92 Goodwin

    93 Marty B

    94 Burton

    95 Kittle

    96 Kelvin Benjamin

    97 Kerryon

    98 Riddick

    99 Royce Freeman

    100 Chubb


    101 Njoku 

    102 Matt Breida

    103 Jimmy G

    104 Goff

    105 Cousins

    106 Stafford

    107 Big Ben

    108 Foreman

    109 CJA 

    110 Doug Martin

    111 Marshawn Lynch

    112 Golloday

    113 Mack

    114 Wilkins

    115 Ballage

    116 Montgomery

    117 Ryan

    118 Rivers

    119 Dak

    120 Doctson

    121 Shepard

    122 Dez

    123 Jordan Reed

    124 Eifert

    125 OJ Howard

    126 Ebron 

    127 Mariota

    128 Winston

    129 Carr

    130 Mahomes

    131 Alex Smith

    132 Luck

    133 Cobb

    134 Rishad Matthews

    135 Stills

    136 Lee

    137 Ginn

    138 Sanu

    139 Richardson

    140 DJax

    141 Westbrook

    142 Eli

    143 Trubisky

    144 Bortles

    145 Keenum

    146 Hooper

    147 Brate

    148 Jared Cook

    149 Clay

    150 Hogan


    151 Albert Wilson

    152 Calvin Ridley

    153 Allen Hurns

    154 Clement

    155 Aaron Jones

    156 Jamaal Williams

    157 Burkhead

    158 DeAngelo Henderson

    159 Booker

    160 Lat Murray

    161 James White

    162 Powell

    163 Gore

    164 Ware

    165 Lockett

    166 Mike Williams LAC

    167 Godwin

    168 Mike Wallace

    169 Amendola

    170 Kearse 

    171 Tyrell Williams

    172 Ryan Grant

    173 Torrey Smith

    174 Trent Taylor

    175 Nyheim Hines

    176 Abdullah

    177 Blount

    178 Peyton Barber

    179 Gesicki 

    180 Jack Doyle

    181 Seals-Jones

    182 Jaylen Samuels

    183 Vernon Davis

    184 Bradford

    185 Tannehill

    186 Flacco

    187 Dalton

    188 Tyrod

    189 Kirk

    190 Moncreif

    191 Keenan Cole

    192 Enunwa

    193 Travis Benjamin

    194 DJ Moore

    195 Higbee

    196 Everett

    197 ASJ

    198 Jaylen Samuels

    199 Ben Watson

    200 Anthony Mill

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