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  1. On this day.....Oct 15, 2000: U2 notch their 4th UK #1 hit when "Beautiful Day" beats out Robbie Williams & Kylie Minogue's "Kids" for the top spot. .....and pls permit me to go back 1 wk & add this --> October 10, 2001: Embracing the Internet at a time when broadband is rare, U2 webcasts a concert from their Elevation tour in South Bend, Indiana, for free on U2.com.
  2. Agreed 100%. Here's a list of the Songs U2 has Covered: https://www.u2songs.com/songs/u2_lyrics_cover The only exception to the rule IMO is "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)" [I wonder if this song will even show up or was considered]
  3. And I should have posted this yesterday as October is 40 yrs old: OCT 12, 1981: U2 release their 2nd album, October. Reflecting their Christian faith, it's filled with allusions to the Bible, notably on the song "Gloria. FYI: "Scarlet" was going to be the title track of the album, until they decided to go with October. U2 didn't play it at any of their concerts until 2010, when they put it on the setlist to their 360° tour. “October” was the 2nd album by U2, released in 1981. The album was a tough one for U2 to record. On March 22, 1981, while playing a show at the Fog Horn in Portland, Oregon, Bono’s briefcase went missing. The briefcase included a working visa for Bono, notebooks and lyric sheets, letters to Bono from Ali as well as tour documents, letters from fans, & numerous photos. Some of these notes lost included lyric ideas for the new album, in various stages of development, from “I Fall Down” which was fully fleshed out, to a song called “Sunday Bloody Sunday” which was in the earliest stages of development. Just weeks later during a tour stop in Minneapolis, on April 9, 1981, the band was frantically trying to get new songs ready for the recording studio. They spent much of that soundcheck working on new material which would eventually lead to “October”. And at the end of the month, while on a break from the “Boy” tour, the band visited Compass Point Studios in the Bahamas, where they recorded the song “Fire”. “Fire” was released a single well in advance of the “October” album, which they were just starting to record while “Fire” was starting to climb the charts. The band entered the studio to record in earnest in July 1981. They used Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin. Even with the loss of the lyrics, they had to continue. Steve Lillywhite returned as a producer for the album. The album was recorded under a lot of pressure to get the project finished & delivered, & at times Bono was found writing lyrics while recording them, improvising as he was recorded. The design of the cover was done by a close friend of the band, Steve Averill. The design was simple & featured a photograph of the band at the Dublin canal, near to where the album was recorded. The album title & band name were featured prominently on the front cover, something that had not been done with the first release, which had led to some criticism by the record label. The album has the logo in brown, and the photo is in tones of yellow & brown, & both are meant to suggest the month October. On most releases there is a white border around the cover image, & the track listing is printed in this border area.
  4. Seems like now is a great time to add this. Some early U2 tidbits They were originally called Feedback, after the awful noise they made in early rehearsals. Their next name was The Hype, followed by U2. The band's 1st two names...both suggested by Bono. He says that he doesn't like the name U2; sees it as a bad pun. You too? The band members met in high school in Ireland when Mullen posted a note looking to start a group. They have been together ever since. Members had various nicknames in the early days. "The Edge" came about because of his chin. "Bono Vox" was the name of a hearing aid company Paul Hewson saw advertised on TV. Because U2 were a "loud" band, he thought it was an appropriate enough stage name. Bono's first concert that he attended was The Clash's "White Riot" tour at Trinity College in Dublin. They formed the band before they knew how to play. They wrote their own songs because they weren't good enough to play other people's. They almost broke up in early '80s when the born-again Christian group that Bono, Edge, & Mullen belonged to tried to convince them to break up the band as a sacrifice to God. Rolling Stone magazine named them "Band of the '80s."
  5. My go to GIFs saved on my GIPHY profile......Enjoy: IN.....or......OUT I'm IN (Giddy-up) I'm IN (or YES!) I'm OUT (Kramer) I'm OUT(Bugs Bunny) <--great to use when someone texts, "Who's Up for Lunch?" (or whatever) Speaking of Lunch: Lunch suggestion RETORTS / COMEBACKS / SARCASM Nothing to See Here Isn't that Special Not Telling Whaaaaat? Are U Mental? Inconceivable Bad Feeling about this I'm Not Crazy... Oh Boy (G Costanza) Eyeroll (Fey) Here we go.... Not Today, Satan! You're the Devil NO F-off Here's a Finger Neighborly Fingers Subtle Finger (Black) Jack's Finger I'm going to Hurl Golf Clap(slow) There she blows! Lava mad Computer mad He'll keep calling Ferris(car) <--these are great to send to someone who has lost their cool WAITING / HURRY-UP / THIS IS A CLUSTER*%$# Herding Cats Waiting We're Waiting Cookie Waiting Vacation Grand Canyon I'm coming MISC / OTHER Nicely done, Sir Excellent! The Carlton Dance There's a Chance? Do or Do Not (Yoda) Beer-1 Beer-2 Conan FOR FANTASY FOOTBALL Loser, Loser, Loser FF Champion
  6. Better approach: 1-Download GIPHY app 2-Create a login 3-Find Gifs using the search magnifying glass 4-When you find one that you think you'll use again, hit the "heart (favorite)" icon. All of your favorites will show up on your Profile tab for future referencing. Each gif can be Sent it to a Text (arrow icon) OR Touch the gif for a full second and it will copy it to the phone's clipboard to use elsewhere. 5-After downloading GIPHY, i think it links directly to your Text Message App and Your FB App. At least on my Iphone......when i go to reply to a Text, i can see a GIPHY Icon where I can do a Gif search while still in the Messages App.
  7. Some of these B-sides i've never heard.......& after hearing them, I can only say that I'm glad I hadn't heard them before. Seems like most are unfinished songs that never got off the ground with lyrics or a chorus. No offense to JML..........but I kind of wish that we set the cutoff line at Top 200 and left it at that. And 1 request/question......and 1 comment: Q: Do you have the release year of the songs? If so, it would be nice to put it in these writeups if not for just context. Comment: a couple of the youtube links don't work for me (I get a black screen with: "Video unavailable This video is not available")
  8. Good start to a B-side list. I actually heard a new one this past wkend called "Down All the Days" while listening to the U2 Sirius XM channel. Had to look up the story on that as something rang familiar to it, but not quite....once you hear the song, you'll know why.
  9. I'm definitely interested in seeing the list and might be able to contribute (time permitting)......although ranking 200 is a task. Seen them 4 times in concert & was a club member for 1 yr (to get early tix release): 1985 Unforgettable Fire Jax, FL 1987 Joshua Tree Hampton, VA 2009 U2 360 tour (claw stage) Tampa, FL (Muse opened) 2017 30th Anniv of JT Tampa, FL (One Republic opened) I also think B-sides and movie tracks should be included.........while Re-mixes shouldn't (but if the song is already part of the list and there is an interesting re-mix, it could simply be included in the write up paragraph or linked) And I do have almost their entire collection including the last couple of albums (sans: Zooropa or Pop)
  10. Had a similar experience. Daughter #2, who was way more social than D#1, went 4hrs away to the school I graduated from......had a hometown boyfriend. Mrs Nemesis and i thought D#2 would be one who would be out partying....but instead we went thru the same discussions with her. We held our ground that 1st semester......but we visited HER a couple of times as we had partial season tickets for football. It probably took until sometime in NOV when she finally agreed to keep going and stick it out during the spring semester. Wasn't a 100% vote of confidence, but she stayed and it got better. She is now a Senior at same Univ and will graduate in May. (and couple of mths ago mid-summer, she actually begged us to go back to college town 1 month early to "have some fun" before school started.) One of the things that i told both of my D's as we dropped them off at college: "Your college years can be topsy-turvy. One semester you will find yourself with great classes, great professors, great roommates, great social life. And then the next semester could totally different.....you end up with crappy class schedule or a difficult class that you are struggling with, you are feuding with your roommates, you get sick/mono, your bf/gf breaks up with you, your friends are too busy or have found Other new friends where you feel like you are "demoted". Don't kid yourself and expect every semester to be equal or off the charts. You've grown up for 18 yrs at home where almost all of the major decisions such as food clothing shelter, which school, & money mgmt, etc....... had basically been decided for you. You're now in charge of this and I don't expect you to navigate this flawlessly." @PeakAs you probably figured out......Boyfriend tie-in will make it exponentially more difficult. Hopefully it gets better over time..........but the only other thing i would suggest is that you and Mrs Peak give her bite sized expectations when you talk. "Over the next 3 days, you're going to have to tell me of a time where you tried to reach out and meet new people. Successful or unsuccessful......I don't care, but you're going to try." This way, you'll know if she is trying and failing OR just not trying. I think leaving it ambiguous or making blanket stmts like "stick it out" are only going to delay things where you hope that they improve, which is just a roll of the dice.
  11. Ok sounds like you are doing the right things, maybe just give it more time. Have you heard her Purr yet? This is something that I would do with my many foster kittens & it always seemed to work: Pick them up and lay them on their side in front of you. put 1 hand on their side to gently hold them in that position. With the other hand take your thumb or index finger and gently massage their neck & alongside their spine going up & down. Usually it’s an insta-purr in that moment or the next time you do it. Do this enough times & Pretty soon, she will be coming to you & you’ll be getting head butts. GL & keep posting updates on how she is doing.
  12. Cats are territorial & therefore, your kitten might have be having an issue adjusting to the new surroundings. You didn't mention in your post: Are you letting her roam the entire house? or Keeping her in 1 room? It's best to let her get comfortable & confident in 1 room & "own that room" before expanding it to another room. What exactly is she doing? Is she hiding under a bed? Probably a good idea to NOT let her hide under a bed as a kitten as then she will do this as an adult too. Block it off if possible. Also, what's her body language?.....Confident cats walk w their tails in the air. Just pay attention. Do you have other pets? Also, I'd recommend finding out when her natural Nap time is & then holding her or taking a nap with her....it's the fastest/easiest way to build her trust & bond to you. Maybe that will perk her back up.
  13. I had 4 numbers after the 3rd or 4th draw.....been trying to get that 5th number.
  14. First thing......you do need to remember that companies have to pay taxes based on the majority location of where you work from. And some companies are not going to want to file taxes in all 50 different states if they can help it do to the hassle. YOU may not see that......but THEY WILL. Second thing: I posted the following in the WORK FROM HOME thread 1 yr ago: With the pandemic, and more WFH'ers: Have any of you had concerns for the LONG TERM TRENDS that will come out of this pandemic that are Negative? Recently, i listened to a podcast (i think it was McKinsey) and they brought up the topics of: 1-Due to the pandemic, there is a trend where a lot of workers who live in Higher Cost of Living areas have either moved to Lower COL areas or are considering it. A prime example is the tech sector workers that find California is less desirable due to high housing costs and other issues (taxes, homeless, traffic, polictics). Heard that since some of those companies are not requiring some workers to be local, that those workers are moving to adjacent states or cities and the unintended consequences affecting the new locations (such as increased housing cost in those new cities affecting long time residents that can no longer afford it) 2-Will companies eventually start to adjust existing worker salaries based on WHERE you live? "You want to live in Billings, Montana and work remote.........Then, here's the salary we're offering you (or your COL adjustment) since we know you don't have as many costs as some others." 3-Will companies start to seek lower starting salaries on positions since they can recruit and cast a much wider net than before? 4- With remote working more focused on skills/task completion...... Will companies start to de-emphasize some intangibles and move even more toward looking at employees as just a number or interchangeable costs? 5-How will employee training be handled in the future? I would guess we see even more and more remote or online learning available but how will companies react to it for existing EEs and hiring practices? Will age-ism increase as an unintended consequence? I know a lot of the above topics sound like the same thing.......but if you peel back the onion, you'll see that the whole system will change at some point.......and some of it will create some speed bumps ahead
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