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  1. Think Gay is worth anything in a 12 teamer that rewards 4 pts for 40+ 5 for 50+ 6 for 60+ etc? (we do get -1 for misses) @Faust
  2. Sad, his dad was good, and I liked his chances
  3. He then tore a ligament, putting his registration away
  4. What's the deal, this board is dead. Let's work together to revive the IDP side of footballguys forums in hopes of them making more IDP content overall...
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NZ3BrZUsYj4 Look at him turn on a dime at 2:46
  6. This kid is so fast for a 300 pounder! 4.87 40 possibly the next Aaron Donald
  7. Chris Jones is a DT on MFL right now if that means anything.
  8. I am sick of looking for rankings for DTs (we start 2 with the ability to flex up to 2 more (highly unlikely scenario)) I am always looking for good DT2s, and all the rankings i find don't break apart D-line and have about 5 DTs on them. Where do you guys go to find your DT rankings?
  9. Shawn

    FBG IDP Content

    I would like way more IDP and 2QB/Superflex content.
  10. I really can't stand the new system... It takes forever to load compared to the classic. Why change something that everyone is used to, that is working fine? Will keep using the classic page as long as its available...
  11. He is hanging on by a thread on the end of my bench...
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