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  1. This is a John Wick still / promo, but it's the same concept. Imagine shooting this scene. The director wants it to be as real and gritty as possible and so calls for blanks so that a muzzle discharge / action is seen. Something went terribly wrong unfortunately https://c4.wallpaperflare.com/wallpaper/130/5/310/movie-john-wick-chapter-2-gun-john-wick-wallpaper-preview.jpg
  2. He was aiming at the camera. It was from the “victim / opponent” perspective in the movie. This is why the camerawoman was killed
  3. https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/proxy/dAViaDR24Zr6rwbJkdKm9pDVWynGq2p6QslcIn4JS9TGuzLq7jUIV5PZCe8s91z1GPvHyVHX9g1LNj4zmI_sJOFqjQOrUxWzTiXzicBD6I4_3Fpli4oCQSsFDnefflhKdBacfwoas9bNPZ917vZhqIb90eorhE22dzU
  4. https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-pasco/search-for-brian-laundrie-medical-examiner-called-to-preserve-officials-say?_amp=true
  5. I hear we might have a body... edit to add - articles of clothing...the hunt is on!
  6. To me the difference is they’ve been piloting robo ump at the minor league levels, might be time to enact an execution plan at the majors
  7. It's not about getting screwed, it's about the big picture process not working. Laz was awful, with tons of missed calls. It wasn't like only Boston had missed calls, Houston did as well. It was a big game with lots of eyes witnessing an ump that clearly had no ability to consistently call balls and strikes. It has nothing to do with a specific team...
  8. Gotta love October baseball! im working on being in Fenway tomorrow, should be a fun day
  9. So…this might be the game that makes MLB get serious on robo umps
  10. Sox haven’t played a tight one like this in a bit…
  11. I put the pan in myself and built the shower. One trick is that it started as a 48” shower pan (Schluter doesn’t sell 40”). I trimmed 4” off each side equally to preserve slope. after the pan you put the curbs on, then use the kerdi band to waterproof the seams. And kerdi corners in the corners. In the end you end up with extra thinset / kerdi raising the face of it. Maybe it got thrown off. I did the drain test the night before going to Hawaii. Don’t remember if it drained clean (my main thing was no leaks, wasn’t necessarily focused on drainability). That said I think I’d have noticed if it didn’t free drain, but can’t be sure. I don’t think it’s subfloor. Replaced it all, it was level
  12. I had a pre sloped pan as well. Still not sure what went wrong…. it’s a 40” square drain pan (shower). Basically one corner is a low spot.
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