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  1. My boy was talking with my aunt at my Mom's birthday dinner... aunt mentioned something about how handsome he is becoming, and asked if he had a girlfriend. His reply was a laugh and said "I'm only 8!!!!" Oh, and my 10-year old daughter farts more than I do.
  2. This is the correct answer. With summer fading I don't think I'll be drinking them, though.
  3. A buddy of mine is convinced that today, there will be an announcement as to a mandate to require vaccination for domestic travel. Has anyone heard anything about this, or is this a topic for the PSF?
  4. Linky no worky, but based on the title of the .gif...... ha! I get sinus infections all the time, but I can't remember the last time I was like... really sick.
  5. If this is a thing, I swear I have it and I passed it to my spawn. My wife got Covid in February, and both of my parents had it shortly thereafter. Both me and the kids were absolutely fine. I mask up and am vaxxed, but I do go out quite a bit (restaurants, bars, shopping, etc.). I heard that it could be a blood type thing. I wouldn't be surprised if I have some kind of defense mechanism against this bugger. I have never had the flu. Ever. Knock on wood. Edit: No, I'm not saying this is the flu, just sayin'......
  6. always appreciated... things are definitely rough but they'll make it through
  7. My wife's family all lives out there. Her mom's house (Prairieville) was spared any damage (unlike last time it flooded), but wife's cousin's place (Gonzales) lost the carport and part of a shed. FIL's place (in Paulina) is trashed. The roof flew off and landed in his neighboring sister's yard. Everyone is fine but I'm sure shaken.
  8. Ha, I know that guy "kinda". He's a Louisiana-based comedian. Now I want to go listen.
  9. I still roll into the office with khakis (or nicer jeans) and a button-up with Chuck Taylors or the like. So like one step below business casual. I don't see things changing. We are supposed to wear business casual on site inspections, but that's a loose rule. I usually just rock the jeans/polo. I'm only going in 2x/week (M and W). Man, I had a HARD time getting out of bed yesterday. Almost stayed home. First meeting was at 11 and the rest of my team is remote right now anyways. I powered through, but ended up going home around 2:30, took a 45 minute nap when I got home This pandemic has really changed things. I got hired during and certainly don't miss going into an office 5 days a week from 8-5. No thanks.
  10. Scientists at Texas A&M working on a new "anti-Covid" drug: MPI8 - Texas A&M and California biotech company Thoughts?
  11. Whew, trip to Austin for training at the end of September has survived the chopping block - for now. I'm hoping that Delta starts to chill a bit cuz I'm really looking forward to being back in that town for a few days.
  12. Nice! And I am going to make a guess and say that was @simsarge that sent to you. I recall getting some National Guard swag from him a couple/few years back.
  13. My wife's family is all out in SE Louisiana. Her Dad, who's about 30 minutes west of NOLA, lost the roof to his house (ended up in his sister's yard next door). Her Mom (they're divorced) went to stay with wife's cousin in Gonzales (about an hour west of NOLA), and cousin's house lost the shed and the carport. MIL's house was spared, just a few big branches down.
  14. Not sure what I think about shortening the timeline. They have had an incredible run; why mess with it?
  15. Just booked a one-nighter to beautiful Petoskey, Michigan in mid-September. Awesome!
  16. I got my stalkee one from there, too. They have a good selection. Yeah, let me know when you go. I work in Irvine and drive right by that area on my way home. Or could shoot over on a weekend if that's when you go. DM me.
  17. It sure is. I finally ordered myself a bottle this time around and man, I can't get enough of it. Ordering sauce from HSG is great for the exchange since he has cool t-shirts and of course the hot sauces bottles are wrapped up real good for you to send off to your stalkee. 10/10 highly recommend.
  18. If you're anywhere near Jamboree/405 anytime soon, I highly recommend going to Hangar 24's tasting spot. They have a ton of t-shirts and beer to-go. And if you do go, hit me up and I'll meet ya for a beer. Or if you ever wanna hit up The Huddle!
  19. Finally got around to taking pics of my haul from @DaVinci! Couple of real nice shirts, hat, sticker, coasters, and holy crap the BEER! Check it out! Thanks to DaVinci and @kutta for organizing once again!
  20. I found some real nice no-iron plaid button-ups at Kohl's for like $15. I've been rockin' them and some khakis for the two days I go into the office. Remaining 3 days I'm in a t-shirt and likely a hat. Even if we have calls w/ video. For our company-wide call on Thursday mornings I'll ditch the hat though.
  21. I actually enjoy work travel. For some reason I like being in airports, going to new places (or even places I've been before), being in a hotel for a night or two, going to new bars/restaurants, etc. I do not like having a mask on for so long though.
  22. I am traveling for work again, but my destinations have been the likes of rural Iowa, Sacramento and Phoenix. Crossing my fingers that my trip to Austin at the end of September won't get canceled due to Texas being a hot spot for The Rona.
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