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  1. Good start to a B-side list. I actually heard a new one this past wkend called "Down All the Days" while listening to the U2 Sirius XM channel. Had to look up the story on that as something rang familiar to it, but not quite....once you hear the song, you'll know why.
  2. I'm definitely interested in seeing the list and might be able to contribute (time permitting)......although ranking 200 is a task. Seen them 4 times in concert & was a club member for 1 yr (to get early tix release): 1985 Unforgettable Fire Jax, FL 1987 Joshua Tree Hampton, VA 2009 U2 360 tour (claw stage) Tampa, FL (Muse opened) 2017 30th Anniv of JT Tampa, FL (One Republic opened) I also think B-sides and movie tracks should be included.........while Re-mixes shouldn't (but if the song is already part of the list and there is an interesting re-mix, it could simply be included in the write up paragraph or linked) And I do have almost their entire collection including the last couple of albums (sans: Zooropa or Pop)
  3. Had a similar experience. Daughter #2, who was way more social than D#1, went 4hrs away to the school I graduated from......had a hometown boyfriend. Mrs Nemesis and i thought D#2 would be one who would be out partying....but instead we went thru the same discussions with her. We held our ground that 1st semester......but we visited HER a couple of times as we had partial season tickets for football. It probably took until sometime in NOV when she finally agreed to keep going and stick it out during the spring semester. Wasn't a 100% vote of confidence, but she stayed and it got better. She is now a Senior at same Univ and will graduate in May. (and couple of mths ago mid-summer, she actually begged us to go back to college town 1 month early to "have some fun" before school started.) One of the things that i told both of my D's as we dropped them off at college: "Your college years can be topsy-turvy. One semester you will find yourself with great classes, great professors, great roommates, great social life. And then the next semester could totally different.....you end up with crappy class schedule or a difficult class that you are struggling with, you are feuding with your roommates, you get sick/mono, your bf/gf breaks up with you, your friends are too busy or have found Other new friends where you feel like you are "demoted". Don't kid yourself and expect every semester to be equal or off the charts. You've grown up for 18 yrs at home where almost all of the major decisions such as food clothing shelter, which school, & money mgmt, etc....... had basically been decided for you. You're now in charge of this and I don't expect you to navigate this flawlessly." @PeakAs you probably figured out......Boyfriend tie-in will make it exponentially more difficult. Hopefully it gets better over time..........but the only other thing i would suggest is that you and Mrs Peak give her bite sized expectations when you talk. "Over the next 3 days, you're going to have to tell me of a time where you tried to reach out and meet new people. Successful or unsuccessful......I don't care, but you're going to try." This way, you'll know if she is trying and failing OR just not trying. I think leaving it ambiguous or making blanket stmts like "stick it out" are only going to delay things where you hope that they improve, which is just a roll of the dice.
  4. Ok sounds like you are doing the right things, maybe just give it more time. Have you heard her Purr yet? This is something that I would do with my many foster kittens & it always seemed to work: Pick them up and lay them on their side in front of you. put 1 hand on their side to gently hold them in that position. With the other hand take your thumb or index finger and gently massage their neck & alongside their spine going up & down. Usually it’s an insta-purr in that moment or the next time you do it. Do this enough times & Pretty soon, she will be coming to you & you’ll be getting head butts. GL & keep posting updates on how she is doing.
  5. Cats are territorial & therefore, your kitten might have be having an issue adjusting to the new surroundings. You didn't mention in your post: Are you letting her roam the entire house? or Keeping her in 1 room? It's best to let her get comfortable & confident in 1 room & "own that room" before expanding it to another room. What exactly is she doing? Is she hiding under a bed? Probably a good idea to NOT let her hide under a bed as a kitten as then she will do this as an adult too. Block it off if possible. Also, what's her body language?.....Confident cats walk w their tails in the air. Just pay attention. Do you have other pets? Also, I'd recommend finding out when her natural Nap time is & then holding her or taking a nap with her....it's the fastest/easiest way to build her trust & bond to you. Maybe that will perk her back up.
  6. I had 4 numbers after the 3rd or 4th draw.....been trying to get that 5th number.
  7. First thing......you do need to remember that companies have to pay taxes based on the majority location of where you work from. And some companies are not going to want to file taxes in all 50 different states if they can help it do to the hassle. YOU may not see that......but THEY WILL. Second thing: I posted the following in the WORK FROM HOME thread 1 yr ago: With the pandemic, and more WFH'ers: Have any of you had concerns for the LONG TERM TRENDS that will come out of this pandemic that are Negative? Recently, i listened to a podcast (i think it was McKinsey) and they brought up the topics of: 1-Due to the pandemic, there is a trend where a lot of workers who live in Higher Cost of Living areas have either moved to Lower COL areas or are considering it. A prime example is the tech sector workers that find California is less desirable due to high housing costs and other issues (taxes, homeless, traffic, polictics). Heard that since some of those companies are not requiring some workers to be local, that those workers are moving to adjacent states or cities and the unintended consequences affecting the new locations (such as increased housing cost in those new cities affecting long time residents that can no longer afford it) 2-Will companies eventually start to adjust existing worker salaries based on WHERE you live? "You want to live in Billings, Montana and work remote.........Then, here's the salary we're offering you (or your COL adjustment) since we know you don't have as many costs as some others." 3-Will companies start to seek lower starting salaries on positions since they can recruit and cast a much wider net than before? 4- With remote working more focused on skills/task completion...... Will companies start to de-emphasize some intangibles and move even more toward looking at employees as just a number or interchangeable costs? 5-How will employee training be handled in the future? I would guess we see even more and more remote or online learning available but how will companies react to it for existing EEs and hiring practices? Will age-ism increase as an unintended consequence? I know a lot of the above topics sound like the same thing.......but if you peel back the onion, you'll see that the whole system will change at some point.......and some of it will create some speed bumps ahead
  8. anyone notice that NBC is showing this commercial quite a bit during the Olympics? Go Walter: https://youtu.be/iHTi7PBJLnk
  9. 4th was: The Who You Better You Bet But the 5th: P.H.D - Little Suzy's on the Up............Rock band Tesla covered the song in 1986 under the name "Little Suzi". Tesla released the cover as the second single from their debut album, Mechanical Resonance. The single broke Tesla into the mainstream and was the most successful single from their debut, reaching #91 on the Billboard Hot 100. Learned something new today.
  10. Wait a second........Take a look the Mobi-C ADR The 1st page of the PDF brochure says "The Mobi-C Cervical Disc is the first FDA approved two-level disc" Mobi-C had lower rates of adjacent segment degeneration at 84 months Mobi-C had fewer subsequent surgeries at 84 months But I thought you wrote that your condition involves >2 discs ??? And also that doesn't mean that your doctor is approved to use it or will want to use it....but maybe worth asking.
  11. I think I asked this ? of my surgeon. ADR (artificial disc replacement) is rarely done for multi level fusion surgery…..doesn’t provide enough stability from what I learned. multi levels use front plate & screws
  12. Serious Question: I don’t check the FFA forum as much during Football season. And I also had massive login problems because my phone was set to Dark Mode……but finally got it fixed via desktop. But I don’t want to go thru that again. How will we know when the Dark Mode Returns?
  13. in my company, we call this PTO approach "pretend time off" count me as another one in this thread that has disabled all of my email notifications (sounds/banners etc).....and that's whether i'm vacation mode or regular life mode.
  14. My Current Situation: 5 yrs ago (2018) , i was having all kinds of problems again. Pain Mgmt injections weren't working, chiro wasn't helping. Got Cervical & Thoracic MRIs again.....C4-6 fusion was fine, but neurosurgeon found that I had herniated my C7 & needed another fusion surgery. He said he would leave the existing C4-C6 alone & merely insert this Proposed Spacer for Fusion at the C7 level below. (FYI: 20% of +10yr ACDF patients end up having to have surgery again on the adjacent disc above or below the fusion) While I was in the process of waiting & trying to schedule the surgery, I decided to try a new chiropractor to ease the pain. Went to 1 nearby....nope/didn't help. Decided to go to another recommended chiro......and this guy made a world of difference. He was the only one that was able to adjust me and get me feeling better. I decided to delay the surgery & I focused on developing my upper back muscles via baby steps. Had to work out my back 2x to 3x a week, but it worked. My back got stronger & that held my neck / back in check. Still had flare up every now & then, but now i had the right chiro to fix me when things went wrong. Got 4 yrs using this routine. But, last yr, i injured my shoulder working out & despite taking time off, it wasn't healing. Couldn't work out.....so now my neck/back was starting to have problems. Then, this past January, I felt pressure in my upper right arm (like wearing a constant blood pressure cuff) for a month straight. Wasn't that painful but i knew something was wrong. Went to ortho. Tried to go thru PT but wasn't able to get thru it consistently b/c of my neck. Shoulder MRI was inconclusive. nothing to pinpoint. Went back to PT 5 mths later. Little better results.......but then the arm pressure came back for a couple of days (when my neck was flared up). At this point, i'm convinced that my neck is the primary problem & I'm ready to get the C7 Surgery.......got thru 4+ yrs of dealing with this, but no more. And so, I'm trying to get to the doctor, order MRIs, get MRis, get appts with neuro, get the surgery. Not easy getting these things in a quick like fashion. And now I here some surgeries are being delayed due to the recent COVID spikes so I'm sure that will make things better. Again....sorry for my long story.........but your symptoms sounded a lot like mine.
  15. My story: (I have a C4-6 fusion, currently 52yo, & w/ my C7 is currently herniated 🤬) 23yrs old: 1st injured my neck while trying to slalom water ski.....faceplanted & wrenched my neck. Also was rear-ended at a stop light about that same time. Occasional Chiropractor visits for a # of yrs after that. My 30's: started experiencing DDD in early 30's.....my back/neck would lock up while doing things. Finally found an awesome Pain Mgmt doctor that explained my options in a very understandable way. Tried an epidural, but didn't really help. Then PM Dr suggested doing outpatient RFA injections (see My 2 posts in this FBG thread where i explain). Those worked like a charm & I was personally able to get 1-1.5 yrs of relief each time.....Eventually, the nerve would re-grow & I could go back & get the RFA procedure performed again. Did this for almost 10 yrs. My 40's (FUSION SURGERY): In my early 40's, my DDD in my neck had progressed where the discs had thinned & as a result, the foramen passageways had narrowed so much that the RFAs weren't effective anymore. Neck was getting wrenched tight.....and then started to feel numbness down my left arm into my fingers in 2013. Went to 2 neuro-surgeons & both recommended multi-level fusion surgery (ACDF). At the time, I was 44 & slightly in shock. Usually in those neuro offices, you only have less than 5 minutes to digest what they are telling you, & try to ask an intelligent question or 2 before they are whisked off to the next patient. So, I Had to learn as much as i possibly could about it and recovery. Found and joined a message board site related to all thing spinal. In the cervical MB, they had a post started for each month of the yr entitled like: "SEPT Surgery Buddies - check in here". I posted my story and it also allowed me to read thru others stories, see their concerns. Also went back a mth or 2 to read the posts of the previous mths where they posted their pre-surgery story AND then those same people would give updates post-surgery. This gave me peace of mind of what to expect & helped convince me that I needed to get it done now. So, I had the surgery in 2013 to fuse C4-C6. Spent 2 nights in the hospital. Here's a good Animated ACDF video of the surgery: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ks0tYTzHU9w (if u search make sure you indicate "animated") +1 month Post-op x-ray: https://imgur.com/TCy9o0Y (surgeon didn't use cadaver bone....used a plate, screws, & some kind of "spacer material" instead) Quick hit topics/comments at this point: Nerve Damage: Once you start to feel problems down your extremities, you can't ignore it. Pls act on it. For me, the feeling in my left arm came back all the way, except that the tips of my index finger & thumb are still numb to this day. @shuke I do see that in your case, you have spinal column protrusion, which can be even worse than DDD. Scar: they went in on my lower right side of my neck. They did a good job hiding it ....but I still used Moderma Scar Cream in the wks after & now it's barely perceptible unless I stretch my skin or point it out to people. (BTW: my surgeon doesn't close his patients. He had 2 "closers" & apparently, i got the better of the 2) +1 month Post-op scar photo: https://imgur.com/a/ylty15h curent photo: https://imgur.com/a/amb2NbV Mobility: I was worried about this too. But most of your neck mobility is in your C1/C2.....so having my C4-6 fused has only affected me a little bit. I can easily put my chin to my chest if that gives you some comfort. I'm about 80 degrees when looking L and R. I still go to a chiropractor & he obviously can't adjust my fusion area, but I do need adjmts above/below and my mid-back. He has other fusion patients & is amazed at how much movement i can get knowing how much is fused. I attribute that to daily stretching after my surgery. For me, I found that using an Iron Gym Pull Up Bar & simply hanging from it for 1-10 secs a day stretched my neck/back (let gravity do the work.....no twisting). Many times, I would hear my neck or back pop back into alignment right there or the disc tension release. Mobility Part 2: I was already in my 40's when i had the surgery, but i had to stop playing golf. I can still swing a club....but a full round is too much torque on my spine & just a matter of time (not smart). Workouts/Weight training: You won't be able to do some workouts like before & anything over your head should be severely restricted to a lower weight. But take it from me, i didn't pay enough attention on my upper back muscles for years.....for fear that it would it cause more pain. And they atrophied to the point that my back/neck started hurting again (I have herniated my C7). But a couple of yrs ago, I decided to literally go back to the start and very slowly re-emphasize things like Lat-pull down, etc to strengthen the tiny muscles in my lower neck/upper back. Took awhile, but it staved off my next surgery for a couple of yrs. Sleep: Used to sleep on my back & side. After the surgery, i found that i could only sleep on my back. Side sleeping would have me wake up in so much pain from the tension & strain all night. Since the surgery I have found that I am extremely focused on my sleep posture & getting my 1 pillow that works. Other: Yrs in the making, i also have these various things at my disposal to prevent or relieve pain: Lidocaine Patches & Bio-freeze: for pain relief E-Stem machine & Massage Gun to relax the muscles Thera-cane self trigger point Massager Gabapentin (this is a nerve blocker Rx to calm nerves. Like it better than taking Rx Pain meds) Inversion table Foam roller & stuffed 2 tennis balls in a sock (to put on the floor) Graston Technique Tool / Guasha Tool (this thing helps to relieve muscle tension) (at one point, i did have a neck traction device right before the surgery, but can't use it now) Airports: Maybe the OP was just joking, but my neck has never set off the TSA scanner. It's a titanium plate & screws. I did have my Dr provide enough info to my employer. This allowed me to get a better chair at work & I can get upgraded on flights > 3 hrs. Sorry for the long post. Hope this helps in any way. AMA if you need to.
  16. we kept the kittens in my daughter's room w the door closed the entire 6 wks as their home base & would visit them there. On occasion, we would bring the kittens out & let them roam in the family rm & use cardboard to make a wall to keep them in that room......OR we would hold them & walk to another room & watch TV & then return them to their home base. We didn't feel comfortable Fully Integrating them & letting them have full roam of the house. Cats & Kittens can be territorial..........& that means fights, anxiety, & leaving territorial "deposits" on the carpet/floors (if you know what i mean). We have 3 cats: Cat 1: 5 yrs old.........she was terrified of the little ones. would run & hide when she saw them. Cat 2: 9 yrs old.........he was jealous. would see them and literally whine out loud. would also get mad us if he could smell their scent and would lash out at us. Cat 3: 15 yrs old......she would walk around among them when they were allowed out. She didn't care to play with them & would hiss at them if the kittens got too close, but all she wanted was to sleep in her usual spot & bel left alone. Just giving you our experiences.....maybe you will have different ones.
  17. @El Floppo Good to see that they are in "quarantine". A couple of words of advice.........i see where you said you have cats of your own. 1-Pls make sure to wash your hands every time you go visit them for the 1st couple of wks. This is to protect the cats that you have as you don't know what outside ailments those kittens have brought in and you don't want to be the cause of transmitting it to your existing loved ones. Plus, the existing cats will smell them and will know that they are in the house.....you don't need to elevate the problem. (1 of my cats who I am "his human" gets VERY JEALOUS. He hisses at me, which isn't normally in his personality, but we have to watch him and leave him be.) 2-Clean the kittens ears regularly for the 1st couple of wks. Try a little rubbing alcohol or olive oil on a cottonball.....or on a Q-tip if that is needed. Foster kittens can carry ear mites and with just a little care, it's easy to get rid of them. 3-Rub / massage their feet often. Get them used to people touching their toes. We did this and then it makes it easier to cut their little needle claws.......unless you like having razor cuts all over your body. 4-Every set of foster kittens that we had needed SOME kind of medicine.....usually it was because they had couple days of Diarrhea and their immature digestive tract. When 1 kitten gets a problem, then the others will soon too. Got Pyrantel medicine from the Foster Group and gave it to them for a couple of days and then they were good after that. But good luck.....keep posting. LMK if u have questions.
  18. UPDATE: Jessie (white girl kitten) got adopted on TUES by a woman with another cat. So, on WED I went up to the Petsmart to visit Woody (mustache boy kitten) and if he was still there, I was determined to "bust him out of his jail cell" and bring him home.....for at least the night. And much to my surprise, they said he got adopted on WED earlier in the day. I'll admit.......I was glad and a little bummed at the same time.
  19. @Nathan R. Jessep the Black one is $120…..but the Silver one is showing as $100 when I bought my percussion massage gun 1.5 yrs ago I paid something like $150 so they’re coming down in price
  20. Thanks for the pizza suggestion…will give it a try. surprisingly Aldi has some good mangoes & avocados in season right now (at least near me)
  21. I figure most people pick a kitten by looks at a place where they get to spend only 15 mins to decide about adding a long term addition to their family. fostering a trio of kittens let’s you see the real personalities over a period of weeks & pick the most suited one for your family Hope you do it. LMK if you have any questions
  22. I'm not a doctor either, but I went thru a bunch of yrs dealing with this and luckily happened upon a great Pain Mgmt doctor that was excellent at explaining things to his patients. It gave me the confidence to go thru the un-nerving process (pun intended) of trying to get relief. Once you start to understand the "science" of the procedures, then you can recognize & give better feedback to your doctors. Eventually, the aging process takes over and discs thin out.......which makes things worse as space for nerves gets impeded. What you might be calling "nerve block".......might actually be called a Medial Branch Block. it Suppresses the nerve from sending pain signals to the brain. https://www.spine-health.com/treatment/injections/facet-joint-injections-and-medial-branch-blocks (i've had a Medial Branch block before.......but not many)
  23. In general, we don't buy any produce from Aldi as others have mentioned it is very hit or miss (mostly miss) But they do have great snacks (especially Mixed Nuts) and we get their Ahi tuna. Will have to try the scallops and salmon that was suggested.
  24. Allow me to also chime in here regarding Injections. I have a 4 level fusion in my neck, but I've had nearly 50 different injections in my neck, mid-back, and Lower back.......all performed by an awesome Pain Mgmt doctor. Epidurals involve injecting anti-inflammatory medication in the “general area” & is often just temporary. If it fixes the issue, great. If not, then maybe it works for a couple of days (which is feedback that should be told to the doctor that they are in the right area, but need a slightly more advanced approach). If the injection had no affect, then inflamation wasn't the cause of the pain. I've had epidurals performed in a Dr. office visit on a SI issue w/ success. Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) I've personally have had the RFA many times w/ successful outcomes, but I would bet that a lot of people don't even know about this procedure. It’s an outpatient procedure & it’s basically making the affected nerve “smaller” by burning a tiny outside layer of it so that it isn’t pinched anymore. It's done under a fluoroscopy machine (real-time xray) and the patient can elect to do it with IV sedation or just local. RFA reduces the size of the nerve in the foramen…..while an epidural just shoots anti-inflammatory medication in the “general area” & is often just temporary. The nerve layers will slowly grow back but you can re-do the procedure again at that point. (i was lucky to get 14-16 mths of relief which is longer than normal) Note that RFA won’t reverse nerve damage, but RFA could relieve the muscle tension if nerves don’t have enough room in the foramen. https://www.webmd.com/arthritis/radiofrequency-ablation https://www.spine-health.com/.../lumbar-radiofrequency... Here’s a better explanation w animated video. @Chemical X You mentioned you are having an Xray guided injection this Friday......I wonder if you are having an RFA.
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