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  1. 12 minutes ago, modogg said:

    big props to Bisping in checking in with Max about it and pointing it out. It seems like Max was going to try and fight through it, glad veteran and ex fighters take the time and attn. to look out for other fighters. i'd like to remain an MMA fan, but seeing things like Tito vs Chuck on future cards makes it a little tougher. I will definitely watch, but hard to just ignore the future implications of these things


    Tito doesn’t seem as bad as Chuck. Randy Couture was still doing awesome as an older fighter. I don’t think Tito has taken the same kinds of KOs as Chuck and it seems like he is still trying to win fights. I feel like Chuck is just trying to make money. Obviously he will try to win still but it feels worse for some reason to be doing it for money as potentially the sole reason.

  2. For any one that has played in Draft, sometimes there’s a little shield beside some of the drafters avatar. It started to bother me that I didn’t know what it was so I looked it up. And here is the answer...

    Experienced: Players with a black shield over their avatar have entered 500 total drafts OR have played 6+ drafts AND Won $2500 or more.

    Highly Experience: Players with a red shield over their avatar have entered 1000 drafts OR won 4+ $1000+ prize drafts.”


  3. 2 minutes ago, Alex P Keaton said:

    Good article.  Just wish he would have ranked current RBs on each dimension and put a stake in the ground on which rookies will be successful.

    I’m glad he didn’t to be honest. I think if he does that it turns into a ranking article rather an article about RB vision. PFF has a lot of rankings and grades so I’m sure them have something. I will see if I can find something and I will throw the link in the thread. 

  4. This is by far the best article (there might be better books and full breakdowns but not quick articles) I’ve seen on the subject. It’s a PFF article but I think even the non-PFF Guys (looking at you @Biabreakable and @BoltBacker:D ) will either agree with it or find value in the article. To me, vision is tied with burst as thee most important things for an RB. Everything else is just a bonus.  

    The article had me onboard as soon as they brought up that there’s a difference between the on field vision and “between the tackles” statement. I will add that there’s also a significant difference between setting up blocks and vision that I don’t think they emphasize enough. 


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  5. 1 minute ago, TripItUp said:

    Just did a few drafts on draft.com.  My thoughts...

    1) I like the "fast drafts", but a 30 second clock is a bit aggressive given the wonky layout and difficult of seeing a draft summary...takes some strategy away

    2) FFPC software is much better IMHO, particularly the popup roster grid is very helpful

    3) The draft.com fast drafts were a lot "softer" than the slow drafts on myffpc.com, granted the dollar levels are pretty low, but still a lot of terrible picks...Sharks could easily turn a profit on the low dollar drafts.


    Your 3rd point is where I am trying to work. 


    Just now, TripItUp said:

    so figured this out...the pay functionality is actually supposed to work on smartphones/tablets, aka touch screens...I couldn't get it to work on my laptop but was real easy on my tablet.

    Did you draft on your tablet? I do everything from my phone but haven’t seen anything like a big board/roster grid. Did you end up finding one?

  6. 9 minutes ago, TripItUp said:

    Has anyone used "draft.com" for best balls?  One of the podcasts I listen to is always pushing their best ball leagues.



    Scroll up this last page. A decent amount of discussion on it. Pretty much all my best ball leagues are on Draft. Any questions I will happily answer for you.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, TripItUp said:

    I agree with this.  FFPC's format is much better.  Drafts go 28 rounds but includes kickers and D.  My only complaint about FFPC's best ball format is the payout structure/rake is not as good as some of the competition.

    Do you have a link for their best ball leagues? I did a very quick search on their site and didn’t see it. Or maybe it has a different name?

  8. On 2018-06-24 at 2:24 PM, BoltBacker said:

    If they were going to go with rosters that small I think they were smart to just kill team defenses. 

    After playing in leagues with a big bench(and more starters) I just find an 8/18 both restrictive and too much luck is involved regarding the health of your players, even if the guys you are drafting with make more general mistakes(I am assuming). You have to use nearly your entire bench just to cover bye weeks.

    Draft is on par with MFL10s, if not better because of the randomness of defenses. Plus, a minimum of 2 defenses are required to cover bye weeks so, the 8/18 is very similar to MFL with 9/20. I know some people will draft 3 or more defenses too. Especially, before the schedule is released. 

    The leagues that I noticed you like are mostly custom leagues which is more fun but the amount of drafts is of course limited and require more commitment. Draft is better than MFL10s, to me, when comparing roster setup. I also hate Defs in any avenue of FF. IDP or nothing. :D 

  9. 20 hours ago, barackdhouse said:

    Here is an example of zero RB. MFL10 from the 11 spot. Went WR/WR/WR/WR

    Garoppolo, Carr

    Cohen, Kerryon, Dixon, Jamaal Williams, Aaron Jones, Breida, Samuels

    ODB, Julio, Cooper, Gordon, Godwin, J'mon Moore

    Burton, Njoku, Everett



    As best ball brethren, we know that zero RB is easier in best ball because we never have to pick a starter. The other thing is that a big week is more valuable because it is total points and not a head to head league. I just wanted to make sure that non-best ball people understand that bit of context to your post. Those RBs a lot stronger when in that consideration.

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  10. I would recommend selling first. Between taking the 40k and then not putting the 100k down on the new mortgage you’re adding 140,000 of extra debt. Just on what that 100k would do over a 30 year mortgage at 4% it ends up being an extra $72,000 of interest that you pay. Plus, however much that home equity loan rate. 

    If you decide to keep the place don’t forget that you’ll need different insurance and probably have a different taxes too pay as well when the house switches for personal to rental/income. Then there’s all the stuff with being a landlord that you’re already aware of. The worst case scenario would be that you have to move into a rental for a bit. A lot of the time you can negotiate pretty flexible moving in dates and financing dates though. If you plan it right you probably won’t have to worry about renting a place.

  11. Just now, BoltBacker said:

    He's been pretty popular in the dynasty league rookie drafts for sure.

    A couple of years ago I hit pretty big on DeAngelo Williams drafted late in redrafts but I haven't found anyone I really wanted to take a lotto ticket on since. This may be the first guy I have much interest in if he goes late enough. What round are you getting him? What round is he going if YOU aren't drafting him?

    Last round (18). If I don’t draft him I’d say he’s goes undrafted 60% of the time but I might miss seeing him get drafted sometimes too. I guess one thing to note is it also depends on how my draft goes. Sometimes I need that last round pick for a player that I need me to put up at least some numbers.

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