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  1. Successfully defend a title, he never did that with either belt. Of course he'd have to win one first at this point.
  2. Really depends on how you feel about Tua. I've seen opinions all over the place on him. Also, what other vet QB's are available in the player pool where you may be able to grab one with your 3.10
  3. I have a really close friend that somehow didn't get it (tested negative 3 times) after his wife and twin daughters were all positive. The twins are schooling from home, the wife teaching from home and he's working from home. It's a small ranch house and they are on top of each other 24x7.
  4. FFPC regular Dyno Team A gave David Johnson and Corey Davis Team B gave 3.06 & 2022 2nd (mid rd) Team A had multiple cuts to make, DJ probably would have been one of them. Davis was their 5th WR
  5. Wait, he's only been in the league a little over a year and he already has a National Park named after him?
  6. Jeebus, be thankful you don't live in other areas that have been less impacted than yours but shut down way more severely. To say you are being inconvenienced as to say, most of the rest of the country is laughable.
  7. I always thought that stuff was "to put a little lead in your pencil"
  8. Not really inspiring as Lockett has been the only true year to year starter in FF. Dionte & Mooney flashed some this year. Westbrook flamed out, Brown hasn't done anything to date to justify his draft spot and Hamler at best is a wait and see. I think Lockett is the exception to the rule and the rest (at least to date) are "who we thought they were."
  9. Is there something really to this that younger folks are having more intense side effects?
  10. Has anyone gotten the 2nd dose of Pfizer yet? I'm curious as to how the felt afterwards. My brother is FDNY and they got the Moderna vax, he said he didn't fell too bad after the 2nd dose but some of the other firemen were down for a few days.
  11. My top BB team has J.Allen McCaffrey, Kamara, Hunt Adams, Hill, McLaurin, Juju, Chark Little, Andrews Miami, Pitt Won the the title years 1,2 & 3 and finished 2nd this year by 8 points due to CMC and Kittle missing so much time
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