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  1. CBS league name: Pigskin Fanatics

    FBG user name: pfcommish

    let me know if u need anything further. Thanks Simon.

  2. How can I use the new My FBG with the Dynasty Rankings?



  3. Hello Simon, how do i upload my Fleaflicker roster and setting into Draft Dominator?



  4. Any word on MyFBG status for 2016? Our draft is coming up in a couple weeks......

  5. Hello Simon,

    Love it that your new dominator app is out. I have been trying to use it but I am having a problem. In the past you could just swipe a player to the right to make a pick. My app will not do this. I have to tap on the player and select pick player. This makes this a very slow process in a live draft. The instructions state that you can swipe a player but this does not work for me. Have I set up something wrong? Do you have a suggestion. I would prefer email. My email address is drmcpa@gmail.com. Fwiw, I met you in Vegas last year at the ffpc drafts.


    Danny Mueller

  6. Hi Simon, was just wondering if I was going to get a Subscription renewal for the beta testing as I did last year.


    No prob if not, I will sign up then, but figured I would ask first.



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