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  1. Dudes...we have 10 picks this year. Yes, we made a mistake with Love, but can you really blame the front office? Rodgers was MVP in 2020, but was looking like he was regressing a little in 2018/2019. The Packers made a very poor judgement call because having Chase Claypool or Patrick Queen would be pretty sweet right now, but lets focus on the positive here. Number one, we have ten picks and are going to find at least three new starters. Number two, we still can sign a few people on super low cost one year deals. Number three, we are the Packers. Throughout history, we have always come out on top. Many of the greatest stars in the history of the NFL have played for our team!!! 12 - 4 next year and super bow champs!!
  2. I am with you on that. I think there are lots of guys out there who behave like this and it gets swept under the rug because of team security, etc. I believe his demands of the Texans organization led to them organizing this. They had to have known about it. In any event, this is now a few steps worse than Ray Rice. He is pretty much done with playing football.
  3. This whole thing is hilarious. This is a total hit job by McNair against Watson. First of all, I am not condoning this behavior at all, but lets be real...there are many athletes and celebrities who act like this. Watson has seven people alleging this stuff and all of it is 2020. I work in an area where people are accused of stuff all the time and when it comes down to sorting it out, having seven different witnesses alleging the same thing is very bad. As a matter of fact, if somebody was going to make something like this up I think it would be really tough to get even two or three people to go along and coordinate stories. This is seven and it seems like it grows every day! This is Texas style justice. He should have never abused those women and he should have never demanded a trade this early into his megadeal.
  4. I would go Kittle if he is playing and you are having to choose from middling TEs. Most TEs are super erratic and this is the playoffs!!! He is not going to be on a pitch count if he plays. People are gun shy now because of the Keenan Allen thing, but this is a way different situation. Kittle feels like he is done with his injury, he is not attempting to play through it. The only risk is that he is going to get reinjured, but seeing that it leaked out that he was 'scout team player of the week', that must mean he is balling in practice and going full speed. Plus, think about this...this is a division game. In my many years of NFL fandom, I have definitely noticed that dudes are way more keyed up for division games and certain conference rivalries no matter what the record. I guarantee that the 49ers would like nothing more than to help eliminate the Cardinals from the playoffs. Plus I think AZ is a blitz heavy team, that could be either bad for Kittle or it could be great. But if he plays the whole game, what would bad look like? 9 or 10 targets, 4 - 5 catches, 40 - 60 yards? That is not that bad in ppr as a floor. The ceiling could be 25 plus.
  5. We eventually just raised the price for free agents in the playoffs. $5 a pop if you want to make a move, vs. $3 in the regular season. People should be able to make any moves they want. Let's face it, a lot of these moves end badly anyways. Any move made at this point is sort of a gamble in a way, managers should be free to make whatever moves they want.
  6. I got rid of him last week because a. he was due for a #### week, and b. K.C is too tough a game, sure enough that was the right move. I re -picked him up this week. I think there are going to be a lot of field goal opportunities against the Vikings, everyone is going to be playing hard. People forget how big a rivalry this is. These two teams hate each other.
  7. If they are little kids, I would get a cheap new one each year. I would argue there is a negative psychological impact when a kid is not able to have new shoes or a backpack. I don't care what situation you are in. Once the kid is in the classroom, he/she sees all of the other kids with new stuff and it smarts a little (or maybe alot if you are raising a bad child). Once kids are in high school, buy a good one and let it last all four years. I could see the point of not getting new stuff this year if you are really strapped because of COVID.
  8. Last week, the two nitwits who were in charge of HBO Max got fired. HBO Max: Sinking Ship They are under new leadership now, as they need to be. This rollout was absolutely one of the worst media rollouts in the history of rollouts. It is worse than the rollout for 'Scientology Presents: Battlefield Earth'. Worse than the rollout for Jeb2016. Worse than the rollout for Google Glass. It is the worst ever. The only reason this piece of #### rollout is not front page news is because of Covid, Trump, Quibi, and all of us becoming racists over the last month. As a streaming platform, HBO Max is great. They have the best line up of shows; bar none. Their movie selection is amazingly deep. Their resources to compete with Netflix, Disney, and whatever else are very sound. God only knows the reason why these dopes decided to get in a pissing match with Amazon and Roku, thus ensuring that their app is not available on many TVs and streaming devices. I understand that I can use my PS4 or Apple or I could mirror my phone to use this, but most people are not going to go that far in order to watch tv. It does not matter how good the content is. If it is not easy and natural, average consumers will just be happy watching something else. All of the other platforms have decent to good content, so despite the fact HBO is the best, nobody ####### cares. The two rockheads previously in charge probably thought there was no way to screw this up, I am sure they thought they were going to strongarm their way into the market because they have a ton of great shows and movies. They were acting as if they have live sports, which is the most valuable resource in media. Well, as we see, that didn't work and now if HBO wants on Roku or Amazon, they are going to have to pay double. Also, who knows what the landscape is going to be now as the ground shifts as we speak! The directors of ATT and Warnermedia, who control this clownparade, might not have the appetite to pay that much now that we are entering a worldwide depression, thus erasing HBO Max from existence or maybe getting it folded into something else. If you can get HBOMax to work, there is much to love.
  9. A prediction four years in the making is finally coming to fruition! The negativity surrounding these guys is off the charts this year. I predict they go 6 - 10 and the cupboard gets fully reorganized, including the front office. After next week, when the Bears are done taking their frustrations out on them, it looks as if there some winnable games; but at this point they themselves are looking like a winnable game on everyone's schedule.
  10. Ace move to all who drafted and stashed. He looks amazing!
  11. I don't know if I would call Green Room or Blue Ruin for that matter, a horror movie....I would say that it is pretty high tension with some very explosive violence, but not true horror. Great movie though.
  12. None of this crap is doing anything except making cops check out of what they are supposed to be doing. How is that a good thing for lower class African American communities? Murder rates in major cities are off the charts in the last two years. Do any of you feel that is coincidental? Hell, in Milwaukee the last two days there have been four murders, all African American, two of them women. Guess who cares about that? Very few people, including the people who live in those communities, minus their families and friends obviously. They should go ahead and up the ante...its not gonna do anything but ensure another 20% uptick in the homicide rate next year because there will no longer be anyone to police these communities, as well as having more and more people just move out to the outskirts of town rather than live in it.
  13. Worth $20 at most. Like people are saying, if you like Nintendo you can buy a game on the Wii site for a few bucks. Or you can get an emulator for free.
  14. I don't think most kids will like this. I took my 10 year old to this old school arcade in Illinois last year. I am not kidding you that they have arcade cabinets and pinball machines in the high hundreds, probably anything you played back in the day and her reply was 'meh'. Kids nowadays are not impressed with old school graphics.
  15. Cut him, anyone who posts something like that is a total moron, plus rbs are a dime a dozen and he sort of sucks.
  16. Great show. I doubt many people watch it though. Many folks simply hate clowns.
  17. The market is a function of the society at large. I don't trust that our leaders are going to be able to handle the incredible pace of geo-political change that is occurring. Also, historically when the wealth gap between the rich and the poor gets too heavy, the system collapses. The wealth gap right now is getting way out of hand. I don't know, but I am seeing something way worse in the next couple years than we have seen in this lifetime.
  18. Why isn't this a bigger story? I have seen the effect lead consumption has on little kids. It is not a joke. People should be going to jail. Is BLM onto this, or do they only target police officers?
  19. 12000 is coming soon to a theater near you.
  20. On a whim, I was flipping through random subreddits yesterday and there was one for kratom. From what I read, it was a herbal version of Vicodin. Looks interesting, but like all other herbal supplements except weed, it probably is not worth the risk because who knows what and how much you are taking.
  21. Eh...just start jacking it to BBW and midget porn. After a few months of that, your mind will be reconditioned to accept your wife for who she is. Then join a swingers club.
  22. I am not an expert, but I think Miami is screwed. They cannot pay him what he will command because of the Suh contract, so they are seeing what they have with the younger guy. They made a huge mistake and will be paying for it for the next two to three years. 23 million next year and 15 million the year after that. I don't know why anyone would pay a running back, almost all of them get injured and it is easy to find young guys who can fill in.
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