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  1. I have someone dangling 1.3 out there for him from me and it's getting harder and harder to resist. Sometimes I want to say, grab it and run before he's worth nothing. On the other hand, it's almost guaranteed that the 1.3 will never be a Tyreek Hill and is even a good chance will be a complete bust.
  2. It is concerning, but I'm sure his lawyers and even the team are probably telling him to be quiet until it's the right time. I'd find it very hard to believe that he's not in contact with the Chiefs. If he wasn't, I'd think he'd be cut by now. Similarly, if he said yes I intentionally broke my son's arm, I think he'd be cut already too. I'd guess there's a bit of a gray area here and the team/his lawyers are suggesting to just be quiet until more details come out. I have a high 1st offer on the table for my Hill and it's tempting, but even though it seems unlikely he's innocent, there is
  3. Full PPR league. I was offered this year's 1.03 for Tyreek. I know it's a game of guessing, but if the story is true I think there's a possibility he doesn't play again. That being said, the dude is a stud and if it was even a 1 year suspension, I'd rather have Tyreek than 1.03 I think.
  4. With Brady on bye I'm going with him. Tannehill or Bortles were really the only other viable option on waivers for me.
  5. Were you planning on participating again this year? Sign up thread is on first page of Shark Pool.

  6. If Brock can be at least an average QB then I like this spot. If he sucks then this could be a rough couple years.
  7. Not just saying this as an Abdullah owner/fan, but the Lions would be wise to get him going right from the start even if Bell can play Week 1. Bell won't last all year if he's handling a full load and they would be wise trying to preserve him for later in the year for a playoff push.
  8. I'm not giving up! Unless he does nothing by about the midway point through this season and then I'm finally dumping him. I can't even believe the offers I was turning down for him at this point last year.
  9. Debated about him or Yeldon at the 1.08. I know Yeldon has the prototypical size for a 3 down back, but I couldn't deny that I likes Abdullahs tape so much better. I thought, who would I feel more comfortable missing on? I would be pissed if Abdullah became the stud he showed he can be and I passed on him for a guy that I don't like as much just because of his size. Not sure what Eminence is talking about above. Best had concussion issues. As far as I know, people's heads are all about the same size and have the same cushion no matter how big or strong they are. Also, with David Wilson, his n
  10. This is a tough call. I have then rated very similar in PPR. Standard I think it's Yeldon by more. I'd probably prefer Yeldon in PPR but really I have then as a damn near tie. Luckily for me, the guy right in front of me made my decision easy by taking Abdullah and leaving me Yeldon.It's full PPR and I decided to go Abdullah, so probably great news for you Yeldon fans given my luck. Yeldon went right after me at the 1.09 spot.
  11. Trying to decide between him and Abdullah at the 1.08, assuming I have a choice. I'm leaning Abdullah because I think he is the most talented back, but I like Yeldons situation, size and clearer path at every down work. As a Glo owner, I'm worried I'll end up with another Gio when I could get a Lacy though.
  12. Isn't it safe to assume that people would prefer Gordon, Gurley, Cooper, Parker, and White over him? Wouldn't that put his "best" value as 1.06?
  13. With Shorts likely gone and Lee not doing anything spectacular, is Robinson a good dynasty buy low? He had minimal playing time but he looked good from what I saw. For current owners, what kind of rookie pick would it take to get him. For non-owners, what kind of rookie pick price would you pay to get him?
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