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  1. 7 is kind of a rough spot as of right now in non SF or TE. Seems like a big drop to the next tier of WR and RB. I am taking a shot on Pitts upside here until we have draft info on guys like Moore, Bateman, Gainwell.
  2. He might, but they'll probably pass on him for Lawrence there 😁
  3. I bought JG this off-season in SF/TE premium+. I gave Hayden Hurst and Cam for Jimmy and a dart throw TE (Firkser). I feel like I bought low on a guy whose pretty much guaranteed to be starting somewhere in 2020, but maybe I'm just a sucker 😂.
  4. I think that's what the Eagles should do. Howie seems like he likes to add QBs though. Being in striking range of the top guys might be too much for him. It won't surprise me at all if they try to move up again.
  5. Jets and Falcons are the clear teams that have no starter, and Carson has been mentioned as a Bills target all over the place. A case could be made for the entire AFCE, really. I can see the Charger, Bucs, and Jags prioritizing RB as well, but not sure they'll go for $8+m. What will it cost the Seahawks to transition tag Carson? I thought that would be around $8m based on Drake last year, but it sounds like rotoworld is saying $8m is the franchise tag number.
  6. I agree he doesn't really look the part when I watch him run, but he does seem to check most of the boxes. His listed size is in the range I like, he has production, he looks like he'll have enough speed, and he's young as a true junior. In a not great class (especially with the top couple guys being 22-23 already), just checking the boxes is probably enough for top 5ish positional rank.
  7. I can see that, especially considering how he showed up in the playoffs.
  8. Yeah my thought was Waller in PPR or TE premium. He actually had a better year last year than Kelce or Kittle had in 2019. Getting that in round 6-7 (higher in TE premium) was a massive advantage, more so for me than getting 10ish ppg for free from guys like Tonyan or Thomas.
  9. While we're at it, James White in SB 51. What's a RB gotta do to get some respect around here?
  10. I haven't been in this thread/ on this board much the last couple months, but I'll agree with you on the risk if the bucs and Brady are confident enough to let Godwin walk. Considering AB was in the news for losing it 2 weeks before joining the bucs, I wouldn't agree they are way overblown right now though. Maybe just a bit overblown😁 But I was more referring to his fantasy value when I said hurdle. Most people think he's a ticking time bomb. I can see him start to get moved for more valuable assets are the season approaches, because more people will be interested as he goes longer withou
  11. I have 1.02 in just such a format. The league I'm in also has big negatives for turnovers (-4 pts), so not great QBs aren't crazy valuable. I'm not at "not close" right now, but I'm leaning Pitts.
  12. Yep, the best hope is here back with Tom, but with less target competition. I feel like a win now team like the bucs won't let Godwin get away, probably by tagging him. But maybe if they're convinced AB is solid, or if they like Johnson/Miller/Watson enough as backup plans for AB going awol, they don't tag Godwin But the real hurdle for AB is just making it to opening day without doing something stupid right now. If he clears that hurdle the general opinion of him will change bigly.
  13. Jones is a very good runner, but it just seems like TB tries to replace him every time they get a chance. Seems like a sneaky place for a high pick, especially with Jones in a contract year.
  14. I'd like him in Miami, but only if he'll come for the Jordan Howard price (2/$10m). They need a big back.
  15. I don't think it's a debate, pick 8 has more value. You could probably get more than 2 future 1sts for that pick pretty easily if that's what they ultimately wanted. I think the Lions were trying to do right by Stafford in sending him where he wanted to go. Nothing wrong with that since they are still happy with the return, but it seems like they could have gotten more value.
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