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  1. The Federal Reserve is a total joke, can't remember the last time they were right, the only reason why they still have relevance is because people are suckers for authoritarian types that make predictions. I don't understand why the Federal Reserve is constitutional, the traders even have a saying "don't fight the Fed" where is the checks and balances in that? We don't say "don't fight the prez", or "don't fight the Supreme Court". Anyways, I'll fight them because someone has to, it stinks that I am usually right with my investments only to have the Federal Reserve bufoons stumble by and tell everyone I'm wrong and give the short term traders the green light to rape me. Thankfully I have the means to outlast this buffoonery but markets should be driven by the truth not central bank buffoons. Rant over, I now bend over waiting for the Federal Reserve to say something wrong so the traders can rape me again.
  2. Not really sure what the legal distinction is but I don't have a real problem with the constitutionality of a full auto ban. To me, a moral and responsible person will aim and pull the trigger once for each legitimate target and be responsible for each bullet sent downrange. His brain is engaged on each shot whether the gun action is semi auto, bolt or pump. Fully auto you pull the trigger once and spray everything down range it seems like you could easily hit things you really didnt mean to hit.
  3. The second amendment was written so Americans could own guns that we could defend ourselves with and kill people if we needed to. Morality and religion is why we don't kill people. AR15 type guns are exactly what the second amendment protects. Banning AR15s strikes at the heart of the second amendment and I would be completely against that. You have to find another way.
  4. Ban "... your analysis" as in "Thanks for your analysis." I always hear "Thanks for urinalysis". Its not right that people who give a good technical description of something be thanked for complying with a pee test.
  5. Why 30 vs 10. Its really hard to hit moving targets. Against two moving attackers 10 shots is gone in no time. Maybe you are a bad shot, or get injured while defending yourself such that you can't easily put in another magazine. In that case, 30 is better than 10. In a defense mode where you have no time to prepare all you are going to have is that one measly magazine and your attackers may have hundreds of rounds.
  6. You bring up a good point that the UN could be sent against US citizens, I forgot about them and its another good reason why US citizens should have guns ... to oppose the one world government that destroys the constitution that the liberals want so badly. Truth of the matter is that in simpler times of single shot muskets, all the US citizens had to contend with was a potentially tyrannical US government. Now you just don't have a potentially tyrannical US government, you have a potentially tyrannical US Establishment where at the top of the Establishment you have psychopath bankers that basically control government (didn't have that when the 2nd Amendment was written) who knows what they are capable of, in the middle of the Establishment you have government who along with their usual threat to citizens is now bound and determined to let in foreign rapists and murderers and terrorists for political reasons (didn't have that when the 2nd Amendment was written) .. oh yeah and to call up the UN (we didnt have that when the 2nd Amendment was written), and at the bottom of the Establishment but still strongly within the Establishment you have the very dependent welfare class (didn't have that when the 2nd amendment was written) who gets violent against innocent fellow citizens when the EBT cards dry up. Maybe I am missing something. I'm probably missing something. We don't have less threats and less reasons for the 2nd amendment, we have more threats and more reasons for the 2nd amendment. And the list is growing. No one can really say exactly why the moral and religious constitution-loving American citizen needs guns, other than it appears they need guns more than ever.
  7. OLED, the king of disruptive technologies, I'm sticking with it.. OLED won the display wars, it is going to eat the LCD market everywhere and spawn new markets like VR and automotive windshield displays. Apple is converting to OLED. Even if the economy grinds to a total halt, OLED will grow because it will feed off the demise of LCD. Still a relatively unknown company, the big houses aren't even covering yet BECAUSE THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCUMULATE AND CANT BECAUSE OF LOW FLOAT AND LONG TERM JERKS LIKE ME WHO REFUSE TO SELL. Very low number of shares outstanding. Long since 5, currently 70.
  8. Yes it all a farce but the Federal Reserve narrative (what the Federal Reserve says about the economy or they will or will not do) is the market truth until it isn't. The markets are not designed to ferret out such deep truths about the economy. We are all supposed to trust authority like Tim and go along with what they say and not oppose it. The Federal Reserve opinion always has a positive bias, if the Federal Reserve narrative is the economy is improving, then the economy is improving even if it isn't and you can't fight it in the day to day trading markets. You can only fight a wrong Federal Reserve opinion as an individual over very long term decadal positions in counter traditional investments. This is impossible for almost everyone because individuals have limited resources and all have expenses and have to eventually sell. So the truth doesn't matter and the Federal Reserve narrative, true or false, rules the day until it doesn't. Good luck as an individual trying to get a counter position in the day before, American citizens will be the last to know, other countries and rich foreign insiders will know first. When the Federal Reserve narrative has been wrong all along, it all ends in spectacular fashion. Well if they are wrong and its going to all blow up in spectacular fashion shouldnt this bother the Federal Reserve you might say? No it does not bother them, this inevitabilty which would greatly distress individuals who would prefer to make the right decisions and not have wrong decision blow up later on their watch, does not bother the Federal Reserve because they are essentially government, because when it becomes serious goverment has to lie, and government has much different priorities than individuals, the most pertinent being their day to day control, not some far off event on someone elses watch.
  9. Ben Bernanke studied the Great Depression and certainly concluded that depressions were just as much psychology as reality. Post 2008 Ben Bernanke decided the best way to avoid the impending depression was to "hide the depression". It was a great opportunity for such a monetary experiment and they went at it with gusto, with QE, stock price pumping, stimulus, bailouts, deficit spending, gold price suppression, etc. Whatever administration was in place was going to have to play along, they had no choice. The problem is that hiding the depression didn't fix anything, it only delayed the inevitable. Things needed to strongly improve and return to normal, and they havent. We still have ZIRP. Americans are an inquisitive bunch and they sense something is wrong and aren't buying the BS anymore.
  10. Im not sure if we should believe any economic numbers for the next 6 months. With the ability to politically manipulate economic numbers such as the jobs numbers to their benefit, presidents may need to "square the books" before handing it over to the next president. Otherwise, the numbers would constantly accumulate and distort to the upside and eventually one president would be left holding the faulty numbers bag and be forced to correct the whole mess for accounting reasons. Or is the fact the politically distorted numbers would accumulate an argument that the numbers have to be fairly and honestly reported? Or will the jobs numbers be manipulated upwards by the Democrats to give Hillary an advantage? The reason I ponder this is because GWB ordered the refill of the strategic oil reserves on his last day in office, I thought that a dirty thing to do to Obama. But maybe certain things done for political reasons have to be squared up before the next present assumes office.
  11. Guilty, I do have a low opinion of socialist Americans. Don't you find it interesting that they don't want to discuss what made a socialist country implode? If I was a socialist I'd want to discuss and study these events and set some limits on my brand of socialism to make sure it didn't happen here. Ignoring it and hoping it doesn't happen here because American/white socialists are somehow more special is racist and irresponsible.
  12. Thats basically how they trap big beaver up north, when the beaver gets trapped a line with a mechanism to prevent it from going back (L hook usually) takes it to deep water where it drowns.
  13. Venezuala is in deep deep trouble due to socialism, hyperinflation at 500% and people starving and dying so where is the left, they wont help or even discuss the matter? The left likes to make a big show of helping when a natural disaster hits, but when a human made disaster 100x worse hits you get crickets unless you can get some milage blaming a Republican governor. http://www.realclearpolitics.com/video/2016/05/30/bernie_sanders_isnt_interested_in_answering_questions_about_socialism_in_venezuela.html Somewhere, deep down, I believe the American left understands it always ends like Venezuala but they want their party and they want it now and they'll deal with the drug overdose later. I can understand why the right doesn't care and is even amused, the right treats others like they would treat them, socialist thugs use the government to pillage and steal from the right so it's understandable the right is happy when socialist thugs can't use the government to steal from good people anymore and starts dying off.
  14. Bottom line is that kids will do what their friends do, it's a process that takes years, is set in stone, and you can't patch in adult leadership and role models afterwards to undo it. I strongly believe that even if you plop amazing opportunities in front of these kids, where they can sign up and punch their own ticket, no discrimination even possible because everyone is hired, they will self-discriminate themselves out of the opportunity to conform to the group (I have an example of this). The only way to fix it is to tear it all down and rebuild from scratch. Same way a country like Venezuela has to start over. Sometimes things just get too broken to fix.
  15. Somebody remind me why trial by jury is so great when everybody is divided and hates each other, not to mention stupid. Big fan of bench trials going forward.
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