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  1. Were you planning on participating again this year? Sign up thread is on first page of Shark Pool.

  2. What's your point? I think it's pretty clear that Manziel is the 10th member that remains at large.
  3. I only care about who well he plays football, but humility and JJ Watt should not be mentioned in the same sentence again... Gentleman off the field, ##### on the field. So he's like Richard Sherman on the field, except he doesn't sound like an obnoxious teenager and he knows to turn it off when he leaves the field.
  4. Quote Translation: If he's available at 12, please get on the phone to give us your best offer so we can trade back. There is no way the Giants pick Manziel.
  5. So one of the very few teams in the league that has a young promising QB already is going to trade up to grab Manziel? Nope.
  6. I can barely remember the last time a QB with that size won a super bowl. It's been months now.
  7. While I like the sound of Manziel in Cleveland, I don't see him being there at the 4 spot after today. Houston, JAX or someone trading up to the 2 spot would take him.
  8. Plenty of productive idiots in the nfl As a successful franchise QB? I don't know if plenty is the word. Maybe 2 out of say the top 15 QB's in the league qualify as idiots (Cam from his college days and Roethlisberger for some of his off the field actions). GM's/owners want the face of the franchise to be marketable and stable. Manziel is showing signs of real immaturity issues. Hopefully, Manziel realizes his actions off the field are hurting his draft stock and he tones down his antics. And both of those guys have the talent and abilities that Manziel does not.
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