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  1. Yep, that's the biggest impact for fantasy. We were on the fence to figure out whether to extend the regular season or have 2 off weeks at the end, but that decision was apparently made for us
  2. I certainly don't think he can't play outside the slot, and I'm generally higher on smaller WRs than consensus. I just am not as optimistic he's going to get a high snap share unless the jets run 3-wide more than expected. Guys shaped like Davis and Mims give a lot of benefits to the offense outside of just receiving, such as being better run blockers. That gives them an inherent edge being the guys in 2wr sets. I think it's really likely Crowder is released before the season starts. If he isn't, it probably means Moore is not impressing the staff. They have 10 million reasons to give Mo
  3. I like Moore a lot, but I don't love the landing spot. The slot guys that really kill it in fantasy usually still play in 2WR sets out wide, and I feel like Moore's going to be blocked there with 2 athletic big WRs on the outside.
  4. That seems high to me. I'm intrigued by Gainwell if he falls, but I'm not taking him until Nico, Brown, St. Brown, and Freiermuth are off the board.
  5. Yeah, it seems like a tell that the new staff seems to take want to bring in a passing game specialist.
  6. You forgot: yuck for Sanders. Seems highly likely he's going to lose passing down work with the guys they are bringing in.
  7. I imagine it's a "we think you'll give us similar play for less money this year" swap, kind of like Fluker for Flowers or Karras for Skura. McCain was a good fin, but his on field contribution last year wasn't much other than calling defenses and bring a team leader. Hopefully McCourty costs less and provides something similar. I was hoping for a 1 year prove it deal to Hooker, but he's been injured a lot so it's hard to say he would much resemble the guy who looked like a future star a couple seasons ago.
  8. Akers Taylor Harris Swift Dobbins Etienne Gibson CEH Williams Sermon Robinson Carter
  9. He's gone 3.03 and 3.06 in my 2 superflex drafts so fast. Him, Trask, and Mills are all going within a couple picks from what I've seen.
  10. Bowden is a slot WR. He was only a RB in Oakland, and they traded him a couple months after drafting him because they realized he wasn't a RB. I think Gaskin will be fine and will get close to the work he got last year, losing some short yardage to Brown since he's an upgrade to Howard in that role.
  11. I was a bit surprised by the Holland pick, but he is my favorite pick of the draft now. A ball-hawk safety who can cover the slot and lay the hammer? I think he'll be what Minkah was unwilling to be for this defense.
  12. I think the defensive personnel improved in pass rush and at safety. That said, the defense probably wasn't as good as their numbers last year. They got lucky in the turnover department in more than a couple games. In games like SF and LAR, that put them ahead early and gave them more favorable pass rush situations the rest of the game. I think they outpunched their weight class, and the defense we saw in December is more in line with the talent level last year. Credit coaching for getting a lot out of them, but there were talent deficiencies you can only mask for so long. So while I
  13. He's gone 2.05 and 2.07 in my 2 superflex drafts so far, wr6 and wr7.
  14. He went 3.01 in one of my superflex leagues today, ahead of Mills and Mond.
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