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  1. I apologize for asking but "too important" to what? To isolate? In other words, "I am willing to significantly increase the risk of spreading and contracting the virus because I will not sacrifice seeing my family for a lengthy period of time, despite that risk." I'm not arguing with that position, I am just clarifying if that is what you mean, as we are taking the opposite view, but it is hard.
  2. We are headed to the winter and are looking at isolating times. I feel like the more people I talk to the more I am hearing, "Well, just my parents, and a couple of close friends are coming inside, but we're being safe." I just wanted to take the temperature of the group out of curiosity. We live in NY, so for people who have good weather all year, obviously this is less of a concern.
  3. I drafted Green in the 7th, expecting he would be miss a month or so, alas, not to be. I ask this question, I wonder if there has ever been an instance where a (non-holdout) player was: 1) Not on the practice squad 2) Inactive for every game 3) Never went on IR
  4. Sitting him for chark, edelman, and diggs. Notably two of the guys listed (chark and diggs) have had three crap games out of the last four, just like lockett, so I hope someone blows up when it counts.
  5. Have people been buying/selling Ekeler? Curious to see what kind of value people are getting/giving? I'm being offered low end WR2 value, and feel like I am getting ripped off.
  6. Took him after Luck injury at 5.05 in PPR. Looking like a potential huge steal. ...and benched him for Mike Williams in PPR. Oof.
  7. I have a 12 year old, who we are perfectly fine with leaving home alone for several hours. But, is that really fair to the kid? Home alone in the summer 25+ hours a week without human interaction seems tough. Is there no town camp of some sort? My son was at sleepaway camp for a month, and had two days from when he finished up camp until he went to a pre-teen camp, and we found things for him to do during those two days, because we felt bad having him alone re boredom for so long, not from a safety perspective.
  8. And I do. Its the 387th reminder that really put it in my head.
  9. 50% of the time I unload the washing machine, Wife- "Ned, did you turn the water off to the machine? You know that's a big way people get leaks." Me- "Yes honey, I did hear that."
  10. Fair point. i know what I would do, but I'm definitely not in charge regarding this issue. The other day, I had three or four of my son's clothing items in the dryer, and left for the day with my wife home. She called after she left the house an hour later realizing that the dryer was on, asking me to return home to turn the dryer off (10 minutes away). I put my foot down on that one, as i told her that by the time i came home it would be off already. My wife definitely has me unplug the toaster when going out for the whole day.
  11. Our dryer sucks (I think). I put in give or take 6 towels, and they take well over 2 hours to dry. Last night I was stupid and put in 5 big towels and 5 medium/small towels, plus a top sheet. They took 4.5 hours to dry. We have a 7-8 year old Samsung, thinking of upgrading. In the interim, i would love to, for example, do a load of laundry in the AM, and then throw it on the dryer to head out for the day. The Mrs. says, no way. As a result in light of Walking Boot's comment re wet clothing and our full time jobs, can only do laundry at night, which backs things up. Same thing for the dishwasher. I know this is a petty annoyance, but an annoyance nonetheless.
  12. I didn't know I had an alias named Quint. What if there's a leak? What if there's a fire?
  13. Looking for the FFA to step in re a discussion with my wife. I don't want to taint the votes with what I think, so simple question, do you leave the house with any of the appliances listed running?
  14. This was me too, college for chase, law school for verdict. They broadcast the verdict on a large TV for a room holding about 100 of my fellow future lawyers, and I remember watching everybody's reactions based primarily on race, and thinking to myself "Two different Americas..."
  15. My wife (jokingly) asked if I was comfortable in the knowledge that by calling him out for his crap that I was torturing an old man, and that I helped put him in the ground. I'm comfortable with my decision.
  16. We literally could not fit an SUV and a second car in the garage. We could fit one, but would have to keep one car in the driveway regardless, so we just use the garage to store bicycles, sports stuff, etc. Works for us.
  17. Two key updates: 1) We widened our driveway so my wife and I can now both fit our cars at the same time without an issue. 2) Crotchety neighbor recently died. We have spoken with his wife, who has said that apparently he was a total d-bag all the time (some of the stories she told us are crazy) and that he parked in front of my house to piss me off, because he could. I KNEW IT!!! Vindication is mine! (FWIW the widow seems much, much happier and more friendly after her husband's passing.)
  18. Did you get into my brain? The three '96 films are among probably my 50 favorite movies of all time; Trainspotting is in the top 10. Re As Good as it gets, I went to see it with a friend at 10ish o clock show. My buddy fell asleep about half way through, in a theater that was probably about 90% empty. Rather than watch the rest of this boring BS, I literally wandered around the lobby for 15 -20 minutes looking at movie posters, which I deemed more enjoyable than watching As Good as it Gets.
  19. As I was watching Carl and Debbie yell from the stands competing for Kelly, i was thinking, "what the hell am I watching?"
  20. Carl's GF is where its at. (I checked, she's comfortably legal.)
  21. 11 year old son- "Fortnite is dead." Has moved on to Apex Legends. 7 year old, still all in on Fortnite, as are his friends. We haven't let him play Apex.
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