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  1. I'm quantity guy for box cutters, sunglasses, thermometers, tape measure, power cords and bandaids. They don't go bad, take up little space, and I get salty if I can't find one.
  2. His HR is jacked up all the way to 82 on these. Of course it's not easy.
  3. If better is doing a skills course than I'd say 30 to 35. If better is accident avoidance than I'd say 35 to 45 (or becoming a parent)
  4. Incredible performance @Juxtatarot! Congrats on the course record for prime time males. That is amazing!
  5. Spread Eagle gian'd is my favorite metal band.
  6. Alright then. Good luck @Juxtatarot! What's your starting time? Probably smart move @tri-man 47, but a bummer nonetheless.
  7. Did we land on who's doing the HM tomorrow?
  8. Most months of the year, I prefer wearing socks at home and those Oofos are not very good with socks. July will be here soon though!
  9. Didn't they just discover a link between essential oils and seizures?
  10. Great job @El Floppo!! First loser!
  11. Tibia. My arch-nemesis. Good luck with the recovery GB!
  12. It's not that I'm naive to other methods. I can get some charcoal coals to light no problem. It's just been highly variable on the amount of time needed to get enough lit where I can close the lid and maintain temp. The chimney solves this for me and costs like 40 cents to use a starter cube.
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