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  1. Ask for details on the why, mainly so he can learn from it. Don’t assume the boss is wrong to fire him, instead have an open mind and seek to learn. Wish the boss well, let him know you enjoyed working for him and the company and hope your paths cross again. I did the above last time I was laid off. Sure enough within 5 years I was working with the guy again at a different company, and he specifically said he’s never forgotten that and we are good friends
  2. What is rent insurance? Is that different than renters insurance? I think that repair multiple is based on your rent collected. I personally wouldn’t do that. I’d base it off the house value (not house plus land). Assume 1-2% of the house value (maybe use 2% to be conservative, vary it based on the type of renter you get. Ie. college kid vs professional).
  3. For Vieques you need to rent a car, and you want to buy the puddle jumper flights to the island from the mainland. You also need neg tests for the fam. It is heaven over there. You’ll have a blast. If you choose it I can give you a ton of tips. First, look at the moon schedule. If it’s a new moon (ie not full) the bioluminescent tour is once in a lifetime. You don’t get wet so daughter can go also
  4. One example - weekly stay, $300/night all in i did two adults two kids https://abnb.me/rQp9i26Ldeb
  5. I do Airbnb. Give me some dates and I will recommend. otherwise we like Blok as well (stayed there once, nice time
  6. Puerto Rico it is. go to Culebra or Vieques. Both have pros and cons. For you, I’d recommend Vieques. Culebra is centered on one beaxh (as amazing as it is!) while Vieques has more variety
  7. Trains leaving the station. If you're on board, hang on!
  8. 🔷 🙌 held on waiting for the second squeeze. It's not a loss til you sell Volumes are still low, lots of gamma left to squeeze on this one
  9. Diamond hands today boys. Remember what happened with VW. It was the second squeeze that made millionaires, not the first http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-Nr8vkBriAuo/U0RSt0E3_1I/AAAAAAAAAs0/fDcm_9XTzI0/s1600/volkswagen.gif
  10. Is that last sentence a question? do a budget, and get a quote today for what it would cost to buy healthcare off the street (if you have no healthcare post retirement). What I’ve seen, and it makes sense to me, is to retire at say 62, do 2 years of low spend (ie dont go sail around the world), lots of staycation / explore the area around you with a car / learn what it feels like to be retired. As part of that you’ll validate your budget (ie costs to live retired). At the end of that you’ll be 64, maybe a few years from tapping 401k and beyond that SS. Then you can expand the budget
  11. There’s a saying - once you win the game, stop playing. You don’t provide any numbers but I’m getting the impression that you’ve won the game. if I were you I would focus on a cash “bridge” to get me between retirement and SS. I’d also postpone SS as long as possible likely 70) as a long life “hedge” / insurance. Assume you’ll start tapping 401ks at 67 or so. So you need a five year bridge
  12. I always wondered what trans Siberian orchestra did in the spring / summer
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