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  1. The numbers do matter but keep in mind they also had a pretty conservative game managing approach with Bridgewater for a long stretch of this season. Brees has also played against ATL twice, Jax, TB, Arizona, and Houston. Not exactly a gauntlet in respect to defenses this year. Brees isn't afraid to go gunslinger at times and he gets picked. He's had 15 or more INTs in a year 9 times in his career. I can't imagine that being conservative wins either team this game. A game that both teams desperately need for playoff positioning. Last week I played a marginal defense (Philly) in a must win
  2. I've been seeing the same thing and I think it's really underselling just how good this defense is. Brees isn't playing great ball and they are vulnerable. As far as I'm concerned, SF is a top 10 defense every single week outside of playing Baltimore right now. I did bench them last week but I won't do it again.
  3. Wow I didn't see that and yes I completely agree with your take. Last hurrah time for Eli and they will play for him. Not touching that. SF come hell or high water.
  4. Bitter SF D @ Baltimore owner who picked up Philly last week who promptly got curb stomped by Miami with 37 WTF pts against. Now SF is @ NO again not ideal but... Philly is home on MNF vs NYG. Anyone else debating this or a comparable SF sub? Brees hasn't been stellar.
  5. Oh no doubt, she clinged to that board like she had an insurance policy on Jack that would have payed for the boat.
  6. I've held him much like how Rose held Jack in the Titanic. I look at that schedule and drool but I keep sitting in the water freezing to death. Meanwhile that chick is babbling "She'll never let go" but she let's go anyway. I think I'm Rose in this scenario.
  7. I really don't see the Lions doing anything unless they ante up for a pass rusher. With the win this weekend, they won't sell anyone or a mutiny will occur and they know it. The Diggs situation was exactly that, a situation and not a statement of their current playoff status.
  8. It may not have been $$ they were trying to free up but draft pick ammo. Perhaps a 5th would and should be all they need.
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking. There must be another move coming. There is no way they gave him up to improve a garbage pick to a slightly less worthless pick. Drake makes sense. They can't be giving up on the season yet with the schedule getting a whole lot easier here.
  10. Dumped Baltimore and grabbed NO. I believe Winston turns back into a turnover pumpkin this week and I just might ride that schedule to the bye as u mention. @ Jax @ Chicago Arizona
  11. To come within one 4th & 8 play to knocking off an undefeated Super Bowl favorite is quite a big deal to me. This was a plant your flag game to the NFC North. If a loss could ever feel like a win, this was it.
  12. Thanks but I'm not that type of fan. I just watch a lot of football and see a lot of things to like with this team. It's hardly a finished product but...
  13. Normally I would completely agree, however: Philly injuries -- Top two WRs and TE1B are out for a team trying to run two TE sets What we do well at the moment (passing) is what Philly is not doing well on defense (31st) Our OC is a significant upgrade sans the timeout call for the perfect play he called which would have led to a fairly dominant road win in AZ If Philly can't pass effectively their RB situation is far from figured out at this point. Their rookie is playing like a rookie who's not quite ready I think if the Lion's special teams can get their #&@!
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