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  1. I'm blown away by how many people are quite dismissive to Bell's injury history. Unless I'm mistaken, he's had multiple issues with his knees. Give his past usage, I just don't see how he makes it through another season unscathed
  2. Pouncey just came out and said Bell will arrive on Wednesday. That said, he did not hear directly from Le'Veon. https://twitter.com/Steelersdepot/status/1036664445693390855
  3. Im taking Collins over McCoy, Drake and mcKinnon
  4. I was on the Miller thread and a few of us got into a discussion regarding the rookie WR's--Sutton, Gallup, Miller, Washington, and Trequan Smith. I thought it would be fruitful to discuss them in terms of where we rank them in redraft and dynasty: Dynasty 1) Sutton- I think he's a household name in 2019 and will be starting opposite Sanders. 2) Gallup- I don't like his talent as much as Sutton, but he's in the best opportunity of all the rookies. 3) Trequan Smith- I'm a bit more bullish on him than others--I love the talent and he's really impressed Peyton and the rest of the coaching staff. 4) Miller- love the talent and that Chicago O should take a big step forward in 19. 5) Washington- love the talent, but hate the situation. I'm not sure why some other WR starved teams didn't grab this kid in the draft. If AB or JuJu get hurt, he would step in and have a meaningful role. Redraft 1) Gallup- OPPORTUNITY 2) Smith- I think he will earn Brees' trust and put together a nice season. Granted, his second half will probably look much different than the first portion. 3) Miller- I'm not sold on Trubisky and the Bear O--can this offense really sustain good production from AROB, Burton, Cohen, Howard, and Miller? I just don't see it. 4) Sutton- Unless DT or Manny go down with an injury, it will be hard for Sutton to relevant this year. I do think they will try and create mismatches in the redone, but he's not a viable fantasy option until next year. 5) Washington- again, I love the talent, but the situation calls for limited targets in a prolific offense, which boasts arguably the best RB/WR duo in football.
  5. Not to hijack the thread, but which of the above should have the greatest impact this year?
  6. The analysis I trust seem to be pushing Cole over Dede.
  7. FWIW, I heard a Bucs beat reporter on John Hanson's fantasy show the other day and he kept talking about how Godwin is a future star. I don't recall the reporter's name, but that obviously caught my attention.
  8. This rookie WR class could be dynamite: Miller, Sutton, Washington, Gallup, etc...
  9. He's back for now, but he has a lot to learn and that knee issue could linger most of the season. I love his talent, but let's see him make it through a week of practice.
  10. Call me crazy, but I think Patterson is the shark move
  11. I'm perplexed too! I harken back to Cam's rookie year when he leaned on Steve Smith. Granted, Smith wasn't a rookie and Cam didn't have the weapons he he currently possess, but Moore could be a big part of this offense by November.
  12. Man, I love every one of these calls. The Patterson one is the most intriguing and too many people within and without the organization are talking about how this kid is having a great pre-season and things are starting to click. I can't forget the fact that he's one of the most dangerous players in the NFL in open space. I think he's worth a late round flyer in all drafts.
  13. I couldn't disagree more! Tyron is actually a better fit for his game and throws a good deep ball...
  14. great question! I wonder if Gordon returns when the cameras leave
  15. Any idea what kind of soft tissue injury Bulkhead is dealing with? I absolutely love this guy, but he needs to be available.
  16. I recently heard John Hanson say he drafted Blake Bortles as his starter in a 12 team league...
  17. No way I even contemplate sitting this guy--he has been $$ all year!!
  18. I would start him over Matthews as well. I'm torn between starting him over Herron and FJax in a no-ppr league
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