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  1. would love to get there. Just never had a business reason to travel there, nor is it a state that I would typically drive through.
  2. I want to like Wyoming more but I've been to Cheyenne.
  3. I've been to 46 states. Here's my top 10 California Washington Colorado Michigan Hawaii Utah Arizona North Carolina New York Massachusetts I prioritize outdoor landscapes, beer and good food. (haven't been to Oregon)
  4. As someone who recently went through this change, I think the naming of all of these things suck. Clipless pedals actually clip you in. The leading platforms are SPD or SPD-SL. So stupid. Once I bought the pedals and shoes, the install is easy and intuitive if you've ever used a wrench or hex key.
  5. KITT : Knight industries Two Thousand
  6. Great job @gruecd! I did 10 push ups yesterday. Only noteworthy because my frozen shoulder has prevented me from doing any for the past 14 months and PT has finally progressed enough that I can do one. Hoping to do some golf and volleyball this summer.
  7. I've been to every donut place in Chicago - I go with Firecakes, though doughnut vault is great shtick to experience once. At Green Street meats, got to get the ribs and the corn elotes side. I'm usually not high on rubs, but green streets' is magical.
  8. In Chicago, I've enjoyed Chicago Culinary Kitchen, Smoque and Green Street Meats. Chicago culinary kitchen is near me and has lines every weekend. It was started by a friend of a friend who just subscribed to the school of YouTube with a passion for good BBQ. Made it look easy.
  9. All I can picture is the movie Ted when they meet Sam Jones
  10. Oh Yeah by Yello gets two very 80s-ish movies - Ferris Bueller and Secret of My Success.
  11. I would go with something that relies on synthesizer sound like Human League as someone mentioned or Pop Muzic by M. Not saying these are great songs but really hard to imagine them being made in any other decade.
  12. I would have yelled at them 'Hey girls, those are decorative trees' And then wait for them to laugh at me.
  13. Bradford pear trees will provide your yard with a manly scent.
  14. Brood XIII is just chomping at the bit for 2024. I think my tiny dog will put on 15 pounds that summer.
  15. Same date for my 2nd. I'm planning on not running that week.
  16. My kids used our playset for nearly 10 years. If I had known how much they were going to use it, I would have upgraded ours, but these things are tough to predict.
  17. Yum http://imgur.com/gallery/3Csoi4G Just enough for ruebens today
  18. Mmmm. Pastrami day. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Rpx6VMD
  19. Look, we're all proud that you ran a marathon on a brand new knee and with a recent vaccine shot, but we're overlooking your real handicap and true triumph over adversity: listening to Meatloaf.
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