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  1. 12 Team PPR SF Team A got Melvin Gordon. Team B got 2024 second, 2022 3rd.
  2. I'm starting Ty'son Williams over JK Dobbins, Gus Edwards, Justice Hill, Lev Bell, Devonta Freeman, Lat Murray. Love, -Baltimore Ravens.
  3. I think it's the injury history people are worried about though. So regardless of why he was out so long, he was out for a bit because of an injury. All I was mentioning is that you made the time off seem like a positive when the injury history is what is scaring many off.
  4. Isn't the "taking time off" part usually why many people dislike rostering him?
  5. Joshua Kelley droppable even with deep rosters if I need the space? I won't regret it right? Seems like a debacle after Ekeler. Figured this fit here, as in 0 value.
  6. People either love or hate that idea. In my experience, there's no in between.
  7. I think if nothing else it's a good list if you like to draft a couple of upside handcuffs and the top ones are gone.
  8. 12 Team PPR Superflex I gave Amari Cooper, 2022 first (projected mid-late), 2023 second. I got Davante Adams
  9. I think after last years ESPN TE debacle, platforms may he hesitant to do so.
  10. Dynasty Superflex PPR Gave Albert O, 2022 projected late 3rd Got Dwayne Haskins People may not love it but low risk for Haskins, a guy who I don't love but there's a chance he's a starter in the future.
  11. Dynasty PPR SF TE Premium start 3 WR Team gave Aaron Rodgers, Mike Williams, Cole Kmet, 2022 first, 2023 first, 2022 second. Team got Tyreek Hill, Daniel Jones.
  12. They don't currently have a fourth rounder, but are expecting a compensatory fourth rounder for losing S John Johnson III.
  13. Being traded to the Rams for two conditional late round picks.
  14. A redraft league I just did that's 2QB had some QBs get away from me at certain points when I was at the end of runs and such. I have Jalen Hurts, Trey Lance (who I believe starts sooner rather than later) and Taysom Hill. I'm thinking Hill gets more play at QB than years past (aside from when he was the starter obviously). Plus his time at his other positions, he still may be somewhat useful to those in dire need of a second QB, especially if he plays more by the goaline.
  15. https://twitter.com/gerrydulac/status/1429885801819688960?t=9iDIsBbTZa_mkvVBMQjieQ&s=19 TJ Watt expected to sign a contract extension following the final preseason game to make him the highest paid defensive player in the NFL.
  16. I understand what you're saying. I think at least some of the issue is the NFL said that unvaccinated players will be required to sit out X number of days as a close contact of someone who tests positive, whereas vaccinated players will not. So the unvaccinated players are more likely to miss games.
  17. I don't own Gibson anywhere but I've tried to get him and I don't think I would have even gotten a counter with that offer.
  18. Heard something somewhere that he's had like 8 different injuries since he came into the league.
  19. Yes I'm a buyer so it's great to hear but I also take that stuff with a grain of salt in most cases. This was more of a general comment rather than why I would or would not buy. I just want to see (not just Jeudy) who can and cannot perform. I'm getting anxious!
  20. I'm bad at evaluating SF/2QB trades, but the point I wanted to make was that anyone getting Jeudy in a trade is very smart. He' often seems to be there as a throw in, and with a high ceiling at what often seems to be a discounted price, I love getting Jeudy in package deals right now.
  21. While I agree with you, I'm so excited for the games to start so I can stop seeing/hearing people (especially in trade negotiations) saying things about camp performances. Let's see it on the field!
  22. I've been saying from the beginning I don't think he makes the final roster. Cool story, former college coach, dude bulked up and finally wants to give this TE thing a shot, but I just don't see it happening.
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