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  1. You mean the corporations they regularly elect people to furiously fellate both verbally and financially? Doubtful. But look, if the righties want to break out the guillotine for CEOs and Wall Street turd wranglers, I'll throw on my leather flag pants, Lee Greenwood concert tee, and MAGA hat and burn #### down with reckless abandon. Call me, dude. I'm in. Alas, this scenario is simply unpossible.
  2. Ted Bundy killed people and caused terror. Was he a terrorist?
  3. No, that is incidental. What is the first and principal thing he does, what needs does he serve by killing?
  4. I wonder why some people get so angry over the perfectly legitimate question of a racial motive. I don't think anyone here or in the media or the police has said it was anything more than a possibility, yet the very idea is such a serious trigger for some people. Weird.
  5. Man, I could go for six Ding Dongs and six beers right about now.
  6. Still about a million legal questions even if he lost. Anything from campaign finance law violations to full-blown treason.
  7. What the #### does that have to do with literally ANYTHING in the Russia investigation?
  8. OMG that's so hilarious the country can fall apart but OMG the LULZ!!!!!
  9. Old Lady Falls in Bathroom! Our investigative team's report coming up, plus our panel discussion after this break.
  10. Wait, you lookin fer Donald Trump? Naw, this here tower belongs to Ronald Trump. Totally different guy.
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