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  1. The player himself is currently saying he does not know if he got the clots from the vaccine. https://twitter.com/goodysav/status/1448717954049314817 "I don’t have a story. That wasn’t something I wanted to get out there. I got sick. Maybe it was the vaccine maybe it was covid idk I’m not a expert. But I’m fine, and I’m healthy and about to play."
  2. My wife would probably kill me, but this is giving me an idea - I've been planning to add a TV to the garage where I built a home gym to be able to put something on for extra background noise, but maybe I could add 2-3 smaller ones and put on multiple games/shows
  3. It is interesting/funny to read this, as here in southern California our seasons are the opposite of this - we are right in the middle of our club season which will go until November 20th, at which point all the teams that are 07 or older will go dark until the end of February, where we will resume for the last month of league play before heading to playoffs/tournaments. Pretty much from Thanksgiving through end of February is our high school season, and it is a CIF violation to play both at the same time. Those kids playing in the EAL showcase tournament in Florida the first weekend of December won't be allowed to join their high school teams until they return, which for our teams would mean missing the first 3 high school games of the season.
  4. I'll expand on my viewpoint a bit, as some of what Riddick also rings true for me as far as my lack of posting in this forum. Part of it is that in foolishness however many years ago, when I set up my forum name my usual online moniker was already taken, but as I was heavily involved on another FF forum at the time (The Huddle where, much like here, many life long real life friendships have been formed), but had been familiar with this site since the Cheatsheet.net days and enjoyed lurking the forums, set up a name that is a little too easy to track down my real life name, thus I am a lot more careful/reserved in posting. I'm not one to be that controversial anyway and in my personal social media am virtually non-existent, using it to mostly keep up with my family and close friends, though I likely have not posted anything myself in years. And I definitely don't talk politics or religion there. I've considered setting up an alias account to feel like I could more freely post some comments and engage in discussions here with a bit more anonymity, but I don't really want to do that, and I know it's against the forum rules, and thus far have not found a topic where I felt passionate enough to feel the need to do that.
  5. This for me, though I primarily lean a bit left on the majority of issues and primarily lurk this forum, but think that for the few posters that are able to post their views/thought processes without just attacking or name calling, I have learned some valuable insight that has led me to reflect on and in several cases adjust my view on some topics. The hard part is wading through a lot of the muck, from both sides, to be able to mine those nuggets of insight.
  6. This is my wife with my 14 year old. I do my best to not stress, trying to be the calming influence for him, but inside is all butterflies, especially PKs etc. He absolutely loves it back there, was naturally inclined towards keeper basically from the first time he stepped foot on a field - even when 5 years old and you had the swarm effect of all 10 kids on the field around the ball, he'd gravitate back to guarding our goal even though there were no goalies -
  7. I wonder if he will circle Uranus and wipe out the Klingons
  8. The bolded is directly correlated to the underlined. Two weekends ago for my 07s NPL game they only had a single referee. At that age and that level it is near impossible to handle with just one. In this case, it was the other team's parents that were acting up, so much so that they managed to find an AR to work just their sideline for the second half. They didn't knock it off, one of their parents was red carded. My son has thought about reffing, but then when he sees things like that (and much of the same at even the younger levels and down into rec) he decides it's not worth it which is unfortunate.
  9. So it's kind of like "Lost", just now they are trying to figure out how to string along a couple extra seasons because it's making too much money
  10. This feels like a poor man's Arizona Ron thread - here for the payoff
  11. It can definitely be extremely rewarding. When my oldest (now 16 years old) was in 2nd grade I volunteered to be the assistant coach for his basketball team. Here we are 9 years later and between the 3 boys I have coached more basketball teams than I can remember (and not just with my kids on it, I love coaching basketball and now assist with the high school team and feeder teams), coached more flag football teams than I can remember, had my middle son quickly develop in soccer well past the level where I can do little more than sit back and be amazed at what he does in goal, had all 3 decide baseball was too slow for them and now have the oldest 2 (with the youngest interested) getting into volleyball, which beyond the old bump-set-spike I learned in PE I was clueless about. My approach has always been that player development came first, and that while we would play to win and be competitive, we wouldn't do anything just to win. For my rec basketball teams, that meant splitting time fairly evenly, even though the rules stated that it was open sub in the 4th quarter, I'd play everyone while many teams would only play their top 5. For 4 years straight when my two oldest kids were in 3rd-4th grade, I finished 3rd place in the playoffs - but I generally get the most positive feedback and most kids requesting to play with me again. For me that was worth it. Just don't allow it (and I'm not implying you would) to become a way to try relive or recapture any sort of former sports glory - make sure it stays about the kids.
  12. It's all there - here is the Week 2 Season Long Homepage Can also just select from the top bar "Articles" then click on "View All Articles"
  13. Regarding this, high school sports are big business - living in Southern California, we have all the big time private schools (Mater Dei, St. John Bosco, Servite, JSerra, OLu, Sierra Canyon), and those are just the tip of the iceberg, competing for the athletes. With television contracts, uniform sponsorships, etc. on the line having the elite teams is big business. Right now 3 of the Trinity League teams (the big private school league in Southern California) are ranked in the top 10 in the nation for football. And it's not just southern California athletes that they are trying to get, they are bringing in out of county and out of state kids as well. I really do wish California and CIF was set up more like Texas where the public and private schools competed separately for playoffs, but, as noted above, seems like way too much money is involved for all those involved for that to be a reality. For this, is it possible it was a discipline matter? We've done that before - for school teams it could be grades or other administrative matter where a kid either doesn't get to start or we will sit them for say the 1st quarter, depending on what it was. For the youth team I coach (and for the school team), we've done similar things for missing practice or being late. It's tough as usually, especially for younger kids, those things are not in their control (it's the parents), but it helps build that level of accountability.
  14. Interesting - our school is essentially the same for football, with a low number of kids total participating - but they can not play on the same day - fortunately for football a lot of our JV games are on Thursday and varsity games are on Friday, so they can play both, but if they were the same day, they couldn't
  15. First game of NPL/Discovery season today (think I have the right acronyms). I wasn't able to make it as I was coaching my youngest son's basketball games, but ended in a 1-1 tie. Sounds like it was a very even match all around and despite the 100 degree heat out in Corona the boys played well. After the game, got a call from the coach - they're adding my son to the EAL (Elite Academy League) roster and he will be playing up with them for any game that does not conflict with our NPL team schedule. He's a bit nervous, but I'm very proud that in just a couple months with the club he has earned the confidence and trust of the coaches to be pulled up.
  16. Must be a state by state thing - to my knowledge you can't do this in California either.
  17. I'm not grabbing anyone else yet either - he's shown just enough last year to get a pass for the goose egg if he maintains the high snap count and produces going forward
  18. I picked up the wrong Dallas safety this week...... ahh the joys of IDP
  19. At @Gally's suggestion, going ahead and firing up a thread to help retool my IDP's, maybe something similar to what @rockactionwas doing last year. Lineups for defense are 2-3 DL, 3 LB and 2-3 DB. Scoring is 2 points per tackle, 1 per assist, 3 per sack, 2 per interception, 2 per fumble forced, 2 per recovered, 1.5 per pass defensed. Other things mixed in like safeties, etc. only other wrinkle is all players get 0.04 per kick/punt return yard, so if any of them double as a return guy (looking at the DBs here), then there is some chance for extra points, but usually not significant. Top 5-6 DL score in the 150-160 range for the season typically with the 24-28 guy usually in the 110 range and the 36-40 guy in the 90 range. Top 5-6 LB score in the 250-260 range, top guy is usually 275-280, with the 36th-40th LB in the 160 range. Top 5-6 DBs score in the 200-225 range, the top guy may be around 250, with the 24-28 guy in the 160-170 range and the 36-40 guy in the 150 range. Usually lots of volatility in who the top DBs are year to year. My strategy has been to load up at LB as best I can, and it had been to basically address DL and DB each year by picking up hot hand and tooling from there. This is a dynasty league, however it is contract based, so you only get players for as long as the contract you assign them is, then they go through an RFA process in the offseason that their contract expires - I have traditionally done 1 year deals for DBs and just address each offseason/in season pick ups, done similar for DL (though I now have 2 top ones) and tried to lock up stud LBs. It's worked ok for me, but I think there is room for improvement on my end in finding players ahead of time rather than waiting to see who the hot hand is - though as we do take a hit to our contract years if we cut a player midseason, I have strategically tried to come into the season a little light on the depth with the intent to add backups/injury fillers as the season progresses. We can taxi squad rookies and keep them there up to 3 years. No limit on roster/taxi size in offseason, so I do have cuts to make. Cuts made before our deadline of next Monday have no "cost" associated with them, cute made after and you take a 1 year contract cap hit on the player, so this makes roster churning difficult as you can quickly run out of either roster space or contract cap space (we have a limit of 100 contract years) Position by Position breakdown (number in parentheses is contract years left, a 0 means open and I need to assign a contract or cut, I can cut without penalty up until next Monday): Defensive Line: Current Roster: Chase Young (6), Danielle Hunter (2), Brandon Graham (0), Josh Sweat (0), Marcus Davenport (0), Aldon Smith (2) Taxi Squad: None Best Available DL (based on FBG projections): Fletcher Cox, Daron Payne Current Plan: Cut Sweat, Davenport, Smith, don't pick up any one, give Graham 1 year contract to use as depth Linebacker: Current Roster: Bobby Wagner (4), Fred Warner (1), Tremaine Edmunds (3), Neville Hewitt (0), Alexander Johnson (2), Ifeadi Odenigbo (0) Taxi Squad: Derrick Barnes, Alex Highsmith, Tanner Muse, Joe Tryon, Josh Uche Best Available LB (based on FBG projections): Damien Wilson (JAX), Blake Cashman, Jermaine Carter (towards bottom of FBG ranks, I have waiver bid in on him) Current Plan: If I get Carter, probably give him 2-3 year contract, cut Johnson and Odenigbo, debating if worth giving Hewitt 1 year deal and roster spot or cutting to keep the spot open. For taxi squad, for sure keep Barnes and Highsmith, debating other 3. I can easily fit 1 more on taxi, and could trim some deeper offensive taxi guys to make room for the others. Defensive Back: Current Roster: Justin Reid (2), Terrell Edmunds (0), Ronnie Harrison (0), Rayshawn Jenkins (0), Jordan Whitehead (2) Taxi Squad: None Best Available DB (based on FBG projections): Darnell Savage, Carlton Davis, Donovan Wilson Current Plan: This is where I always struggle. Usually lots of rookie CBs show up and do well as teams throw at them, so I either will pick 3 of my current group and give 1 year deals (or keep Reid with 2) then pick up 1-2 more during the season, or I can just cut my current guys and pick up available guys to start the season. While what I've done in the past has worked out ok for me, I feel like I am leaving value on the table by being less proactive in addressing some of these spots, in particular DBs. We have a 40 man total active roster - as it stands I have 22 offensive players that I believe I'm for sure keeping with a couple borderline, and need 1 spot for a bye week/backup kicker. I tend to start the season with a bare bones defense and add as season goes. Ideally I will start with 3 DL, 5 LB and 3 DB active and will keep about 5 open roster spots heading into the season for adding DL/DB pickups, LB pickups if a 3 Down guy emerges, and as I am currently lacking WR depth, trying to keep a spot open to add to that position if someone pops up on waivers.
  20. I'll fire up my own thread as you said, it is slow so why not some open dialog on retooling the defensive side of my squad - though half the league is on the forum and when I set up this user name however many years ago, it was more lurker so anonymity was not a concern. But, I would not call it a big play league - 2 points per tackle, 1 per assist, 3 per sack, 2 per interception, 2 per fumble forced, 2 per recovered, 1.5 per pass defensed. Other things mixed in like safeties, etc. only other wrinkle is all players get 0.04 per kick/punt return yard, so if any of them double as a return guy (looking at the DBs here), then there is some chance for extra points, but usually not significant.
  21. Trying to avoid making it a direct who do I keep post, but what the heck - I'll skip DL (have Young and Hunter, only need to start 2, so will probably just keep those 2 and pick up a hot hand for bye weeks) and DB (I have hot garbage there, but doesn't score well so I'll keep a couple and pick up hot hands). For LB though, my active roster is Fred Warner, Bobby Wagner, Tremaine Edmunds (my likely starters) with Alexander Johnson and Neville Hewitt (though may cut both in preseason to free up roster spot). May also add Jermaine Carter depending on waivers tomorrow. Possible DTS guys at LB (we can keep guys on DTS up to 3 years if placed there as a rookie) that I have are: Derrick Barnes, Alex Highsmith, Tanner Muse, Joe Tryon, Josh Uche (and possibly Jermaine Carter depending on waivers tomorrow). Ideally I'd trim this to 3-4 of them, but if compelling enough cases can be made, I could trim some from the offensive side. Right now, Barnes and Highsmith I think are for sure holds, and Tryon seems to be doing well enough on the field that he is probably worth holding. I can probably easily find an additional player or two on the offensive side to cut if either Muse or Uche have the upside to be contributors, otherwise I think I'm better off with the RB/WR dart throws.
  22. Any good sources/links to help me decide on where to prune my DTS down - I bloated it up during summer, have until Monday to make my final preseason cuts. Mostly trying to find some decent updated dynasty profiles for the IDP side - I'll keep with the googling, but figured you guys may have good insight on where else to look. Eyes of the Guru has been decent, just need an update after the final cuts today and before I need to make mine
  23. But who will audit the auditors that aren't really auditing?
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