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  1. My dad likes circus peanuts, Peeps, ginger snaps, butter pecan ice cream and a host of other unpopular stuff. Not sure if he has bad taste, or it is a genius move to embrace what others reject so as to always have a treat when all of the 'good stuff' is gone. (big family problems)
  2. I feel like I aged 10 years upon hearing this. RIP. I read their band bio (Van Halen Rising) not too long ago. Seemed like a really good guy.
  3. Glad you checked in and it's crazy to hear that you aren't at 100% given your output on the bike. You are a constant source of inspiration (and personal disappointment ) when I check my Strava feed. After a long weekend ride, I look at my feed and see that you usually had double the miles and probably double the speed. Then I remember that you also smoked me in running too, so I humbly go back to looking at my personal progress and all is good.
  4. Missed that news on Toots as well. That stings. Great tunes by them
  5. Just finished watching seasons 1 and 2. Great stuff.
  6. If you look back at past winners, there is a pattern of staying out of the fray and not being bold (avoid 'blood on your hands'). So anyone really trying to win is going to avoid confrontation. This was Ian's explicit strategy in fact. Almost by definition, All Stars makes for a boring season. Now that Dani is out, I can enjoy this season again. I don't have a favorite; I just didn't want her to win.
  7. Can't he just inject some bleach and make it go away?
  8. Him being a hypocrite like that is dumb. But 2 months from now when he watches this season, he'll be happy he took the $10K. He had no shot to win.
  9. I like my steaks on the rare side, but 115? Damn. Looks great btw.
  10. One thing to consider that was brought up earlier is, if you want to do zwift, it's advantageous to get a smart trainer. You're probably familiar with this, but a smart trainer means that the Zwift app/game sends a signal to the trainer to increase resistance on uphills and decrease on downhills. It's more interactive. You can still use other trainers with Zwift such as the NordicTrack, but resistance stays constant (or manually adjusted) and it's a more static experience. I went with the Wahoo Kickr Snap - will go live with it in a few weeks. While I don't have direct experience, the
  11. Not hanging indoors with friends nor family. Have relaxed a lot of the food sharing concerns that were there in April & May. Colder weather will be tough no doubt, but will have to be smart about ventilation.
  12. I know many outdoorsy people complain about this, but I like to see this. In an era where many complain about people spending too much time on laptops and phones, it's a good sign to see many reconnect with the outdoors.
  13. When we were playing wiffle ball as a kid, my older brother would arbitrarily change the rules on what was a foul ball. In other words, he would cheat. He knew it was a #### move. Everyone playing knew it was #### move and yet he continued to do so. I ####ing hated playing wiffle ball with my brother.
  14. Yeah, surprised he admits some of that stuff. I don't listen to the pod in the summer, but I do like having the Cousin Sal episodes back.
  15. thanks for everyone's feedback. I'll look into these. Good stuff!
  16. Thanks. Everytime I go to the screenshots, examples for these types of solutions, I never encounter anything that resembles what I'm looking for. Is the learning curve high to create something like I want?
  17. This is tangential to Excel and I'm looking for any solution that can help me with this: I have a list of 100+ cases/projects for work. These are currently in Excel and new cases get added each day. We have multiple people working on each case and I'd like some place to capture the notes on each case as people work on this, such as Case 245: Sept 16th 3PM Jane - "I just started working on this." Sept 16th 5:04PM Bill - "Did you hear about the story on CNN that might affect case 245 and 257?" I want to be able to quickly view the notes for each case and maintain t
  18. A magician. I overheard this girl in Vegas say she makes $100 a trick.
  19. Thanks Floppo - I'll eventually get some of this. Part of this stubbornness is philosophy that you don't have to spend a lot $ to enjoy an activity; part of this is genuine belief that some bikers look pretty stupid in their get-ups. I never was into conventional "I'm a runner" look either for what it's worth. RE: Medical route - yep. Only potential option is to fuse the tibio-fibular joint which is likely going to cause issues at the ankle because of loss of flexibility.
  20. Some random updates on my training: You may recall that I shut things down to zero activity during May and June. I packed on my COVID 19 on the scales wallowing in my injury and quarantine limitations. So, when I started cycling at the start of July it was nice just to be doing something and I continue to have appreciation for any activity I can do. Since July, I've been pretty regular about bumping up the mileage and I've also added in the elliptical which is good to be able to cross train and have something for rainy days. Calf/knee injury wise - the bad news is that I'm still p
  21. Tyler's thought process was pretty dumb: The HOH thinks I'm in final two with me, but I'm going to go the HOH anyway to use the POV to replace a nom with the HOH's ally. NFW any player should go for that deal if they are HOH. If Tyler had won POV or if he did this before initial nominations, maybe. But I don't blame Christmas for not accepting a horrible deal that she didn't construct - that's on Tyler. But shame on her for bringing logic to an argument with a woman; as a married man, I know how that goes.
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