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  1. hock has done pretty well and hasnt even gotten started. but in general... yup
  2. every kicker in history has put up 15+ on me on any given week. i loathe it.
  3. i do need a RB. and chase is so beastly... i dunno, we'll see where everyone ends up
  4. the issue will then just become the cost of "reasonable" qb contracts going up. maybe even singificantly. but, i mostly agree. it's why im quite happy w baker... he will get paid, but he wont get PAID. and i really enjoy his talent
  5. I have seen VERY little of him, tbh... but someone mentioned Steven Jackson in a thread I saw i think on twitter.. accurate?
  6. god... the more i watch him the more i think i have to take him at 1.03 in my 1ppr/1.5ppr TE dynasty league
  7. i wasnt trying to be a ####, i just maybe thought you hadn't seen mocks putting him that high/in the 1st
  8. he's being projected to go top 10 according to more than a few popular mocks ive seen.
  9. hunt is only locked up for this season, if im not mistaken. not a lock he stays
  10. jacobs finished w 20pts more in PPR, playing 3.5 games more than Chubb (190 carries for chubb v 273 for Jacobs) The difference is bigger than ppl think
  11. I'm a big cooper fan/believer. In an absolute dog poo year, w QB play that was on par w the fan run league, he narrowly missed out of being an WR1 (finished as #14 overall in PPR. I really like claypool, but we're comapring apples to oranges. Cooper is a magician route runner than can get open at will. And w Dak likely returning, his numbers should improve, even w Lamb. Cooper is exactly like Allen Robinson in fantasy. criminally undervalued.
  12. Not sure I understand what you're saying... But barring injury, he's much liklier to win this season w Chubb than he is w Jacobs and 1.03, and he's already a strong contender. He wants to go ove the top for the W. and he did it
  13. refreshing, isn't it? we're all either bills or browns fans for the most part, or at least all 10 of us appreciate both teams... chubb is probably the hottest RB commodity in our league. everyone wanted him see above. we just almost all watch browns games and my love for him well documented
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