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  1. https://c.tenor.com/K5plZZhM7K4AAAAM/the-joker-heath-ledger.gif
  2. I noted somewhere in here that I am building a new bath. Part of that bath was a 40x40 corner shower (not neo angle). I built the shower using the Schluter system, including a Schluter pan (like this Link ). The pan is premade and slopes to the drain. I added curbing around it, waterproofed it all, and also did a drain test (ie filled it up 4", let it sit overnight, level held, then drained. It drained clean, nice and fast, no water left. Fast forward, I have since hired out a finish carpenter who tiled it. I filled with water after he was done, drained, and one corner has standing water (not free draining), maybe 1/8-1/4" of water, just the one corner. Not happy. You can kick the water over with your foot but I would rather not... Told my guy, he said he'll look at it, said we'll fix it. Thing is, only 2 12" mesh tiles left, not enough. And it's stocked out everywhere til at least Dec per the mfg. Thoughts? Wife says we can live with it, no big deal. I am not as excited. Think we will have to live with it til then or rip the whole lot of the tile out which I am also not excited about. Thoughts? Small deal or big deal? Live with it or focus on getting it fixed once tile is in? edit to add - we will have frameless glass around it and will expect everyone to squeegee glass once finished, so wife says just squeegee the corner while you're at it
  3. I think it’s still cool to watch VMAs, thought it’s highly questionable to ever watch / listen to 21 Pilots
  4. Just got a new teak double vanity. Was painting and got a drip of primer on one of the cabinet doors. Thought I could just scrape it off, well the bastard wouldn’t let go. Ended up with some fine sandpaper to remove. The result is not great. what is next move? I don’t mind sanding the whole door down, but the sanded part is definitely lighter. Don’t want it to not match the other door. I bought a teak sealer but haven’t applied it yet. Also have a danish oil i could use after sanding it but again worry about matching the other door. Unless I do the same for both doors? it’s this unit https://www.signaturehardware.com/60in-bivins-teak-double-vessel-sink-vanity-natural-teak-double-4.html here is the sanded area https://imgur.com/a/ATRlvCT
  5. unless you are in a lower tax bracket I would question contributing to the Roth TSP in the first place
  6. There’s no way the driver verifies everyone’s identity getting on the bus. If it’s anything like every school bus I’ve ever been on, kids line up, pile in. Expecting the bus driver to check everyone’s name is something I’ve never seen
  7. Big picture, he got on a bus that he wasn’t intended to get on after the first day of school at a new school. I can’t fault the bus driver for stopping him from getting on. the bus driver did not let him off (either intentionally or not). There was some miscommunication here (bus company said he got off, which wasn’t accurate) but it remains that he didn’t get off. They took him back to a school to be sorted out (wasn’t his new school but the old school. It sounds like the bus services both schools). it’s a lot to sort out, but I don’t see a case to get furious / angry at the administration. It does sound like they could improve on special needs students and how to help them get where they need to go, especially on the first day. Use it as an opportunity to improve I think
  8. Nice, I stayed right there. some advice is to go to the resort beaches like Mauna Lani early (ie by 9) before the lots fill. We liked that one (Black Sand) quite a bit, awesome snorkeling.
  9. It’sa full moon tonight…bad timing for that
  10. It’s there to read, that I agree with. It was just a different viewpoint, presenting counter arguments (many of which clearly turned out to be wrong in light of where the market went). I just reread it to see if I was missing something, but people interpret things differently and if I offended you I apologize, wasn’t my intent then or now. 👍 Now can we get back to talking about which vice I have to give up first, sneaking in a few cigs or a fried egg sandwich? 😉
  11. For whatever it’s worth, all I was offering was an alternative viewpoint, it wasn’t a prediction. I do the same in the investing thread. When the market is up everyone tries to convince others to go 100% stock market, and I try to remind people that the market can and will correct and not to put all eggs in one basket. I’ve been wrong so far, but I will still try and offer that other viewpoint as I think it’s in peoples interest. Housing has been on a crazy run, and may continue to, so good luck finding people who urge caution in home buying. I am one such person and try to put that other viewpoint put there, that housing doesn’t have to go up and can go down, that there are lifestyle impacts, etc etc. I might emphasize it to give a counterpoint to the pro house voices. I bought a house so obviously it’s not like I don’t believe in home ownership. I am just not as gung ho as you and others on it and urge some caution / present some counterpoints to consider. Here’s another list from I think the same day / thread, you can judge yourself if it comes off as obnoxious / certain / unwilling to discuss things reasonably https://forums.footballguys.com/topic/585126-personal-finance-advice-and-education/?do=findComment&comment=17826339
  12. RIP He was a good man and will be missed...
  13. let's not get carried away now... 😉 You seem to be taking this personally GB, I am not sure why. For anyone who hasn't seen the doc, these are some of the claims put forth Eating processed meats is as bad for you as smoking Eating an egg a day is as bad as smoking five cigarettes Drinking milk causes cancer. One serving of processed meats per day raises the risk of diabetes by 51 percent. Fish are toxic. Five to 10 percent of cancer is caused by genetics, and the rest is caused by food. One article that I think does a good job speaking to these claims https://www.vox.com/science-and-health/2017/7/25/16018658/what-the-health-documentary-review-vegan-diet Like I say, I am aligned with the general principles of the doc (less dairy, get rid of milk consumption, eating vegetarian is much better for you), but I am against biased docs like this that take a good idea and twisting it. Seapsiracy is another example. Lots of good points in it, but extremely biased and unfair reporting and approach. One man's opinion
  14. Ha! Good digging. Prices are way up, no doubt. My home has nearly doubled in the last 6 years, which is absolutely crazy
  15. Not to rain on the parade, but pretty much that entire “doc” has been debunked. It’s pretty much nonsense. and this is from someone who is very anti milk. I do think there is a case to be made, but it’s not that supposed documentary
  16. I had a gentleman pay for about $100,000 of my undergrad tuition. This was via the school, a need based scholarship, but it was in his name. Senior year I was able to sit down and have lunch with him. The key thing I tried to impress beyond being thankful is that his money was not wasted. I’d succeeded, great gpa, and had a great job in hand with a multinational oil company 6 months before graduation (he was an oil/chemical guy also). my point here is, have your daughter tank him today, but the real thank you comes in 4 years showing that the investment was not wasted. Be sure to have your daughter circle back then
  17. Similar here. 12” smart TV with Bluetooth enabled, 5kW steam engine, rain shower plus a shower head on two walls, foot rinse plus handheld wand with 15 settings, bench with heated seat, and 5 speaker 3-D stereo integrated. It’s life changing
  18. It is nuts there now...quite busy Headed there tomorrow for dinner at Committee...
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