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  1. Mrs Nemesis & I watched Season 1 & 2 of DERRY GIRLS on Netflix. each episode is 25 mins. Each season is only 6 episodes though. if you liked the humor in Kim’s Convenience, you’ll probably like this one too About living in Northern Ireland during the early 90's & centered around a group of girls at a Catholic high school. also has a bunch of early 90s music you’ll recognize (cranberries, cypress hill, the corrs, Enya, en Vogue, Ace of Base) Season 3 coming out sometime during 2021. And....it's probably good to have the subtitles on
  2. Now available: 8% WC Surge (Cranberry and Blood Orange......and 220 calories each) https://brobible.com/culture/article/white-claw-surge-hard-seltzer-review/ Haven't had so.....no comment
  3. this was a Mrs. Nemesis pick and it was pretty good, if i may say so. Seasons 1-3 are on Netflix for binge......but I think Season 4 is airing wkly on NBC. Anyone know when they drop to Netflix?
  4. A release date for Kim’s Convenience season 5 on Netflix has yet to be confirmed. Fans were expecting it to drop on the platform recently after the season 5 finale (episode 13, ‘Friends and Family’) – aired in Canada on Tuesday, April 13th 2021. Netflix's schedule for April 2021 has already been unveiled and there are no signs of Kim’s Convenience season 5. KIM’S CONVENIENCE: THE FINAL SEASON? Yes, Kim’s convenience concluded w/ season 5. The announcement was made in March 2021 and the producers issued a statement to fans: “To our amazing fans: Authenticity of stor
  5. I saw a message that KINGDOM will be leaving (US) Neflix on 4/30. https://www.whats-on-netflix.com/leaving-soon/kingdom-seasons-1-3-leaving-netflix-in-may-2021/ Where will Kingdom stream after it leaves Netflix? Given the show was an AT&T Original on the now-defunct Audience Network, we’re expecting it to fall under WarnerMedias remit and therefore jump over to HBO Max. We don’t have confirmation of this though and will update should we learn more.
  6. and ALL 10 people with 4 numbers....... have a DIFFERENT potential winner number
  7. man, the search function really sucks. When i search for my OWN posts (to find a post I made 6 months ago)...........it never finds it.
  8. 8a. Signup or Update your LinkedIn info/profile This is probably already a given, but needs to be put on the list. And if you're not experienced, go talk to someone that is and have them suggest improvements. 8b. Signup for LinkedIn PREMIUM - the 1st 30 days are free, but after that it's $30/mth. The Premium version will help in the search and will provide Key Search Terms that position is looking for, the # of applicants, est. commute, hiring trends at the company. But the real big benefit to join the PREMIUM version is that you get access the 1,000's of video training courses for F
  9. Wish they would have just been upfront with me from the start or gave me the Amazon option earlier. Also, don't tell me it's shipping tomorrow & then don't ship. This is more about wasting my time more than anything. I did inspect the exterior of the crossover tube, especially where it mal-functions, to make sure the venturi holes weren't clogged. I didn't however, remove the crossover and look inside......but i always keep the grill covered when not in use and normally don't have a problem w insects. One final note: i got on the Weber website for the Spirit II and looked
  10. I see more and more comments about Weber going downhill or slipping in people's eyes. Here's my extreme frustration with Weber & their poor customer service. MAY 2020: Bought a Weber Spirit II E-310......3 burner. One of the reasons i bought it was the Weber reputation and this model has a full 10-yr Warranty if something needs replacing. I'm not much of product review guy or posting complaints about minor things on social media. But, I posted about the purchase in this thread so that others could consider it if they were in the mid-range gas grill market. EARLY JA
  11. Kim's Convenience - 5th season The fifth season is currently airing on CBC, but that's not much help for non-Canadians who depend on Netflix to stream the series. Thankfully, Netflix has been very quick to put up new seasons of Kim's Convenience shortly after they finish airing on CBC, and since Season 5 is already about halfway through airing, fans can expect it to begin streaming pretty soon. Season 5 premiered on Jan. 19, and since the sitcom is expected to run for its full 13 episodes without a hiatus, the season finale will likely air on Tuesday, April 13. In the past, Netflix has pu
  12. Last April, during lockdown we got 5 sets of couples in our neighborhood and we decided to watch VIKINGS from the start. Every week or so, we would decide to watch 5 or 6 episodes and then meet in the backyard of someone in the group (BYOB, BYoChair to keep social distance). Anyways, at some point in time, my wife and i got nominated to lead the group discussion. Since both my wife and i like history and we were already going down rabbit holes, we would assemble & interject some of the real historical facts or what was fiction.....or in most cases, it seems like the writer would bend th
  13. Based on recommendations herein, we also just finished the 3 seasons of KINGDOM. It was pretty good, although i could do without the IV drug use in nearly every episode. I abhor that kind of stuff and literally would walk into the next room until the scene is over. Also, the use of alcohol 🍸per episode is off the charts (blow too). Someone should create a drinking game set to this series (probably not a good idea). I too wish that they would continue the series......i did read that most of the actors approached said that they wanted things to continue. They had so many storylines lef
  14. Put me down as someone who might be interested (depending my schedule). Played a lot 25 yrs ago, but haven't lately.
  15. So, I've lived in Central FL in the same house for the past 20 yrs. And I've always had a pretty good St. Augustine lawn and occasionally would see crabgrass pop up late in the summer (during its usual growth time period). I would try to attack it / remove it and low and behold would see it come back a little the next year.....nothing too out of the norm. Well, 2020 was a bad "lawn year".....the crabgrass was totally out of control this year. I mean it showed much bigger in the usual spots and also reared its head in a bunch of new areas of the lawn. In response to this, i tried som
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