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  1. I thought I was agreeing that his value was safe, not that he's the "safe" pick. Wilson has tons of upside. I think he's massively underrated. He looks similar to Diggs. ETA- not disagreeing that Burks and Bell have a lot of upside. I just think Wilson is the best bet to be wr1 at the draft.
  2. I agree with this. I expect Wilson to kind of separate from the WR pack as we get nearer to the draft.
  3. I think I'd have Brian Robinson up near the end of round 1. He's older, but he looks pretty good running and receiving now that he's getting a shot. I actually kind of like the RBs. Charbonnet looks great and I agree with him at RB 3. Walker and Robinson are not bad RB4/5s compared to most years. It's not 2020 or 2023, but with the wr depth I think it's a pretty average class, and has gotten kind of a bad rep. QBs look not very good. TEs I hear are deep, but I can't really speak to that.
  4. I kinda feel like Keenum might be an improvement over the Baker we've seen so far this year. He hasn't done Beckham any favors.
  5. Tua looks like he can be great to me. Great accuracy, very good pocket awareness and mobility to take advantage of it, good enough arm strength, and somehow hasn't gotten worse despite being in a terrible situation for a young QB with respect to protection, scheme and weapons. The problem is the defense on the OL. Watson is better right now, but he's not fixing that, and it's probably going to cause a locker room meltdown.
  6. There's a joke here about Chubb slaughtering his fattened calf to appease the football gods. But I can't quite put it together. I hope he's back next week. A few healthy games with no hunt would be magical.
  7. Yeah, I know what you meant. I just wanted to take the opportunity to complain about RB injuries since no one in my league cares, either 😂 Anyway, here's hoping Penny gets back soon and can at least be a week-winner!
  8. I'd love to have that option, but with Akers, Chubb, and Saquon all likely still on the shelf, he may be going straight in to my lineup.
  9. The guy is all of 5 days past his 21st birthday and he's 3rd amongst TEs in yardage and has a phenomenal target share and route deployment. Victory lap away.
  10. Haha yes... See I kinda thought that when they said "more involved" he might, ya know, have a catch or something.
  11. Pretty much this. Sony is a high upside injury handcuff. Still worth rostering in most leagues. Henderson seems to get banged up a lot, and a 3 down role in this offense is money.
  12. Season long I wonder if Penny is now an IR stash similar to Jeff Wilson. Always hurt guy who might just have the red sea parted for him to have a couple great games before getting hurt again. The painful part for me is I've been adding and dropping Collins almost weekly as the end of roster stash on my teams, but the week he gets involved and then the Carson injury report hit, I barely have him anywhere.
  13. I get the impression a lot of people are way too optimistic on what their Faab can get them later in the year. But then mine is always 95% gone by week 6, so how would I know what it can get later in the year 😂. There are 10 weeks left in the regular season. Getting a 3 down back for 4-5 of those weeks for all or most of my remaining faab was an easy call for me.
  14. I like this outlook. A pretty good rb2 for 4 weeks is worth a fair bit of faab to me. Especially if you're sitting on some upside stashes at RB that aren't really useable, like Javonte, Carter, or the SF backs. Buy those guys another month to break out while not taking the hit in your lineup.
  15. This is the point I disagree on. I'm no doctor or sports scientist, but it seems like a large male gymnast launching himself into the air and landing, a WR running routes, a TE blocking and running routes, or a LB in pass pro are all going to require a lot of similar stress on the Achilles. We don't have to agree, but to me these cases are more relevant than the list of RBs. They are more recent, and the list of RBs is mostly older players, old injuries, and guys where it's easy to see why they didn't get another chance regardless of the Achilles injury.
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