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  1. ALL LIVES MATTER ..... Take Lessons and get a CCP - protect your family. GOD Bless
  2. Mike was just trying to find serenity; hope he used our money (or just mine) if he went to Las Vegas; Because; anyone that has said, "That Money can not buy happpiness, has not had a Vegas Hooker.............!
  3. Been playing with Mike for serval years - always got a check mailed to my home address . did not use paypal at that time. Did pay serveral leagues with paypal this year, have filed wtih them but it is passed the 90 day notice. Have not heard from paypal at this time.. Used credit card for the most of the teams I had. Merry Christmas
  4. "obtain on CC chargebacks"---- could someone please explain to this ole man what this means and/or where can I get the form. Have filed with the AG in UT and my state of Missouri. (see my post yesterday with the links for the forms)........... Is anyone going to enter any playoff contests, if so, where do you recommend - yahoo, CBS, etc............. Thanks & Merry Christmas with good health jack
  5. Here are links if you want to file complaints: https://complaint.ic3.gov/ (Internet Crime Complaint Center) http://attorneygener.../complaint-form (Utah Attorney General) I also called the local police where Mike lives in Murray, Utah (801-264-2673. More action we get......... put this guy away. Little hope of getting any money back. Like many others, I am in four finals. Good "buy" Santa.............. anyway MERRY CHRISTMAS to all
  6. Will get to the BIG picture in a minute; Love dogs, as I write this my Pembroke Welsh Corgi is at my side and our Westie is sleeping on the sofa. Most of us are aware of the (?) value that Vick was as a FF player. Not a fan of Mike Vick as a football player but that aside, he is what he is, and hope that the league takes action NOW based on his gambling actives. The IRS should also be interested. The Big Picture for the entire league could be the dog frighting PLUS the gambling and being around some of the high rollers. How may players do you think took part or bet on this horrible activ
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