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  1. I'm trying to get TN on waivers this week. They have jets and jags for 4-5. I'll have to figure something else out after those 2 games, but it buys me some time.
  2. Who's rolling him out with Mills at QB this week? Tyrod isn't a great passer by any means, but at least he's a vet and he fed Cooks. I think I'm going to see how Mills looks for the week, and pivot to Rondale or OBJ in one league, Marvin Jones in another.
  3. Trenton Cannon over the whizzinator for me. Nope, but he's the OG whizzinator in name.
  4. I didn't watch yesterday. What's with Brissett totally ignoring the only productive wr (Waddle)?
  5. I would say I'm less concerned about his yearly finish, and more interested in his weekly finishes down the stretch. He went right around the 4/5 turn in my 2 snake redraft leagues. I thought about it in both leagues but couldn't take the plunge. If I had taken him at 4.10 I wouldn't be too upset right now, as I think it's reasonable to expect him to ramp up production as the season goes based on his age and how he's being used. But you are right that you could get the production from his 1st couple weeks rounds later at the TE position.
  6. Worried now: CEH, Shenault, Aiyuk, Callaway (I missed big on that one) Worried if they don't have a big week when the schedule opens up in week 3: Saquon
  7. Honestly I kinda wish i had taken the plunge on Pitts in redraft after seeing his usage. If that keeps up he'll probably be a major difference maker down the stretch.
  8. I'm not sure about 50% either, I just mean to say I'm not taking too much from week 1 usage considering how late Michel got there.
  9. They were lining up Robert Woods in the backfield on some plays. Seems likely there's a role for Sony once he's up to speed with the offense.
  10. Another rumor on finheaven is that he's considering retirement. I have 0 idea if that poster is reliable though.
  11. Jokes aside. I agree that Sermon is a hold. It was pretty bizarre that he was an inactive on short notice after getting mostly work with the ones while Mostert rested in camp (lotta good that did, btw). Maybe it was that Kyle didn't like Sermon's effort on special teams or something, and wanted to send a message. Or maybe Mitchell simply passed him up. We'll hopefully know soon enough, but I definitely don't think anyone knows now.
  12. Apparently "ploy to motivate Tatum Bel" corrects to Nice Easter egg @Joe Bryant!
  13. Sorry, just trying a new twist on an old joke on this board (it's a :yawn:). But FYI, the curfew story all comes from This tweet, which was posted as a joke on Sunday.
  14. A Shannahan benching a RB as a ploy to motivate, you say?
  15. Pretty sure it's the same guy. When his Twitter handle was Fusue Vue (before his account was banned for trolling the rather sensitive Benjamin Allbright), he had the same unique picture as his account here. Clearly I have been paying too much attention to this... But I'm with you on fantasy Twitter. That place is just a bunch of people in an echo chamber getting off on what they here. I only follow the entertaining ones. But I find Fusue's trolling pretty entertaining.
  16. Fusue Vue (used to post here as @Xue) posted this as a joke on twitter. It wasn't a real report, although it was funny to see it spread on Twitter after seeing the original.
  17. I'm betting Heinicke takes this job and runs with it. Seems like he likes to sling it and has some pretty gutsy runs.
  18. I got him for $76/$100. Next closest was $67. It was aggressive and I fully recognize he may not hit/may be a frustrating guy to try to start, but figured the upside was worth the swing this early in the year, and with how high the ceiling is in this offseason.
  19. Looks like a more athletic version of Khiry Robinson to me!
  20. This was more my point. Saints would have kept Murray if he took less money, but even before that Payton was saying that Jones was the #2. I don't think Jones is anything special either. So that has me leaning towards Ty'Son holding Murray off for 1A duties. Sean Payton on 8/24
  21. We're talking about the guy that just lost his job to Tony Jones, right?
  22. I think we can chalk up one bad week to him being a bit raw with not enough seasoning.
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