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  1. Oh Yeah by Yello gets two very 80s-ish movies - Ferris Bueller and Secret of My Success.
  2. I would go with something that relies on synthesizer sound like Human League as someone mentioned or Pop Muzic by M. Not saying these are great songs but really hard to imagine them being made in any other decade.
  3. I would have yelled at them 'Hey girls, those are decorative trees' And then wait for them to laugh at me.
  4. Bradford pear trees will provide your yard with a manly scent.
  5. Brood XIII is just chomping at the bit for 2024. I think my tiny dog will put on 15 pounds that summer.
  6. Same date for my 2nd. I'm planning on not running that week.
  7. My kids used our playset for nearly 10 years. If I had known how much they were going to use it, I would have upgraded ours, but these things are tough to predict.
  8. Yum http://imgur.com/gallery/3Csoi4G Just enough for ruebens today
  9. Mmmm. Pastrami day. https://m.imgur.com/gallery/Rpx6VMD
  10. Look, we're all proud that you ran a marathon on a brand new knee and with a recent vaccine shot, but we're overlooking your real handicap and true triumph over adversity: listening to Meatloaf.
  11. I'm viewing this on a new phone and the font is small. I thought you went to St Louis. I was wondering what resort you went to and why people were on the side of the superintendent.
  12. I know the term BMF gets thrown out frequently here, but that was a BMF run
  13. Been really happy with my Panang Curry Chicken 1 onion 1 tbs minced garlic 1 or 2 bell pepper of whatever color Panang Curry Paste. I use this 1 can coconut milk 1 1/2 to 3 chicken breasts. For big boneless, I go with 2 1 big spoonful peanut butter 1 or 2 tbs brown sugar recommended adds: couple glugs of fish sauce, grated fresh ginger, thai basil chopped. Cut onion and get cooking in pan with oil at medium heat. Add garlic after a few minutes. Clear out space in the middle Drop in curry paste to center of pan. Let that sit for about a minut
  14. I recd a new debit card last April and to activate it, you just need to use it... Still hasn't happened yet.
  15. Just finished doing homemade bacon. I think the 7 day cure makes it sound difficult, but it's really incredibly easy. I followed this recipe from Jess Pryles. The only challenging part (for me) is keeping that smoker less than 225, but I lucked out and things steadied right at 205 from the get go. I had to add curing salt to my arsenal, but that was easy thx to Amazon. I split a 10# pork belly from Costco into 3 gallon ziplocks and I think I'll be doing bacon for each (used 1 of the 3 for batch #1). Next time I'll go with maple flavor. Anyone have other successes, failures with this?
  16. damn. It's a colonoscopy, not a drivers license. You don't have to get that the exact moment you turn 50.
  17. sheez. Once I'm exercising, the pipes on the lower south side just shut down. Must suck to be in your zone and have to deal with the threat of bears
  18. Nothing says I Love You like a Valentine's Day shovel.
  19. I learned the hard way that people who haven't cleared the recent snow are the same ones that probably didn't clear the last snowfall which has now turned to ice.
  20. I rented neoprene shoes and socks and didn't have any regrets. The pick up and return wasn't too bad as there is a place right by entrance to Zion. They do make you watch a video, but it's like 10 minutes. For my first time, I didn't find it too botheersome.
  21. I'm real proud about Brown, but you need to talk to him about Gilroy. (Sorry - Varsity Blues quote that I'll have to wait for another 20 years to use)
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