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  1. I'm quantity guy for box cutters, sunglasses, thermometers, tape measure, power cords and bandaids. They don't go bad, take up little space, and I get salty if I can't find one.
  2. His HR is jacked up all the way to 82 on these. Of course it's not easy.
  3. If better is doing a skills course than I'd say 30 to 35. If better is accident avoidance than I'd say 35 to 45 (or becoming a parent)
  4. Incredible performance @Juxtatarot! Congrats on the course record for prime time males. That is amazing!
  5. Spread Eagle gian'd is my favorite metal band.
  6. Alright then. Good luck @Juxtatarot! What's your starting time? Probably smart move @tri-man 47, but a bummer nonetheless.
  7. Did we land on who's doing the HM tomorrow?
  8. Most months of the year, I prefer wearing socks at home and those Oofos are not very good with socks. July will be here soon though!
  9. Didn't they just discover a link between essential oils and seizures?
  10. Great job @El Floppo!! First loser!
  11. Tibia. My arch-nemesis. Good luck with the recovery GB!
  12. It's not that I'm naive to other methods. I can get some charcoal coals to light no problem. It's just been highly variable on the amount of time needed to get enough lit where I can close the lid and maintain temp. The chimney solves this for me and costs like 40 cents to use a starter cube.
  13. On that LG K24- the only drawback I've had is that it is very finicky when trying to hold temps in the 200 to 250 range. I have a Flame Boss that controls the temp, and even with that, if I have the top vent 1/4" open, it runs over hot. If I tighten the top vent back to ~1 mm, it might not stay hot even with fan at full blast. On the scale of 1 2 3 that is labeled on the top vent, I'm usually around 0.1. It's a tight margin for error.
  14. I have a very similar kamado to the LG 24. I've tried using blow torch to light my charcoal and it still takes a long time to get going. I've gone back to using the Chimney to get charcoal going and I just prefer the consistency with that method. I strongly recommend an ash rake tool with pan to collect the ash. Once you use the smoker, you'll understand why.
  15. would love to get there. Just never had a business reason to travel there, nor is it a state that I would typically drive through.
  16. I want to like Wyoming more but I've been to Cheyenne.
  17. I've been to 46 states. Here's my top 10 California Washington Colorado Michigan Hawaii Utah Arizona North Carolina New York Massachusetts I prioritize outdoor landscapes, beer and good food. (haven't been to Oregon)
  18. As someone who recently went through this change, I think the naming of all of these things suck. Clipless pedals actually clip you in. The leading platforms are SPD or SPD-SL. So stupid. Once I bought the pedals and shoes, the install is easy and intuitive if you've ever used a wrench or hex key.
  19. KITT : Knight industries Two Thousand
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