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  1. 1 hour ago, Chadstroma said:

    I think some people may be immune... 

    My sister has two daughters and lives in a small one bedroom apartment. They are on top of each other. Both girls got it. My sister did not and one of the daughters had been kissing her bf and he didn't get it... 

    Or maybe they did and had no symptoms? I don't remember if she said they got tested or not. 

    I have a really close friend that somehow didn't get it (tested negative 3 times) after his wife and twin daughters were all positive. The twins are schooling from home, the wife teaching from home and he's working from home. It's a small ranch house and they are on top of each other 24x7. 

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  2. 29 minutes ago, Ministry of Pain said:

    I knew you would find your way in here so let's discuss. In regular terms i would agree but are we going to go on forever wearing masks inside Publix? Do we have to wrap a pair of underwear around our face to walk to a dining room table in public? When will this nightmare end? 

    For the first time since the Covid I got kidnapped and taken to the Square Grouper here in Jupiter, anyone who has been here knows the spot...my goodness you could barely move in there. Honestly, 1st place I've been outdoors where I thought oh my holy god I might need a daggum mask tonight. Yet almost everyone as you might imagine in this mostly outdoor spot were crawling all over each other with very few masks on, I was a bit shocked although a man with my background should not have been the least bit surprised by human nature. Live band and the alcohol was flowing, stayed about 30-45 minutes tops and just had to get out of there. You really couldn't social distance.

    80 degrees today, biked 15 miles, went from an outdoor happy hour to the last place I mentioned, c'mon Caps, when are we going to open?  

    Jeebus, be thankful you don't live in other areas that have been less impacted than yours but shut down way more severely. To say you are being inconvenienced as to say, most of the rest of the country is laughable.

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  3. On 2/10/2021 at 1:53 PM, SFBayDuck said:

    As the guy who's been paying $70 a month for years at CVS until this thread pointed out I was being robbed, I'd say shop around.  I just got a 90 day supply from Costco mail order for under $9.  

    I always thought that stuff was "to put a little lead in your pencil"

  4. 2 hours ago, Faust said:

    Not really inspiring as Lockett has been the only true year to year starter in FF. Dionte & Mooney flashed some this year. Westbrook flamed out, Brown hasn't done anything to date to justify his draft spot and Hamler at best is a wait and see.

    I think Lockett is the exception to the rule and the rest (at least to date) are "who we thought they were."


  5. 3 minutes ago, Penguin said:

    Saw this in a Zealots Classic (Standard Scoring) league

    Team A sends S.Barkley & M.Gaskin

    Team B sends J.Jefferson & H.Henry

    Team B also has Kelce, Waller & I.Smith at TE but not much more than Eckler at RB, they have M.Gordan, Z.Moss type players)


    Thinking about it more I'm on the Barkley side. His rookie year blows away JJ's rookie year in standard scoring, even in PPR scoring too. Yes he's 24 at a position that doesn't age well and coming off knee surgery but I expect regression in year two from Jefferson and you can only look so far ahead as the NFL changes on a dime.

  6. I'm just throwing out the hypothetical that Rodgers has lets say a year or two left and Tua hits and is a top 10 QB for the next decade. It;s a standard league which knocks Hill's value some and 1.03 is Eteine or J.Williams who becomes a productive starter at RB for 5-6 years. If the team acquiring Rodgers/Hill is not in win now mode it's not as cut and dry.

  7. This one was interesting....

    14 team short lineup (QB, 1RB, 1WR/TE, 3 Flex) Non PPR league with typical standard scoring...

    Team A trades A.Rodgers & T.Hill

    Team B trades Tua & 1.03 (Team B's only other QB is Teddy, he had Brees who just retired)

    On the surface it looks like the Rodgers/Hill side easily but Aaron is 37 with another expected 1.32 years while Tua will be 23 with another 11.26 expected years (Given that he actually remains a starter, which is a big given.)

    Hill will be 27 with another 4.22 expected years vs. the 1.03 (Looking like team receiving that pick will be going RB) which would have an expected 6/7 years remaining (Also assuming that pick sticks.)

    Short term is 100% on the Rodgers/Hill side and long term could be too if Tua and/or 1.03 bust. But, if Tua and 1.03 hit, I'd figure that side wins pretty easily long term.

    Just looking at both sides as I thought it was an interesting trade. Personally I'd side with the "Bird in the hand" Rodgers/Hill side but just wondering what others think.

  8. 21 hours ago, nittanylion said:

    Somewhat off-topic, but I think it's neat: Brother of Packers WR Equanimeous, and they have another brother, Osiris, who is a WR at Stanford. I haven't dug much into this, but it appears that Amon-Ra is the youngest, but Osiris redshirted his freshman year, and has one more year of eligibility. Father is an accomplished bodybuilder: a 3-time Mr. World and former Mr. Universe, as far as I can tell. However these guys wind up their NFL careers, that's a heck of an athletic family, with at least a stellar collegiate football legacy. I don't know jack about them, but I applaud their athletic accomplishments, at least. Hard to imagine having 3 sons good enough at football to scholarship at Notre Dame, USC and Stanford. Good for them, I wish them all the best!

    Osiris isn't getting drafted

  9. 3 minutes ago, rockaction said:

    I edited to say Fournette was gone but you were responding already. Godwin can be franchised, but with the decrease in the cap, analysts say it'll be tough for TB to do, especially since Evans is on a huge deal. Gronk is a FA but he's only going to go back to Tampa, I presume. He wants to play with Brady. O.J. Howard is under contract for next year, but tore his Achilles' heel and who knows if he'll make it back. Evans and Miller, I think, are back. As is Tyler Johnson and Justin Watson also, if I'm not mistaken (Johnson is the rookie that saw sporadic time and will see more next year with Godwin likely gone).

    Yes, Tyler Johnson who the coaches were very impressed with

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