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  1. Well, this begs the question about if fantasy football is primarily about replicating what is happening on the field, or is it about producing a set of rules (lineup, scoring, etc.) that provides some balance in value across positions so that there is a greater level of strategy, and also varying types of strategy in roster construction, draft strategy, etc. that are viable routes to success, which makes for a more fun game to play. If it's the former, then as most agree that QB is the most important position on the field, we all may as well play fantasy quarterback. If it's the latt
  2. Myfantasyleague has scoring options for first downs, and they can break it down by passing, rushing or receiving by player if so desired.
  3. I'll jump in on this - my 8th grader (just turned 14) is the keeper for his soccer team, has been playing keeper exclusively for the last 6 years or so and is getting ready for high school. One of the private schools here in Southern California approached him offering a scholarship (covers 90% of tuition) for him to come play soccer. They are limited to offering 4 scholarships per year and I know they don't take those choices lightly. Even though we/he is flattered, especially considering we had made no expression of interest in this private school, we'll be declining as he wants to go
  4. This makes me feel real good about getting him at 4.11 (granted IDP league)
  5. Based on your post I just watched an episode while inhaling my lunch before my next meeting - yet another damn show to watch, but fortunately this is exactly the kind where I don't mind putting it on more for background noise and not worried about paying real close attention
  6. Cool, appreciate the input - and for minimum bids it's not really costing me anything
  7. Fair enough and you're probably right. Top guys available in my opinion that may even have some slight dynasty value: Marcus Davenport Josh Sweat Carl Lawson I would just be adding them for a minimum bid and hope that they show something in camp/preseason to justify keeping them into the season (no offseason roster limit, I'd likely carry at most 4 DL, though I may enter the season with less and add a hot hand midseason as our rules have contract penalties for midseason drops, so it can be advantageous to keep some roster spots open), and honestly this is probab
  8. Does anyone have semi-decent resources for rankings for 2021. For my IDP dynasty league, I'm looking to add some potential depth to DL and have a list of 4 guys that I'd consider adding for depth or to at least carry for the summer before deciding if I want to dedicate an in season roster spot for them. My top 2 are pretty good (Danielle Hunter and Chase Young) but behind that is just essentially fodder (Brandon Graham and Aldon Smith), and now that our rookie draft is done , we do have a waiver run coming up where I can add 1 or more guys relatively cheaply to see if they look like they
  9. As a contender I'd give Golladay, Engram and 1.09 for Elliott in PPR in a heartbeat. And as a Zeke owner, if I was closer to rebuild, I would consider Hunt and the 1.09, if I was still a contender, it would be tougher for me to take that. Unfortunately, as mentioned, the league I have him in is non-PPR, so WRs (and to an extension rookie picks due to less viable players) have a bit less value so it has been a lot harder to find any real viable trade partners where I can deal him for something that remotely keeps me as competitive this year.
  10. As a Zeke owner in a non-PPR dynasty, I've come to terms that he is right now the type of player that I will very unlikely be able to move. I would need quite a bit more than a mid 1st round pick and a middling RB, but that is also about the limit of what most owners are willing to pay for him right now. He's worth more to me than that (for context, my team is probably still a top 4-5 team out of 14 so I'm not in rebuild mode) So for now I either hope he comes out hot to start the season and see what I can get for him, or I end up riding him through his career.
  11. Good luck with all of that. For us (Orange/Yorba Linda area), rent would be quite a bit more than our current mortgage, so while cashing out sounds good, it's just doesn't make sense for us.
  12. Regarding the bolded - that's a different issue then, as if your scoring is such that QBs score that much more than other positions so that it becomes a de facto start 2 QB league, you may as well just make it a start 2 QB league. If your league is making such a big change like adding in a SF, it may also be a good time to examine the scoring to see if some tweaks there are in order to make the flex spot something that is a possible value to start more than just a 2nd QB
  13. Where in SoCal? If our kids were older I think I could convince my wife now was the time to sell, but as we have no interest in leaving the area anytime soon, just not feasible.
  14. I'd get one when I drive the F-150 I just bought a few months ago into the ground, which, if it comes close to lasting as long as my first one, means some time in about 15 years.
  15. Assuming you need LBs, which you said you did, I think this is a pretty good deal for you, assuming that 1st isn't likely to be a top 3-4 selection. Figure general rule of thumb is you give up one round higher in a future year for a current pick and you basically moved up from the 2.08 for free as part of the deal to secure your two targets.
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