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  1. I love all of the differing opinions as it makes me think more about things. It's interesting the different takes and strategies. I'm currently trying to grab one more first rounder, a and may likely wait until the draft to do so, to see if he's still on the board at a certain point.
  2. It's definitely risky for sure. I agree with this. I just know a lot of people wouldn't want to take him that early so that could be a work around to trade back, but as jadensdad said, you could lose that player.
  3. I honestly would not blame someone for taking this guy just about anywhere in the first round. TEs are tough to come by. If you feel set elsewhere, I'd recommend trying to trade down in order to gain some more picks or something then taking Pitts.
  4. David Montgomery just tweeted "playing in chicago has been fun and I met some great people along the way!!"
  5. I can see him all over the board. As some mentioned, if you want him, I think you have to be prepared to either take him early, or be okay with missing out on him.
  6. I like the Chargers personally. Herbert, Allen and Brown together. But agree that Baltimore would be interesting.
  7. I know much of it can depend on landing spot, but where do we see this guy going in Super Flex rookie drafts?
  8. Even games that Watkins has missed, I feel as though Hardman didn't set the world on fire. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm not believing too much in Hardman.
  9. Matt Verdeame on Twitter is saying that per his source, The Cardinals and Patrick Peterson are parting ways. Also says that he is slated to be an unrestricted free agent, implying he will be cut.
  10. Didn't they change it a few years ago where they didn't really have to designate which team? Maybe I'm making that up.
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