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  1. "Green was the Bengals' best player on Sunday according to Pro Football Focus. He finished with an 86.9 overall grade, which was by far his best of the season." Green says he felt the best he has felt all season and feels like his younger self.
  2. Just out of curiosity, what do you mean by limited? He looks pretty close to the same guy we saw 2 years ago. Was not having good chemistry and seems to be in his head are the main reasons for his struggles early on in my book. Not that he was ever a separator but his yards per seperation are higher now than they were 2 years ago.
  3. I am curious what happens. Logically, Perine should get a ton of work but he has Gase in the way. I am forced to start him this week so I am hoping for the best case scenario.
  4. Different player this year. Looked better in camp and is looking better than last year. I am shaking in my boots if I have Gurley on my team.
  5. Hopefully he didnt re-aggravated it. My main concern is that, but it seems like he still feeling off. Hopefully by missing week 1 he will be good to go rest of the season.
  6. Whoever made the Josh Gordon/Vince McMahon gif should make an Antonio Gibson one, ending with the news of AP getting released.
  7. I say XFL bound in some capacity. His dad is the commish.
  8. Diontae Johnson from Juju... Jk, but wow the Big Ben injury is causing Juju to be a WR2 if that.
  9. He is on pace for 2000 total yards!!! But also on pace for 0 touchdowns!!
  10. Just bench him next game and we will benefit by having him in our lineups. This is a different year. Each game he is scoring more points. All that talk about him getting in shape and getting his life in order were for real.
  11. Yeah I take that as he is not demonstrating he can handle catching the ball as opposed to, "Let's get him involved in the pass game." But it is weird because he has not had much opportunity to catch the ball. Gruden is more confusing than a crazy hot girl.
  12. He's gotta be dominating practice right now!
  13. So Chicago has a satellite office. Supposedly he's been in Chicago. We are approaching the stretch run till his reinstatement???
  14. It's also cool how he and another Josh (Hamilton) have similar stories. Hopefully Gordon ends up dominating like Hamilton did in baseball.
  15. Did he never leave rehab except that one day when he was in Cleveland? I thought he left on the 21st. I read somewhere on Twitter that he wanted to complete rehab after 110 days and then reapply. If this is true, and he never left rehab, it would make sense especially with the video coming out. If September 21 marked 90 days, we are approaching 110 days. I also read that he would be suspended for the four games after being reinstated. At this point he's probably not worth rostering, however it's hard to not root for him (after seeing the video especially) and stash him for the hell of it. Lebron and Maverick Carter are backing up Gordon which I'm sure the NFL likes. I think I would err on the side of Gordon getting reinstated. I'm not sure if he will be able to help our teams with all factors considered. However, it will be nice to see him get another shot.
  16. Why can't Monty move to full time WR? Cobb and Nelson are always banged up.
  17. The Giants sure can use him! Come on Goodell, just reinstate him without Gordon applying. Your New York team needs some help!
  18. Ugh I was so close to playing him over Abdullah. I just hope Monty is out next week so I can play Jones.
  19. Supposedly there's a press conference that Brown's will hold soon. Maybe we'll get a Gordon update
  20. Would be nice if we hear the good news soon since we have 402 pages. To a dyslexic person it may look like 420.
  21. Found the rumor: https://www.reddit.com/r/Browns/comments/73rfs5/josh_gordon_is_in_cleveland_xpost_from/
  22. Did he snapchat that? That hotel is less than a mile from the stadium.
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