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  1. I hear this guy, @Chadstroma is pretty damn good, and even if he isn't licensed in your state, can find you a trusted reference.
  2. I would support this - If I choose to not water my lawn to save water - get fined by the HOA because the lawn is brown If I choose to get rid of grass and put in either turf or drought resistant/desert scape - not only pay a ton to have that done, but also pay exorbitant fees to HOA to "approve" our landscaping plans On the plus side, at this point, have perfected the art of telling our HOA to Go F Themselves politely.
  3. California Republican Party Admits It Placed Misleading Ballot Boxes Around State
  4. It almost seems like this is too evident that the swerve will be that she isn't the Power Broker or associated. Then I start thinking they are trying so hard to make it seem like she is, that most people will be like me and assume it's a set up that she isn't, that they will actually have her be the Power Broker - the out in the open swerve.
  5. Uhoh - Wife and I started the first episode last night, just looking for something new. Not committed yet, but not sure she wants to give it up. We'll see if it gets painful to watch or if it gets to that so cheesy and bad it's good.
  6. Are you looking simply to record for playback later, or to livestream games while recording so other friends/family can watch? Asking because here in California we're still pretty restricted on how many people they let into the gyms (for those that follow the guidelines), so for my 10 year old, we played most of the past season with no parents in the gym except one per team that was allowed to record/stream the game. If livestreaming, I would think the phone or iPad is the better option. If just recording, I would guess the Powershot is probably the best camera of the three, it
  7. Crap, I've been training myself to go faster..... it is a race isn't it?
  8. If I could still go for 30 minutes and had documented proof like that, I'd be the one busting myself and letting the world know I still got it. As it is, the 38 seconds of increased activity is all I got.
  9. My wife has the Life 360 app that she is on with my two oldest kids that have phones. I've resisted adding it, not because I think she'd be be tracking me, but because I don't really want anything more tracking me, but I probably should add it mostly to be able to better keep track of the kids.
  10. Worth watching? My wife watched the first episode and has asked me if I want to watch the show with her.
  11. Seems like a pretty simple IF statement if understanding this correctly. IN column D, let's assume starting in row 2 =IF(C2="BAU",B2,"") Copy that down column D What that formula is doing is looking at column C, and if it has BAU in it, it will show the value from column B, if it doesn't, it will show as blank.
  12. Your whole reply was spot on, but in particular this. If you don't enjoy something, you won't do it. You may be able to force yourself to do it for a bit, but it won't become habit.
  13. I'll go a little against the grain here from what others are saying, but if your goal is weight loss, first the main thing is to make sure diet is in check and eat fewer calories than you burn. Second, if you are only able to get to the gym 2-3 times a week, you are likely better off planning to do a full body routine each of those sessions rather than going bro split or body part specific. I'm not sure what equipment Planet Fitness usually has, but from what I hear it is generally very machine heavy, but extremely basically try get a push exercise (press of some sort, push ups, etc), a
  14. I wonder if their stance is a poorly worded way of saying they view it more akin to how Oregon is treating possession of drugs. The creation/distribution should be illegal and result in criminal prosecution with jail time. Possession alone should be treated as an addiction/illness where criminal prosecution is not the endgame, rather treatment of the addiction/mental illness. I don't know that I can agree with that in the case of child pornography, but I can understand the logic as I do believe it can make sense for drugs.
  15. Surprised no one has posted about Falcon and Winter Soldier yet. I had a bit of insomnia last night so ended up catching it right at midnight. Will probably give it a rewatch, but seems to be setting up nicely as expected towards a good cop/bad cop type movie with family drama and character development storylines intertwined.
  16. Care to unpack the comment about CA allowing unchecked mail in ballots? Much like the voting thread I commented in previously about the in person procedure in my county, I can also only speak to how mail in voting worked in my county in California (though my understanding is most followed similar protocols), but every mail in ballot had a unique barcode tied to the registered voter, both on the ballot and on the envelope used to mail it in (ETA: or when dropping off at approved drop boxes or county offices), which also required your signature. So in order for the vote to be counted, not o
  17. I'm not aware of any that delete the photos, your wife will just need to delete every so often. Just verify the backup has happened. We use Amazon photos. Heck, I may also have her phone setup to backup to Google photos as well, I can't remember if I stopped that before setting up Amazon.
  18. Hulu Live - My wife sounds like yours, tons of Dateline and 20/20 so she for sure knows how to get rid of the body. Will have local networks plus many of the cable networks. Have had it for about 2 years now and very happy with it. Just do the Hulu Live bundled with Disney+ and ESPN+, it's generally their best deal.
  19. Assuming you mean the SUMIF formula, here is the microsoft page on the formula For your case, in the cell where you want to have the total square footage you essentially would put: =SUMIFS(SourceSheet!$B:$E,SourceSheet!$A:$A,A2) The actual reference to SourceSheet will be based on the name of the source file (if the source sheet and her created sheet are in separate files) and the actual sheet name in the file (assuming not the default Sheet1) I used SUMIFS (it is essentially the same as SUMIF) as it allows the use of multiple criteria range should that be a necessit
  20. Genuine question - I detailed what I have to go through in order to vote here in California. I have never seen any place where anyone can just walk in without having registered (even on day of), give any name they want with no other type of verification (confirm address, signature required, etc.) and receive a ballot and place a vote. Do you have an actual example of somewhere in the United States where what you have claimed here is the actual process?
  21. Will the second sheet have the property number as a unique identifier? And are the number of columns to be summed the same for each property, or at the very least is there a max number of columns that may need to be summed up? If there is a unique identifier, and a cap on the number of columns with square footages listed (though technically you could work around this), then I believe your two best options would be to either use a SUMIF formula on the created sheet, or, if you can add a column with total square footage to the source, you could do a lookup on the created sheet to pull over
  22. Well, at least here in California, in order to get my ballot at the polling place, I have to say who I am to a poll worker, confirm my address to another poll worker who checks it against the voter registry and then sign the voter roll so that my signature can be verified against my registration when they validate signatures. At that point they generate a 4 digit code that I need to enter into the voting machine when I go into a booth so that it will count my vote. May be (and likely is) a bit different in other states/counties, but it is a lot of hoops to go through with a fair amount of
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