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  1. so, if GB completely ignores all requests from Aaron, he could - in essence - show up week 1... fake an injury and never play another snap. milk 30+Mil. Not owe a penny back of his signing bonus. And then ride off into the sunset? Would I ever expect a player to do it? No. Can I see it with Rodgers? Yes. eta: I dont mean he'd LITERALLY do that... but a "down season" to say the least. major distractions calling out coaches/mgmt.. just creating total chaos
  2. Ya they hung out at the horsey races. He definitely made sure to say it was just HIS thoughts, but they're tight apparently. Who knows
  3. aj hawk stated, as a fact, that there's 0% chance he retires. but said it isnt totally about the money. very little of it is. aj sounds like he knows he's bouncing
  4. Trebek made about 10M annually from Jeopardy. That + endless endorsements + full physical health year-to-year.... He'll have a ton of leverage to get GB to get something or he leaves for nothing.
  5. ngl, suprised to see etienne ahead of pitts @ZWK- just 1 spot, but still surprised.
  6. honestly, gaskin w a QB that cant throw beyond 5yds is an absolute PPR dream. If he goes hard again this season, might start calling him the DumpTruck
  7. Was absolutely FLOORED to see he was RB11 in fantasy PPG in my ppr league... Ahead of jacobs, j taylor, zeke, gibson etc.
  8. Im gonna say it again. Couldn't be more thankful to have a top 3 pick.
  9. hey @zwk - if this takes any more than 1min, dont bother... but can se see your draft board in standard, ppr and then te premium? like i said, if you dont have a "quick" way, dont bother. thanks!
  10. the Browns jump up to use the No. 52 pick on Notre Dame LB Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah. ghostfella wins
  11. Carolina trades: 2nd Rd (52), 4th Rd (113) Cleveland trades: 2nd Rd (59), 3rd Rd (89)
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