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  1. I would go Kittle if he is playing and you are having to choose from middling TEs. Most TEs are super erratic and this is the playoffs!!! He is not going to be on a pitch count if he plays. People are gun shy now because of the Keenan Allen thing, but this is a way different situation. Kittle feels like he is done with his injury, he is not attempting to play through it. The only risk is that he is going to get reinjured, but seeing that it leaked out that he was 'scout team player of the week', that must mean he is balling in practice and going full speed. Plus, think about this.
  2. We eventually just raised the price for free agents in the playoffs. $5 a pop if you want to make a move, vs. $3 in the regular season. People should be able to make any moves they want. Let's face it, a lot of these moves end badly anyways. Any move made at this point is sort of a gamble in a way, managers should be free to make whatever moves they want.
  3. I got rid of him last week because a. he was due for a #### week, and b. K.C is too tough a game, sure enough that was the right move. I re -picked him up this week. I think there are going to be a lot of field goal opportunities against the Vikings, everyone is going to be playing hard. People forget how big a rivalry this is. These two teams hate each other.
  4. I agree that throughout NFL history hundreds of players have gotten away with far worse than Manziel but let's be honest, while he may be talented Manziel doesn't have anywhere near the arm talent that Brett Favre did. Then again I think they are both very close in the knucklehead arena. Umm...Favre doesn't even come close to Johnny in the area of knucklehead. Let's do a comparison if Johnny ends up playing more than 20 years.
  5. I don't think JM is in the program. Why? I could not say, But that is probably the reason. Once you are in the drug protocol, you get surprise visits all the time.
  6. The bottom line here is that the best players need to set an example for others. If your qb is not your best player or close to it your team is screwed. So having the qb portray a party boy image is detrimental to the team culture. There is no way it can work. We all know he was warned many times. In layman's terms we call it 'the straw that broke the camel's back'. He is done.
  7. My problem isn't with the notion that he may be all the things you say he is. My problem is with all the people who state those things as a fact. You really should be able to back up assertions, particularly when you accuse someone of being a coke head. AFAIK the most damning evidence of cocaine is a cell phone photo which doesn't really show much of anything. You must not have much experience with party. Not being able to hear your alarm after a night of partying means one thing: drugs. Maybe not coke, maybe some other type of drug. Since the photo is out there I am going with coke. Als
  8. I can't believe this is really an argument here....the position of qb in the NFL is different than any other in all of sports. The qb is the guy who sets the tone. I remember a few years back when Romo took a Caribbean trip on the bye week. He got crucified for just taking the trip. Manziel is an idiot. He drinks too much for someone who is a leader of an NFL team and probably at one point had a coke problem (might still have it). This is why he is getting demoted. Anyone with half a brain would be laying low and spending extra time studying film. People bring up #### like Joe Namath
  9. You are certainly right about that. It has been a sad, sad decline considering the high end talent on your team. I am still holding out hope that you guys can win tonight so I can fire up the good ol' 'Wheels Off the Bus' thread for the Hawks later tonight.
  10. -0 stars, quite possibly ######ed.

    1. Meatwad Reloaded

      Meatwad Reloaded

      Dude...you better watch it. From personal experience, I know there is not a better way to get suspended than to throw the dreaded 'R' word around.

      Anyways...kudos to your guys, they played hard and just lost. I'll give you credit, you were the toughest team in the NFC this year.

    2. Doctor Detroit

      Doctor Detroit

      Your family can't be proud of you. :no:

  11. I'm not going this far in kneejerk fashion... but what a ####### for throwing that party when he did. Interesting Mike & Mike this morning. Golic made it sound as though (and Chris Carter agreed) this is common... last Friday night before final weekend for teams with nothing to play for, BUT did go on to say (basically) that the difference between men and boys is showing up for work on time the next day. And that would be true for all professions, anywhere. It's OK to play hard, as long as you work even harder. This cuts to the maturation issues with a collection of highly-touted, young pl
  12. Don't know if it has been mentioned, but rumors are that Logan Lerman is going to play Spidey in Civil War. Personally, I feel this is great news if true. Lerman is a better actor than Garfield and is younger. He was great in both Perks of Being a Wallflower and Fury. I also love the idea of having Spiderman as part of an ensemble and not doing the origin story again.
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