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  1. Have you tried clearing the contents of the cell (not just deleting, but selecting clear contents), and reentering the formula?
  2. There were some recruiting trips, but it was limited, much of the contact was over Zoom, etc. Coaches texting to follow up quite frequently, etc. Source - my nephew's football experience this past summer/fall/winter. He had somewhere around 25+ D1 scholarship offers with a few of the high end programs sniffing around offering preferred walk on. He ended up accepting to an Ivy league school (he's also pretty dang smart in addition to athletic).
  3. I can address A and C as there is another fantasy football site that will set up separate forums for private leagues - no cost, and you can password protect the individual forum if you so choose. But you wouldn't be able to transfer legacy content as far as posts, etc. as far as I know.
  4. I can't say if it will work for all channels, but I do this with my Hulu account where I may login to a certain channels app (ESPN for example) and you need to verify your provider (DirecTV, Spectrum or in my case, Hulu) in order to access content
  5. If I were you I would message @Chadstromaas he would be best suited to review your specific situation and get you on the right path.
  6. Following as I need to replace/update skillets/sauce pans as well. Have plenty of cast iron that I like a lot, much like @Judge Smails need to update our daily use stuff.
  7. Going to look at these for my 10 year old who gets very anxious at night and can't sleep. For some reason he gets super anxious if my wife falls asleep before him, so he lays in bed calling out to see if she is still up, which leads to him not going to sleep, etc.
  8. Definitely makes Friday morning must watch TV - as much as I want to say give me more and just drop the rest of the season now, I do appreciate the weekly episode as it gives me some time to digest what I watched and to watch all the Youtube easter egg videos to help keep up as I am not that familiar with all the comic storylines
  9. I tend to agree - I watch it at least once or twice a year. I think I'm going to give "The Pacific" another watch, don't think I've watched it since it originally aired
  10. Wife and I watched it with the English Dub - definitely setting up a 2nd half to the season, at least that was our take on it. We enjoyed it. Not quite Money Heist good, but still good enough that I think we watched it in one day.
  11. Wait - you all don't shower with bar skanks and water bottles now?
  12. That looks really good - I made a chicken and vegetable soup last week that was a hit with the family, will have to try this one out as well.
  13. Hey guys - Been years since I've collected cards and clearing out garage I was going through old boxes of cards, etc. What is the best way to value/sell if I were so inclined? I've never had anything graded, and as I understand it that is probably needed to get maximum value from some of the better cards. It is a real mix - I have a select few cards from the 50s/60s, some in pretty decent shape still, and then have a number of cards from the 80s/90s that upon some research appear they could have decent value (a few Shaquille O'neal rookies, Griffey Jr. rookies, 1992 Skybox USA Basketball card
  14. Well, if they were to instead send something to you in your wife's name as a token of FBG friendship, then it has nothing to do with your referral and should be perfectly ok. 😃
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