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  1. Emerging evidence suggests new coronavirus variant could be problematic for vaccines
  2. Field Yates @FieldYates The Chiefs announce that Patrick Mahomes is being evaluated for a concussion.
  3. Wow, Mahomes has to enter the protocol now, next week could be in doubt
  4. Never seen this before. I took Texas/Texas Tech Over 130.5 tonight. The game's flying over (went to HT at 86) but William Hill offered me 100% cash out with 3 minutes left in the 1st half. I mean there's only like a 20% chance of it losing but why pay me out 100% as if it won that early? Heck I took it, you never know anything can happen
  5. Anyone know how critical it is to get the 2nd dose as close to 3 weeks apart from the first dose? I mean if the 2nd dose is administered 4 weeks after is it less effective?
  6. For a minute I thought that was Baker trying to get into Pittsburgh's end zone tomorrow night
  7. Lindsey Thiry @LindseyThiry Sean McVay is 36-0 when leading at halftime, including playoffs, as the Rams take a 20-10 lead over the Seahawks into halftime.
  8. Ghost Rider is just trying to "Express hisself"
  9. Yep, those sloppy mistakes are what's creating the tension as you know it's going to come back and bite them
  10. 'Human disaster' unfolding in LA will get worse, experts say
  11. Happy they are moving forward with this but so sad I can't be in attendance. This has been a thing for me and my son for over 20 years. I just checked and from 2000-2019 we attended over 200 March madness games. One First Four, twenty seven 1st/2nd rd pods and the last 20 East Regional. 2015 was our pinnacle when we hit the first 4 in Dayton, both 1st/2nd rd. pods in Pittsburgh and Columbus and the East Region Semi's and Finals in Syracuse. Last year we had tickets to the 6 games in the Albany 1st/2nd round pod and Delta VIP Box seats at MSG for the East region semi's and finals. 😭 A
  12. Not so sure, Ownership's bad, GM is bad. Top down they are a really bad franchise
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