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  1. 9 minutes ago, Biabreakable said:

    Some rough grades of the Vikings offensive linemen mostly below 50 but surprisingly Remmers being the highest graded one even though he is playing a new position.

    They have the Vikings in the bottom 5 for offensive lines overall, just after the Cardinals who I have recently been hearing will be terrible. PFF mentions that Keenum was the 3rd most pressured QB last season. Kirk Cousins throws more interceptions when pressured.

    Too bad the Vikings don't have a highly graded rookie to make those graphs look a bit better. At least they are all low so no one stands out.

    No wonder why ZImmer hates these guys. :)

    I would like to see what their stats were with Dalvin. You and I talked about them switching blocking schemes last after the draft. I wonder how much A) the switch caused issues and B) not having Cooks skill set for that scheme available. 

    Scheme and player cohesion, synergy, whatever is something that I believe PFF misses on. They might right that a player had a negative play but that’s a bit unfair because the teams plan was thrown of and the OL is basically playing out of position. They address this in QBs but it hasn’t made its way to OL yet. Something along the lines of “Newton couldn’t play in Brady offense but Brady couldn’t play in a Newton offense.” I made that up but you get the point.

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  2. 1 hour ago, 32 Counter Pass said:

    Some thoughts 

    Pats line is much better than the general perception. I think this plays itself in several aspects:
    1. Michel and Burkhead could be very productive when you factor in red zone rush attempts
    2. Gronk will be free to run more routes and not be required to stay in a block as much as he has in the past. Edleman's injury also boosts his prospects.

    I think the rankings for rookies are flawed because they use the players' college grades

    Bengals still haven't solved their line deficiencies, but they should be better than last year.

    Indy line is also much better than public perception, and is Nelson proves to be as advertised then they could finish in the top third of the league. 


    I’m not sure what you’re referencing with the rookie rankings. The college grade, which is clearly noted beside their name, is just a point of reference. 

    I agree with you on the Colts. Unfortunately, Nelson, Kelly and Mewhort are more potential than truly proven assets but the veterans of that trio also need to stay healthy. But if they can stay healthy and play to their potential I think Indy could have a top 10 OL. 

    The Pats OL I think is one of the least important. Their excellent play calling and scheme combined with Brady’s release time and understanding of the game can really mask a lot of inefficiencies. 

    The Bengals FF options to me are distinct enough that unless I hear their top 5 or maybe top 3, no one is moving in my FF rankings. ***I’m guessing no one cares about an opinion like this but I had a response for everything else so I figured I’d throw in my 2 cents here. 

  3. Take Ertz of your “maybe” list. In an 18 team league you have a significant advantage at TE with him. He’s a for sure keeper. So, 1 left for the other 3. 

    McCoy, easy drop. 30 years old, bad OL, no passing game. His FF outlook is due to fall off regardless of the current off field issue. The off field stuff makes it easy. Maybe you’ll get lucky and someone else will draft him in the first and push down a better player.

    Bortles, I understand why you would want to keep him but I think you need to be all in on Watson. If Watson stays healthy then you only get 1 week out of Bortles (on the bye). QBs may be tough to come by but I’m guessing RBs are as well. Miller at least fills the positional requirement. Plus, if Watson is playing well Miller is probably doing alright too. I’d gamble with Miller. 


  4. Schaub was vocal about having issues with the Reebok(?) fight gear deal. This one seems like almost all on Dana though.

    White needs to stop with this kind of stuff. I can’t imagine and other of the major sports commissioners engaging like this. I like that White seems to speak openly but with the state of the UFC and how close it’s starting to get to the WWE, he needs to tone it down. Or least be smarter with picking when to get into social media disputes.

    Edit: I feel bad that I gave this story a click. I’d really like the UFC to get back to the fights and not “promotion”.

  5. 15 minutes ago, Kanil said:

    I play with a group of about 6 people that are all over skill wise.  We don't take it too seriously and aren't going to get mad if you suck.  If you have a headset, we start a group party outside of the game so we don't have to deal with trolls.  Some of the guys have really gotten into researching the characters and the best ways to play them so if you group up with us, feel free to ask any questions and they'll be super happy to nerd out on it.

    The characters that I know were added between the time I quit playing originally to now are: Doomfist, Sombra, Orisa, Ana, Brigitte, and Moira (may be forgetting some)

    Mercy is still in the game although she's a little different now than she was in the past.  She still has the healing and damage boost beams but her ultimate ability is no longer the group ressurect.  Instead, she has a single target res that can be used on a short cooldown (like 12 or 15 seconds) and her ultimate allows her to fly, have unlimited ammo, and do a "chain heal" where her heal beam will chain to any other characters within a certain range of your target.

    Feel free to add me on PS4.  K_A_N_I_L is the account I play mostly on although occasionally if we're playing ranked I play on another account that is lower ranked so I can play with some of the lower ranked friends.  That name is either Reinhardt_On or ReinhardtOn (don't remember exactly).

    So, which character to you use mostly? :D 

    I’ll add you tonight. Bordman on PSN. 

  6. 14 minutes ago, DJackson10 said:

    I know that. That's what the guy at GS told me. Said if I liked it I could then get 1 in August or wait for it to go down in price or whatever. I believe he also said they are gonna eventually rerelease the entire game in a package and maybe wait till then for a better buy. 

    I don’t know. I was legitimately asking. When you say the entire game, you mean like the whole series?

  7. 38 minutes ago, DJackson10 said:

    Was looking for a new game after trading in Far Cry 5 a few weeks ago. I was talking to the CSA at GameStop and he asked me about any pre orders I might want to do (I hardly ever pre order anything that comes out in Oct-Dec this early unless it was something I really wanted and has some awesome bonuses or a collectors edition I keeping) and he mentioned Yakuza coming out. I said I never played them before. So he mentioned Yakuza 0 was coming out and then Yakuza 1-3 or 4 (Whatever was previously released on the old platforms) were being remastered and 1 was coming out in August for PS4. He said Yakuza 0 is kind of a prequel to everything and starts Kyru's story from the very beginning before 1. I told him I liked playing games in order so I think playing the prequel to Yakuza would be something I'm interested in. Was always kind of interested in the series but didn't know anyone who'd give me a great review. I worked for this actual Gamestop yrs ago seasonal work but no one was really interested in that series. Anyway I beat Yakuza 0 and it was quite fun. A few things seemed harder then others and I didn't like the saves only at certain points or the fact certain boss levels had checkpoints that if you died you had to spend 10 mins to get back to where you had died. The story was interesting and I liked the non action cut scenes (Cartoon like image scenes) as well as the skip able dialogue. Interested in starting Yakuza when the remastered comes out. 

    I was thinking about doing this too. Just to be clear, 0 was recently released then 1 will be getting remastered and rereleased in August?

  8. 1 hour ago, Kanil said:

    I've gone back to playing a lot of Overwatch lately.  I know @cockroach is playing but is anyone else with PS4 active lately?  Would be cool to get a group together and wreck some mystery heroes one night.

    I would like to but I was terrible before stopped playing a little less than a year ago? Also, my work schedule is all over the place. It’s a great game though. 

    I think when I stopped playing the big green and yellow character was released (Oris?). Some of the events they were great too. The Halloween event against the AI was my favourite.

    How many more characters have they added? Is Mercy still good with the health beam? That was my go to.

  9. I think the most likely thing is some thugs found out that was Lesean McCoys house (thinking it was his home) and went to rob it. The victims friends doesn’t like McCoy, which is reasonable since he’s evicting her friend, and blame McCoy for the incident. Assuming that the invaders thought it was McCoys home then would be demanding his things. Frustrated with the half empty house, the get angry when she says he doesn’t live there. As for why they chose that day, she was probably talking about lots on the phone about all the stuff that was going on with the eviction, court date, etc. No to mention general negative things about him.


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  10. 2 hours ago, Dr. Dan said:

    About 18 months ago I was at a convention where the surgeon of the Seahawks and Marlibs was talking about ACL reconstruction and return to sport. he put up MRIs at month intervals showing integration of the tendon graft into the bone. it wasnt fully integrated until about 14 months post surgery. He himself made statements at how it's crazy seeing these guys go back so early but they are under pressure to do so to not lose their starting role and because they are paid a lot of money. 

    we can talk about how long it takes for the tendon to change histologically to mimic a ligament of you like as well. thays even longer. tendons dont stretch at all, ligaments do. 

    His website says 6-12 months. Link to his profile on his website. If you follow the tabs at the top you will get to the knee rehabilitation page (link) that says 6-12 months with a final visit at 9 to 12 months. Another link to his site talking about ACL reconstruction with 9 to 12 months as the recovery time.

  11. 13 hours ago, Dr. Dan said:

    My main concern is how much is Cook limited because of his injury. You'll hear how athletes are going back earlier from ACL surgery these days so 10 months after surgery is actually "late." this is a false narrative. no advances in medicine, outside of steroids, antler spray, or whatever can make you heal faster. 12 to 18 months is the gold standard and it remains today in literature as it was 10 years ago. that aside, as I said above, I'm more worried about how much strength, speed, etc he lost having to recover from surgery. I have no doubt he will have a great career, I'm just not so sure it'll be a great 2018. or a great first 1/4 to half of 2018.

    12 to 18 months? Seems a lot of places say 6-9  with up to 12 months. Link Link2 Link3 Link4 Link 9-12 months Link 6 

    I think this is some kind of actual thesis paper but I’m not a doctor. So I’m not sure but it smashes the timeline that you’re talking about.  CONCLUSION The basic approach in ACL rehabilitation is to ensure a return to sports activities at the 6th mo postoperatively.

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  12. I’m sad that Stipe lost but I’m pretty down on the whole UFC right now. The HW Champ is actually at LHW and now the next fight is going to be against an old steroid WWE clown. 

    The LHW champ is a guy that only has the belt because the real champ can’t stay clean.

    MW champ is only there because GSP poached the belt and now can’t fight. Whittaker is a solid fighter so this isn’t as bad as the others.

    WW champ is legit but oh lord I don’t think I can handle Covington as the belt holder. 

    LW we can’t get the fight we want between Tony and Khabib.

    FW we got denied an awesome fight tonight.

    BW Dillishaw is alright but BW, FW and LW are all only belt holders Money McGregor doesn’t care about anything but himself.

    SW is just DJ dominating. Everyone loves DJ maybe a little better of stable of competition for him would be nice? I don’t know though. He’s real awesome.

    Maybe I’m just bitter :shrug: :kicksrock:

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  13. Workhorse back with better between the tackles vision than Gordon. He’s fantastic at setting up blocks. He’s a better pass catcher than Fournette. Gurley, Bell, DJ, Zeke, Kamara, Hunt then Cook. In my rankings. And the last two I think are closer than people might expect. (Hunt you have to trust Andy won’t “forget” about his RB and Kamara needs to maintain unworldly efficacy). 

    The biggest worry to me is the loss of Shurmur to the Giants. Someone more on point with coaches and the Vikings can probably speak more to this than me. I am not too worried about the ACL. I think it’s about a 9 month recovery for most and he got his operation on October 9th last year. 

    He’s going at the first round turn (12ish) and makes that back end turn awesome. Especially, when you consider the available options that you can pair with him. It’s going to be a great year for the people on Dalvin Cook bus. Draft him with your party hat on!

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  14. 44 minutes ago, AhrnCityPahnder said:


    Does this seem way off to anyone else besides me?  

    Maybe I'm underestimating Stipe, still.  The Werdum fight is the only guy in Stipe's current streak that really stands out as impressive.   The rest of the HWs just aren't that good right now.  

    Public line I think. Chubby 40 year-old guy that they watched Jon Jones beat DC twice is going up to fight Super Stipe that just man handled the scariest man on the planet “LOOK AT THE REEM KO!!!!”

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