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  1. I understand it on first blush but there are plenty of RZ looks from Brady to TEs in the redzone. Even with Gronk, he still may be a viable bye week fill in at times.
  2. The numbers do matter but keep in mind they also had a pretty conservative game managing approach with Bridgewater for a long stretch of this season. Brees has also played against ATL twice, Jax, TB, Arizona, and Houston. Not exactly a gauntlet in respect to defenses this year. Brees isn't afraid to go gunslinger at times and he gets picked. He's had 15 or more INTs in a year 9 times in his career. I can't imagine that being conservative wins either team this game. A game that both teams desperately need for playoff positioning. Last week I played a marginal defense (Philly) in a must win game for them against the team (Miami) giving up the most DST points per week. This is a no doubter 5-10+ matchup right?Miami scores 37 points and Philly scores 1 pt Moral of the story for me. I'm playing the great defense in a huge game. No regrets. If I play a marginal defense again in a "great" matchup and that goes south again, I will regret that and beat myself up for not trusting the talented team to prevail, or at the very least, not to completely sh!t the bed.
  3. I've been seeing the same thing and I think it's really underselling just how good this defense is. Brees isn't playing great ball and they are vulnerable. As far as I'm concerned, SF is a top 10 defense every single week outside of playing Baltimore right now. I did bench them last week but I won't do it again.
  4. Lambo 2.4 FGs per game with Minshew 1.0 FGs per with Foles SD @ Oak @ ATL Not a bad schedule either. Don't shoot the messenger if I'm wrong but I'm rolling with him.
  5. Wow I didn't see that and yes I completely agree with your take. Last hurrah time for Eli and they will play for him. Not touching that. SF come hell or high water.
  6. Bitter SF D @ Baltimore owner who picked up Philly last week who promptly got curb stomped by Miami with 37 WTF pts against. Now SF is @ NO again not ideal but... Philly is home on MNF vs NYG. Anyone else debating this or a comparable SF sub? Brees hasn't been stellar.
  7. Here's a pretty good weather link specific to games. https://rotogrinders.com/weather/nfl
  8. Oh no doubt, she clinged to that board like she had an insurance policy on Jack that would have payed for the boat.
  9. Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny, consume you it will.
  10. Without a doubt, but the track of the low pressure is the key when it comes to those winds. A couple of models may show it smack dab over NY on Sunday and that's trouble meanwhile another model this far out shows it over Nova Scotia or Maryland. It can widely vary at this point in time. Alls I'm cautioning is don't make a rash decision based upon the info. we have right now. It's only a suggestion as to what could be.
  11. It's important to watch out for the weather this weekend. However, I'm a long time weather hobbyist, storm chaser and spotter for the National Weather Service and it's just too far out at this point to worry about any particular matchup or make any decisions. All the information (forecasts) provided are based upon a confluence of model data and it literally changes by the hour. I wouldn't pay it much mind until about Saturday evening.
  12. Not trying to be a smart a$$ but Vinatieri and Matt Bryant were also pretty good in 2018. My recollection this year is that Fairbairn has been a bit shaky. Wondering if owners had a little more info.
  13. Ok yeah I remember good things in 2018 but fast forward to now...
  14. I've held him much like how Rose held Jack in the Titanic. I look at that schedule and drool but I keep sitting in the water freezing to death. Meanwhile that chick is babbling "She'll never let go" but she let's go anyway. I think I'm Rose in this scenario.
  15. Dropped Slye for Lambo but weather concerns and general uneasiness of their offense has me getting cold feet here. Anyone have any insight on Fairbairn? The NE matchup indoors doesn't scare me as much as it should.
  16. Did all 9 lives finally expire? The further you go into a season the less tolerant any coach is going to be with playoffs on the line. I think he continues to start in a timeshare now but it could be completely over if he fumbles again in the next couple of weeks. I have dropped and picked up Penny twice already and now I probably won't get him when I need him.
  17. Forgive me if this has been mentioned in here but he's newly acquired for this week only and has anyone noticed he hasn't thrown a road TD yet? TB should cure that but we are talking 4 games. Yikes
  18. Plausible but I could also see Belicheck stacking the line and trusting his stud secondary in man to man coverage daring them to beat them with LJ's arm. Yikes. I think I just benched Ingram
  19. Yeah I wouldn't go with those options. I have Hyde vs Jax and while I'm not expecting big #s here either, I don't see him him getting game scripted out and should have about a 50/50 shot at a TD at least.
  20. On the surface, this looks like a pretty dicey play vs NE. However, Baltimore is at home and NE is somewhat vulnerable to the run (Chubb 131, Gore 109, Bell 70). Game script scares the $#&! out of me here though. If Baltimore gets off to a good start we should be good here but if they. fall behind early....
  21. Nick Folk to New England. Perhaps I'm not as interested.
  22. LOL @ rotoworld for posting updates about players stating they did not get traded. Proof positive to what a snore it turned out to be.
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