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  1. I'm not an android user, but I think this is an android equivalent: https://natomasunified.org/kb/add-website-to-mobile-device-home-screen/
  2. Pro tip for iOS: https://www.macrumors.com/how-to/add-a-web-link-to-home-screen-iphone-ipad/#:~:text=Launch Safari on your ‌iPhone‌,tap Add to Home Screen. This will add a bookmark to the league dominator on your device's homescreen, and launch it without the safari address and bookmark bars. This still falls a little short of the mobile app, because it won't save state when you switch out of it and into another app. And it still doesn't get the full use of the screen. But it's something of a halfway house between the app and running it in mobile safari.
  3. The message is gone in a version I just uploaded (you may have to read it one more time to get the updated version) It was not designed to show on every visit. I apologize that it did. It was fairly accurate in that it referred to the experience which is better in the app than dealing with the address bars of safari. It didn't explictly say there were more features (there are not) but I do agree it could have been clearer. It was written last year when the app was free and it was an oversight on my part not to remove or amend it for 2020. No difference other than it's a littl
  4. Hey guys, I've just done a release to address the issue some of you were having with the reports not loading. Please try again now. In the top bar of the site, it needs to report at least v2.0.24 next to the Rate My Team logo. If you see anything less than that, please try clearing your browser cache (https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/) or try in an incognito window. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, I've just done a release to address the issue some of you were having with the reports not loading. Please try again now. In the top bar of the site, it needs to report at least v2.0.24 next to the Rate My Team logo. If you see anything less than that, please try clearing your browser cache (https://www.refreshyourcache.com/en/home/) or try in an incognito window. Thanks!
  6. thanks guys for all the help so far. If @Salmon asks for details please help him out with as much detail as you can! thanks
  7. Sam ( @Salmon) and I have been working hard on this one - anything you guys can do to help him as we try to track down these issues, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks all!
  8. can you let me know what inputs you're putting in for this? If you can get a report to generate and share the link with me, that would do it for sure - thanks. I'm assuming you're using wifi here? Thanks!
  9. Hey @PigSkinMan - what exactly do you mean by "algorithm or simulator to provide projections" here? Can you give an example of another tool in the industry that is an equivalent? Just want to make sure I understand you before I write up a wishlist item on this.
  10. We made a focus this year to make the Draft Dominator easier to use. Give it a shot as especially for getting started with a new draft, it's now much clearer than before. League sync does come at a higher cost from Fantasy Pros, especially if you need more than 1 league, but it's something we do consider each year. It's a large undertaking and not one we want to do without being 100% sure we're going to be able to do it near perfectly, as nothing would be worse than messing this up halfway through a customer's draft.
  11. The Draft Dominator Online has newer algorithms that deal with position scarcity and the size of your league much better. We strongly recommend going with DD Online where they disagree. If you want more detail about why the app has only 2 QBs in the top 20, typically the place to go would be helpdesk, but because this is a discussion that might benefit others, if you stick your username and the name of the league here, I'll drop back in with an explanation.
  12. You can manually enter your league settings into the Draft Dominator - they don't have to be imported. You can just add a manual league under where it lists ESPN, Yahoo etc. There's a ton of cheat sheet options on that page - I think the possible cheat sheets are something like 8,000 different combos - so they'll have you pretty well covered. But the Draft Dominator will let you go all the way manually if you want, too.
  13. This is absolutely one of the places where we think we'll be able to add huge value this year. Right now, we're not getting the news flow that we usually would. In August, it's going to start flooding in like crazy - all the stuff we'd typically here in May, June, July all packed into one month. We will be on top of this and parsing it and updating rankings. We're anticipating a crazy time there. Our Jene Bramel is on the ball with the covid stuff and will be doing an article soon on how that's likely to affect the season. Again, this might be something new in terms of how
  14. Thanks @Genester I'm trying to understand the issue so we can deal with it appropriately - I'm still not totally sure if this is related to the server migration or something that is specifically only affecting your leagues. I'll chase it down with our customer service from the ticket number and Matt will get back to you there.
  15. This one was brought to my attention by Matt yesterday. I'm going to look into it today. Matt will update you on the ticket.
  16. Hey @Genester I want to be 100% clear here - is your issue with the MyFBG Classic, which is here: https://subscribers.footballguys.com/myfbg/my.php or the League Dominator, which is here: https://league.footballguys.com Can you give me a brief description of the issue here? There is one known issue with MyFBG Classic of it receiving data from the new League Dominator, since our server migration. That's being actively worked on. But if that isn't your issue, then I will make sure your problem is tracked down and brought to a swift resolution. Edit from Joe: I know e
  17. Thanks @Steeler Everything in your post is already in the to-do list for the Single mode of the Optimizer (it's actually likely that we split it out into its own separate app) I view all this stuff as very minor tweaks. Adding those 3 projector columns, fixing the issue with having to scroll to see the whole lineup (which only happens on some devices - not mine annoyingly!) and speeding up the lineup builds are all super easy changes for us to make, and none of them are integral at all to the design of the tool. So I think we're quite close here. Thanks. I have th
  18. Thanks. That's my fault. It's in the multi build mode but not the single/IVC mode. I'll make a note.
  19. It's there but needs to be easier to find! We have full customization of the columns on the to-do list as well.
  20. sure - you hit the E key on the keyboard. There is a yellow hint box at the top but we need to make this more obvious.
  21. Going to try one last time here to try to break out of the cycle of "Footballguys build something, Shark Pool is up in arms about how it doesn't do the same as an old tool" I really want to engage with you guys and make sure the product we build works for everyone here. It is 1000x easier to build the right product from the start than to build something, have you guys see it in week 1, give a ton of (very valid and entirely reasonable) feedback as to why it doesn't work for you, then have to try to make changes during the season! Please see my post above. I want to work with you guys
  22. Have you tried the new single build mode? Because it's a direct copy of the IVC interface. And it's so much easier to use on phones (50%+ of internet traffic is phones). Or am I missing something here? I do think the name does matter here. For new users, "IVC" doesn't mean anything. New users need to understand what something is going to do for them, from the title alone. Even expanded out into "Interactive Value Chart" - I really don't think that phrase is a very good descriptor or what the tool is doing. I agree however that it needs to be super clear that the new single build mode is a
  23. Thanks. Do you have a better suggestion? "Simple" versus "Advanced"? "Quick" versus "Settings"?
  24. Yes. That's exactly why the two tools are on completely separate tabs labelled "SINGLE" and "MULTI". For sure we looked at fantasycruncher and lots of others. For here though, I want to see if any of you guys are willing to help us out with more detailed feedback of your own experience using our tool in this past season.
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