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  1. Good luck! If you are in the delivery room, always remind everyone there that you contributed to the baby too.
  2. Not worried about the initial cook. I'm just gonna put them on the indirect side of gas grill and keep temperature probe in the meat. (plus I don't have sous vide setup). I just need to McGyver a grill surface to put atop the chimney. Baking cooling rack?
  3. doing some prime ribeyes for Christmas. Since I'll probably be hammered by dinnertime, I was planning on keeping the cook simple, but this has me thinking now. If I was smart, I'd wait for another occasion to try this.
  4. It's a small thing, but I find it telling when one person in the final couple decides to rush to the final mat without the other. Give you one guess who sprinted onto the mat this season.
  5. #3. Act like wherever you are - that’s the place to be. Isn't this great? - Mike Damone
  6. My Halloween doctor costume should hopefully be here next week. Current situation is a Fisher Price stethoscope and sexy nurse outfit. Probably not going to cut it.
  7. Hey, comparing weather forecasts for 5AM is cool. chicks love this stuff.
  8. I was expecting a paragraph or two on the Oofos sandals. Disappointing. Quite a whirlwind of a running year for you (and that's saying something). Sucks about the Mesa marathon for 2021, but I suspect that you're far enough into your running journey to not being totally crushed but a race cancellation. At least I hope so. Thanks for keeping this thread lively all year. I still like checking in here.
  9. Rough 2020 GB. Here's hoping your 2021 is productive in your milestone year!
  10. Thought it was weird until I discovered how common it is in other parts of the world with pretty good outcomes.
  11. Yep. I've seen the garden variety on shelves along with Surly Darkness and KBS. Nice that there are now lots of options out there
  12. While a lot of people do this, mounting a bike on the handlebars is really rough on a phones innards such as camera lens. Pocket is preferable. Bag is probably OK too
  13. Yes and yes. She's the epitome of Type A personality. The boyfriends are cringey to watch. I'm pulling for the volleyball buds.
  14. Hit 2000 miles and 200 hours year to date today. No goal on this in mind, just a simple milestone, but happy to have many more hours than any other year. I've (wrongly) assumed that if my legs could handle outdoor biking at x miles per week, then no changes would be needed for indoor biking at the same volumes. Got the roller out last night and found lots and lots of trouble spots. Yowza. Need to get more stretching and rolling in the mix.
  15. This season needs a team to hate in the finals. All of the final four teams are nice and play well together. It makes me want to puke.
  16. Juxt - sounds like a pretty good year considering covid and injuries. No specific races to anchor on, but those impromptu progression runs can be be really fulfilling. Hope that your health continues into 2021 and you can begin to #### things up in 50-54 AG once races open up.
  17. same. I got scolded for cooking a frozen burrito in the microwave. 20 seconds into cooking it. She was upstairs in her bedroom.
  18. Granted I've only done one scope, but I wound up drinking a gallon of prep the day before per the instructions. Your drink quantity seemed really low.
  19. You sonofa! I did this for T'Giving and I bought a pre-basted turkey breast, so I didn't bother with any salt anyways; just the coarse pepper. Visually, it was the best turkey I've prepared once plated (didn't get a decent picture though). We didn't miss the skin at all. I neglected to pour the remaining butter from the foil unto the plated meat. It tasted great, but I forget how quickly breast meat dries out. Next time, I will go for natural full bird to get some dark meat. I would go with skin off again.
  20. One of my earliest memories... Through perfect attendance in grade school, we earned nose bleed seats at Comiskey Park to see the White Sox battle whatever AL scrubs that weren't going to sell out. Any way, as a lily white suburban 2nd grader, I will forever remember the big guy behind me yelling "Get Richie Allen!! Get that MF!!" all game.
  21. Ever since college, I've been a moderate drinker. It's only been in the last couple of years where my body seems to crave it late afternoon especially when I'm off work for long stretches. I can see where that can go bad. It has not taken much willpower to resist those cravings. So not worried, fully recognizing that my body may be healthier without it, but I'm not sure I'd be happier.
  22. The Trek bike I ordered back in August for my daughter, that was due in early October, just arrived at my local bike shop.
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