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  1. Pat McAfee has addressed this... check it out on the youtube. Wentz wants it.. Wentz 500% gets it with zero push non-story
  2. Watch PatMcafee's interview w Lombardi yesterday on youtube Some pretty fascinating info he reveals, esp into negotiations. Basically, says he's almost NEVER seen more than 2 teams seriously (aka make a legit cash offer) to a player. Thinks all this is agent driven talk.
  3. i was called crazy when i started my obj to cleveland thread too.... mind you, i hope watt turns out a better fit, obviously (if he lands)
  4. I'll just toss this out there... Mind your car battery! Id imagine a 3-4yr old battery may not wanna crank back up after a surge of cold that it ain't used to. Especially over a few days sitting there. Im fully used to (and currently dealing with) 1ft+ of snow and -20 or lower temps... im the guy that still takes his car for a 5-10min drive daily just to get the battery/alternator moving
  5. Gonna tell you an honest to god story... In summer's rookie draft in our long time dynasty league, I was offering AR up for 3rd round picks during the 3rd round, and not a single bite. not one. I wasnt actually going to do it, but I was shopping him for early firsts and got told by everyone he was a bum... so i started to see if they were all being legit, and sure enough... NO for 3rds. (note: we're 12 close friends from all the way back in highschool, so i wasnt just being a full scumbag)
  6. Allen Robinson - because for some reason, clowns seem to think he's a bum. Still.
  7. @WerderEdESPN From NFL sources NFL sources: Approximately a dozen teams have shown interest in JJ Watt since he became an immediate unrestricted free agent. Included among those teams are the #Steelers, #Browns, #Bills and #Titans. (RT'd by Schefter)
  8. as a canadian living along the border and having done pretty extensive travelling in the US, i have yet to see a "suburb of a decent sized city" that isn't spoiled for choice. wal mart? kroger?
  9. Zyph, I love you baby... But Chubb at 18 is a declaration of war.
  10. doesnt his cap his basically make it impossible?
  11. what's to be sad about? one blown call away from a completely different game. and it wasnt minor. it was a blatently horrendous non-call. and ya, we had chances after, but we were up against the REIGNING SB CHAMPS. Not some scrubs. They know how to pull out these wins, and we still came within a sniff of the W. i can't wait for the offseason... really cant wait for september
  12. we'll have a much better defense next season, @Dez - you can bet on that and THAT is what will make a massive difference.
  13. disappointing finish, but really excited for the future
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