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  1. biggest mayfield man that exists right here - he was horrific, and if we lost, it wouldve rested solely on him. it wasn't obj. it wasn't anything. it was baker. the fact he can crap the bed THAT HARD and we still get a dub... a great sign.
  2. everyone knew the o-line was cheeks, but they still took him based on volume. what am i missing?
  3. man he looked good. made a gorgeous catch (was OOB) but ya... give him another week or 2, and if he can stay healthy, he's going to BALL
  4. averaging 1250 total yds and about 10tds over 2 season.... and that's missing 3 games. maybe not mega stud, but he's pretty damn solid
  5. ya, but he owns it even from the sidelines
  6. kenyan drake is CHEEKS..... jacobs owns that backfield.
  7. strange, I genuinely thought that kickers were worse than ever these days.
  8. that's part of the allure... division rival.... got his feet wet in week 1 and came out 100%.... why say you're going full tilt? i love the risk.
  9. was gonna start a thread on this, but didnt.... didnt need/deserve one. i had barkley benched in 2/3 leagues (the only 2 i have him in).... and put him in this morning amidst the "movement" of the masses of benching him. when the masses zig, i always zag
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