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  1. It is such a hard decision to choose between the 2 receivers. On one hand...Antonio Brown will draw a lot of attention and Williams is replacing the #1WR on the Charges [in Keenan Allen] but will have Gates, Woodhead, Gordon and Travis Benjamin to keep them honest. Then...I look at who has the worst defense of the 2 teams [Charges or Steelers]. Common sense wise...who ever has the worst defense.....their respective offenses will have to throw more which means more "probability" of greater PPR points. If that is the case....then the nod goes to Tyrell Williams as [I believe] the Chargers have worse of a defense than the Steelers....but that is open to debate obviously. Thoughts?
  2. I have a choice in my PPR League....pick up Eli Rogers [from Pittburgh] who had 7 targets [6 catches] and 59 yards and 1 TD or Tyrell Williams....not an easy choice to consider. Thoughts/Opinions either way [objectively of course whether you own Williams or not]. Thanks guys!
  3. Alright boys....whats your projections for him now? He has his best QB to date and only 23 years old. Could he BUST OUT? Give you thoughts on why or why not?
  4. The only thing I don't like about him is he looks like he has quicksand in his feet when he starts running. Not being negative on the guy but with explosive NFL Defenses shooting through the gaps....he won't have time to showcase that world class speed and athleticism because he is getting stopped behind the line of scrimmage. Brandon Jacobs is a comparable and I believe Jacobs is the better player...
  5. What do you think about Hyde having a monster game against the pathetic Bears this week? I'm forecasting the Niners will LOAD UP on the Bears and run Hyde all day in second half putting up MONSTER #'s? Thoughts?
  6. So is there ANY CHANCE he can get this delayed and play this year. Need to know as I'm in the process of dropping him for a defense if he doesn't. Just hoping there is an inkling of hope he can play. Thoughts?
  7. Unless people are ready for God...there is no use to try to convince people. Instead pray that God will have mercy and truly reveals the plan He has always had for them. I'm not being rude at all when I say this...but God even says this: "Don't cast your pearls among swine" . When people are ready [and willing by their own choice] God is more than willing to come down and touch people with the reality of His Love.
  8. I'd say he gets 32 receptions this year. At least. What makes you say that? I'd personally be shocked if he gets anywhere near that. Gruden had BJGE spend a ton of time working on his receiving skills too as he wanted him to improve in that area. He had 26 catches total in 2 seasons. In PPR leagues, I'm pretty down on Morris because he has to put up massive rushing stats to overcome the lack of points he generates in the passing game. Morris is being drafted ahead of Reggie Bush in PPR leagues and Bush put up over 120 points in just the passing game last season. Alfred Morris put up less than 20. That's a 100 point gap in terms of what they scored from receptions. Morris would have to rush for 1,000 more yards than Bush just to come out even. Or score 5 more rushing TDs and rush for 700 more yards. I personally don't see it happening and I think Morris is getting over drafted in PPR leagues. Drafting from the 6 spot, I drafted him in the 4th round and didn't blink an eye. And yes...this is a PPR League.
  9. I think you need to turn in your medical degree. Why? He's not wrong, Anderson doesn't take even a slight blow to the head. Nor does his helmet even really hit the ground. Watching that footage I can't see how he'd have gotten a concussion. Unless he got hit so hard his brain shot down to his sternum? It doesn't really take a doctor to say "Hmm, how could he get concussed with never taking a blow to the head?". He clearly tensed up like you would during a concussion, but it's weird as he took no contact to his head. My only thought could be that he got hit so hard the sheer force of the hit caused enough force to give him a concussion? But I'd believe he had a broken rib before a concussion. He is wrong. A concussion can be caused by the head bouncing off the ground also, not just contact with another player, which was his point. And sometimes it doesn't take much force provided that the force is lined up in a particular way.I'm curious. Do you guys think DEN and/or Anderson are pretending he has a concussion? The RB3 in week 1 of preseason? To what end, exactly? ETA - I watched it again, and just like the first time I watched, it seemed clear to me that the side of his helmet slammed against the ground, and that the effects on him were immediately recognizable afterwards. So I have to ask again, what is his motivation for pretending to be hurt immediately after the tackle? I'm aware, my point was that it looked like his head barely touches the ground. Looks like he mostly lands on his shoulder. As LawFitz said, film can be misleading for stuff like this but to me at first glance it looked like he got the wind severely knocked out of him or hurt his shoulder. Even the medics are seen later on moving his arm around when he gets up on the field. I assumed he hurt his shoulder/rip area. Not a concussion, short of his arms locking up nothing about that hit said concussion to me. I'm not denying he even has a concussion, I'm simply saying you were being too harsh with your "turn in your medical degree" statement" as the hit wasn't directed at his head and his head seems to barely even graze the ground. But I guess it could be sort of like dropping your cellphone, I've dropped mine from 5-10 feet up off the top of a ladder without a scratch even on it, meanwhile, I've seen my girlfriend drop hers off the couch and shatter the entire screen. Sometimes it's not the force but the angle that can damage stuff and I think that's what happened with Anderson. My point was that you were being a little ridiculous with your statement in response to ISU as it wasn't really clear how he even came close to suffering a concussion. So you read ISU's post, my response, and your conclusion was that I was the one being ridiculous. Fair enough. Don't worry, I'll give your opinion the consideration it merits. Ridiculous may have not been the correct term. Possibly rude? My point was his statement wasn't that far off base. Let the fleas fly with the fleas Khy!!! Eagles fly with the other eagles ....On a positive note, that's good insight about Juwan Thompson....could be a an under the radar pickup if C.J. doesn't pan out....
  10. The problem is he didn't get hit in the head on that play and his head didn't slam the turf. They say it's easier to get a subsequent concussion the more often you're concussed. Maybe he actually got banged on a previous play but if THAT play is the culprit, I'd be worried about Anderson's viability in the NFL> This is my only concern with C.J. Anderson.....he didn't get hit by the linebacker. What does that say about his durability moving forward. I have the same concern with Marquis Wilson who is the Bears 3WR who broke his collerbone after diving for a pass. He wasn't hit by anybody....he just broke his collerbone...
  11. This is b***#####....how could he have got a concussion on that play. His head never got hit by the linebacker. If anything he got the wind knocked out of him. It showed 3 different angles and not once did his head get hit by the linebacker. The only thing I can think of is he somehow hit his head hard on the turf. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IOJc0X83hc Does this change anything regarding his outlook for the rest of the pre-season? If anything, this clip makes me think he will backup Ronnie Hillman [and get plenty of playing time] this Sunday. Thoughts?
  12. For what it is worth...C.J. Anderson had concussion like symptoms tonight. Did decent with the little work he had tonight. http://www.rotoworld.com/player/nfl/8694/cj-anderson
  13. I'd take White... I've shopped CJ with little interest at giving anything of value. White I think would fetch something nice, especially if he gets any first team reps in preseason games. I wouldn't walk into the season expecting anything from either of them and would consider moving them for an upgrade somewhere. That's how I'm operating at least. I've got C.J. and White in both of my leagues and planning on getting them [along with Khiry Robinson] tonight again.
  14. Any update on Ammendola or Thompkins playing today? Need to start or bench them before I go to church
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