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  1. Bought GS and like it, particularly the new "rock band" unit. I've got Weezer & Radiohead each touring India and Georgia right now. FYI, Radiohead outperforming Weezer as of right now
  2. Still waiting to hear from @Otis on this... any reason you wouldn't take they crappy seat with the bulkhead?
  3. Any reason you couldn't move up with your wife and take the bulkhead seat as well?
  4. Tried and tried again with the Spielbergs given the love but ... meh FIDLAR on the other hand is on repeat, can’t stop listening (starting with track 2 😗)
  5. Dandy Warhols new one is fun. Motor City Steel, Highlife ... good tunes
  6. RR with Foxygen, LCD Soundsystem, Ex Hex, Dr. Dog, Panda Bear, (the ubiquitous) GRMLN, Girlpool, deadmau5 and the Avett Brothers. Great week.
  7. Yeah, I'm not sure about this one ... seems overly, overly complicated
  8. Better Oblivion Community Center, Conor Oberst, Phoebe Bridgers - Dylan Thomas
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