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  1. That's all true. But putting the game into Russell Wilson's hands; almost always works into Russell Wilson's favor. Zimmer was 6 inches away from keeping it out of Wilson's hands. And it still took 2 different 4th down conversions from Wilson.
  2. As a Hawks fan I was hoping Minnesota went for the FG. I figured it was at least 50/50 wilson leads his team a TD. Those are tough choices. Minnesota only needed a half yard.
  3. Good thing it wasn't a pass play or a or Russell Wilson running that we pretend wasn't a run.
  4. Seattle has had very few plays. My biggest criticism is that they ran for 2 yards early on on a 3rd down play when a 5 to 10 yard gain gets a FG attempt. Not sure how you can conclude they abandoned the run when nothing statistically supports that notion.
  5. 7 passes to 9 runs for Seattle. Maybe give some credit to Minnesota.
  6. I don't think it was whistled dead. Sounds like if it's called incomplete you can't advance after review.
  7. Seattle's defense is bad. But you do realize that one of the reasons running is so low is because their opponents find themselves down by double digits?
  8. Wilson is 58-0 when leading by 4 or more at halftime. No one has thrown more TDs than Wilson through the first 3 games. He set that record before his last TD pass to Metcalf today.
  9. On the season Wilson is 51 for 63 for 610 yards and 9 TDs. 3 of those incompletions were "drops" which includes the pick 6 against New England. He has 9 TD passes to 12 incompletions. That is absolutely insane.
  10. I think it was actually illegal contact, but point still stands.
  11. I think they probably had short passes designed but the bad snap threw off any chance of a quick hitter.
  12. They were thin at the position and Dissly has 10 games in two seasons due to two major injuries. Hawks have a lot of cap space in addition for opportunities to clear more (i.e...TE Ed Dickson):
  13. Locally, yes Wilson got grief. I know that Carroll shouldered the blame nationally, but I doubt he even called the play (Bevell had a lot of liberty with play calls). I had no problem with the play call and every problem with Russell's decision. It needed to be a slam dunk or throw away.
  14. As a Hawk fan i know a monumental choke job when I see it. I can attest to how the SB loss INT at the one yard line to New England was the beginning of the end. It put the team in 2 camps and guys on the D, like Sherman, started checking out. That was one play though, last night was a slow motion destruction. Championship quality team defense is fleeting. The 49ers will still have a good defense next year but for how long and will it be at the same level? A couple semi recent SB winning teams were stacked with talent on defense, but it didn't equate to do dominate play the following year. Did the 49ers D peak this year? Guys like Mahomes and Wilson make their squads immeasurable better. Jimmy Garapollo didn't have to do much this year come playoff time. His coach purposely limited his affect on all three postseason games. Chances are he'll have to do more in the next couple years. I simply don't see that as a long term recipe for winning football games.
  15. Yes, the bigger the moment got, the better Mahomes played. It was clearly magic out of his hat time. Notsomuch for Jimmy.
  16. Especially when the whole team knows the coach simply doesn't trust the most important player on the field. Kudos to Mahomes and KC for sure, but that was a fairly monumental collapse. This one doesn't go away so easy.
  17. "For the second time in as many Super Bowl appearances, Kyle Shanahan’s team lost a game in which win probability models estimated that it should have won at least 95 times out of 100." From 538. Ouch.
  18. And Shanahan didn't want to call timeout at the end of the half. Tough to make plays when it's clear your head coach has zero confidence in you as a QB. It almost paid off though.
  19. He looked scared on the sidelines before the game started. To his credit, he went crazy efficient despite the horrible INT early. Then he missed on a long pass. Dude was great when SFs D could win it on their own. Mahomes exudes championship mentality. Jimmy G is a guy.
  20. Yea dude. We've seen Jimmy G make plays, but he's no Patrick Mahomes. And that was the narrative of making Chiefs the favorite and Mahomes won the game accordingly.
  21. it was questionable; but Kittle separated vertical space to make the catch. I've seen worse calls called PI; including one in the Superbowl: https://s.hdnux.com/photos/02/42/45/665983/3/920x920.jpg
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